It’s Just Us……….

Mom’s not adjusting to this working stuff.  She leaves us alone all day but she turns off the computer.  We can’t reach the button so we can’t talk to all of our friends.  We told her she better shape up!!!

Not only do we not get to go outside and play every day, but now we can’t go outside at all for two or three days.  Seems Pam’s brother put down some stuff to help make the grass grow.

We’re not sure why he did that ‘cuz he’s always complaining when he has to mow the grass.

It’s a human thing.

So, here we are gazing out the window:

P1040438 P1040440

And here we are showing Mom what we think about not being able to go outside!

P1040441 P1040437

We also found out that it was four years ago that we started blogging.  We were just young pups then.

I’m not a pup and never was!

Relax…’s one of those humanisms again.

Anyway, Mom thought it would be fun to share something from when Shakespeare was little and didn’t know much.


Cinco de Mayo

Hemingway, what is Mom talking about?  I’m trying to figure out another one of those “human” things.   She said something about mayo in the sink.  I went and looked and I didn’t see anything.  Am I missing out on something?  Do you know what she’s talking about?

Shakespeare, you know you’re not supposed to be up on the counter.  I’m going to tell Mom that you’re snooping again.

Well, I’m just trying to figure out what all the excitement is about.  I even heard them talking about it on the news this morning when Mom was trying to wake up.

I didn’t hear anything about it but I was busy staring at the dirt again.  I love to do that.  Maybe I can become the world’s best “dirt starer” and make lots of money for treats and toys.

Hemingway, you are so strange.  How can I find out about  mayo in the sink?

We could Google it.  Mom showed me how to do that.

Hey, I never thought about that!

I can’t see when you have your big tail in the way, Shakespeare!  Hey…………is this what you were hearing?  Is it Cinco de Mayo?

Maybe.  I heard “mayo” and that made me think of sandwiches and you know I love bread.  I figured Mom had some sandwiches in the sink or something.  If there isn’t any bread involved then I’ll let the humans deal with the “mayo”.

Well, I’m not too sure what it’s all about but I don’t think they mean there’s mayo in the sink.  We’ll have to ask Mom about it when she gets home from work.  I’m going to go take a nap now.  Leave the computer alone!


Happy New Year!!!!

staticThis is how our cousin dog, Static, dressed up for Christmas.  We wanted Mom to call him and find out what he was wearing for New Year’s but she said we shouldn’t bother him ‘cuz he’s probably sleeping so he can be awake when the big ball drops.  For some reason Mom’s been talking about some big ball dropping and we don’t know what’s wrong with her.

Copy of P1030009There’s a big ball?  Do we get to chase it?  Is Static going to chase it?  I want to play with the big ball.  Does it have a jingle bellie thing in it?  Does it bounce real high?  Who is dropping the big ball?  Why are they dropping it?   I just don’t get it.

Copy of P1030122Let me see if I can find some answers on the computer thing.  This is the mousie, right?  Where is its tail?  How come it doesn’t smell like catnip?

Copy of P1030123That’s what you call a keyboard, right?  I don’t see any keys.  I know Mom uses a key to unlock the door and another key to make her car start so she can go places.  Why is this called a keyboard?

Hey………didn’t we start this blog to wish everyone a Happy New Year?

I guess we did but we seem to have gotten distracted.

Two in bedHAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!  We will probably be sound asleep when that big ball drops…wherever it is and for whatever reason the humans are dropping it.

Thanks for all the kind comments and for reading our blog during 2013.  We hope you will all join us again in 2014.  Maybe we can get Mom to leave the computer on more often so we can write more.  We hope all of you have a safe and healthy New Year’s and that 2014 will be an extra special year for you.

Hugs and purrs from Hemingway, Shakespeare and Mom (Pam)

Happy Long Weekend

Mom said it’s Labor Day Weekend so she gets another day at home and that makes me very happy.  I decided I would show her that I sometimes understand her when she talks to me so I decided to labor with her today.   You see…I know that word means work.  Usually I just run from work but today I decided to be adult about it.   I helped Mom cut up the dead tree into littler pieces and then tied them in bundles for the garbage man.  Mom said I sometimes got in the way but I know she just didn’t like me telling her which piece to move next.

Here I am hiding in the tree branches.  I showed Mom which branches needed cutting.
Here I am hiding in the tree branches. I showed Mom which branches needed cutting.
What tree..........where???
What tree……….where???

I have a completely different idea of Labor Day.  I think it’s when the humans have to labor but we kitties don’t  The humans should labor making us grilled salmon, harvesting catnip, buying us new toys and brushing us.  To me that sounds like a wonderful Labor Day.

Dear readers, as you can see, we are as different as black and orange……..

hehehehehehe...I just crack me up sometimes....
hehehehehehe…I just crack me up sometimes….