Mom Got Us a Present!

Mom said that she feels sorry for us ‘cuz we can’t go outside and play so she brought home a present for us tonight.

We have plenty of things to play with inside but don’t tell Mom ‘cuz we think it’s so neat that she got us a present.

Copy of P1020425

Shakespeare, you’ve got your big head in the way so nobody can see!

Copy of P1020428

That’s better.  At least I know to stand away so everyone can see!  Look!  It’s a picture painted by our fur person friend, Quint!  Mom told us all about him and how he likes to paint these beautiful pictures.  Now we have an original!  Now we have to get our own wall so we can hang our painting.

Copy of P1020427

I like this!  There’s even some of my orange color in the picture.  Thanks, Quint!  Mom told us that some of the proceeds from Quint’s art goes to help other kitties who don’t have homes.  That’s really special ‘cuz both of us were homeless when we were kittens.

Copy of P1020430

Mom knows I like to look at things from all vantage points.

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I bet I could paint…………MOM…..GET ME SOME PAINTS!!!!

Copy of P1020432

Yep……..lying down is the best way to view fine art.

Thanks Mom!

Twilight Zone

Hemingway, I’m really amazed….and kind of spooked.

What’s going on?

Have you looked around in the basement?

Sure.  Of course Mom won’t let me go everywhere but I’ve done some exploring.

Have you noticed that one painting on the wall by the door?

Which painting?

This one…….

I guess I haven’t paid much attention to it.  Why?

I asked Mom about it and she said her mother painted it a long time ago.  I think it looks a lot like me.

Now that you mention it, I guess it does.

How did Mom’s mom know that I was going to live here?

Hey………that reminds me.  Mom showed me a picture once of a kitty that she had in high school.  Even though the kitty was a girl, she looked a lot like me.  I guess her name was Trixie and she was a big kitty like me.  I don’t know where that picture is now so I can’t show you.

Don’t you think it’s strange that Mom once had a kitty who looked like you and then her mom painted a kitty who looked like me?

I don’t think it’s strange.  I think it’s rather wonderful.  It just shows me that Mom was supposed to have both of us.

I like that explanation.  Let’s go find Mom and purr in her ears to show her how happy we are living with her.