A Normal Night

We spent all day waiting for Mom to get home.

Steinbeck, you were sleeping most of the time.

That’s how I do my best waiting!

Mom finally got home and gave us supper.

That’s why we wanted her home.  Oh……..and of course we wanted to see her, too.

Black and white with red

Then we started playing.  At least I started playing.  I found this red feathery thing and I thought it looked so neat against my white and black furs.  Notice how white my fluffy tummy is?  Steinbeck doesn’t have a white tummy.  That’s how you can tell us apart.  MOL!!!

patiently waiting

That’s a nice toy you have there, Hemingway.  Are you going to let me play with it?

Will you shareSteinbeck, can’t you go find your own toy?  Why do you have to have mine?  (By the way readers, do you notice that Steinbeck doesn’t have a white tummy?)

Can I have it now

But see how nice it looks with my furs?  It really blends in.  Please let me play.

sharing is fun

Fine.  I know Mom likes us to share and play nice.  We should do it for her and show our readers that we do get along.

Thanks, Hemingway!


Red Dot Disease

red dot2

Hemingway, don’t look now but that red dot is right by you.  Hold still and I’ll get it for you.

red dot3

I think I got it but what do I do with it now?

red dot1

My feet feel kind of warm.  Why is that???

red dot5

 MOM!!!!  I have a headache!!!!

red dot 4

Oh great!  Now I swallowed the red dot!!!  Am I going to get Red Dot Disease???

Copy of P1040017

I swallowed the red dot before and I never got Red Dot Disease.  I think you’ll be just fine.

Catch Me if You Can!

Copy of P1030195Mom and I played catch me if you can yesterday morning.  Normally she has fun when we play, but this time she got a little annoyed.  You see, it all started when the little angel, Shakespeare

Copy of P1020832That’s me!!!

Anyway, Shakespeare found a little field mouse in the house and he was chasing it around when Mom got up to get ready for church.  She saw him and tried to get the little mouse.  I thought Mom was having too much trouble catching the mouse so I swooped in and picked it up in my mouth and started running…….and growling.

Can I tell you how silly his growl sounds?  It’s real quiet and you can barely hear it.  Sure wouldn’t frighten off any boogey-dogs!

As I was saying, I had the mouse and Mom was running all over the house chasing me.  Then she decided she better start getting ready for church so she wouldn’t be late.  About that time her brother came upstairs and she tattled on me and told him that I had a mouse in my mouth.  He looked and told her that I was at my food dish eating breakfast.  She came and looked at me and asked where I had left the mouse.  I just kept chewing.  Too bad for us, but lucky for her that she found the mouse and took care of it.  She was happy we caught it but she wasn’t happy about the catch me if you can game when she was trying to get ready.  Oh well…………we are cats after all!!!

Show and Tell

Here’s a picture of us getting along.

Boys love to play

I was trying to show Hemingway that there was lots of room under there for him to hide but he was too lazy to move.  So I lifted the rug even higher.

Boys at playWhy should I hide under the rug?  I didn’t do anything wrong……….yet.

Here we are after Mom gave us some really good nip from the garden.

Boys on nipWe were so relaxed!

We both love fresh nip!

Hemingway on nipYep….that nip just goes to my head.

Shakespeare on nipI’m a little more refined in showing my appreciation ‘cuz I’m such a gentleman.

Oh sure………Now here are some pictures of us after we spent most of the day outside in all that fresh air and sunshine.

Hemingway nappingJust wake me when it’s time to eat.

Shakespeare nappingDon’t disturb me.  I’m dreaming of fresh nip and butterflies.

We Love Surprises

We love surprises…….

…..and Mom surprised us yesterday.

This is one of our new toys.  She said she went to a festival….whatever that is…and got us this toy in the craft tent.

Silly Mom!  Doesn’t she know there are two of us?  She should have gotten two toys.  However, we showed her that we could both play with this toy together.

Yes, Shakespeare took hold of the stick and I took hold of the little cloth fish with the yummy catnip inside.

Then Hemingway would take hold of the stick and I would get the fish.

We played and played with it until we were exhausted and then we had to take a nap.

Mom thought we were so good that she went back over to that craft tent thing and got us another catnip fish on a pole.

Now we each have one!

However, now it’s another day and we are outside inside of staying inside to play with toys.

Still, we are so thankful that Mom thought enough of us to get us some new toys.

Thanks, Mom!!!

Shakespeare Tells It As It Was

Dear Fur People and Human Readers,

You may think Hemingway is a perfect little angel and that’s why Mom told him a bedtime story the other night.  Well, I’m here to tell you that he is a typical big brother and he gets into lots of trouble.  Since today is Saturday we figured we would be playing outside all day since Mom doesn’t have to go to work.  Well, she spoiled our fun ‘cuz she told some friends of hers that she would get together with them and spend the day.  We were thinking that wasn’t fair at all! 

When Mom finally did get home, she figured we should go outside and play for a little bit.  We were thinking we should have been out playing all day, but we decided to take what we could and we ran out the door into our wonderful back yard that is filled with adventures.  However, we had limited play space ‘cuz Mom turned on that noisy thing that spits water all over the place.  Again, not our idea of fun.

Mom was inside working on something and she heard the gate rattle so she came outside right away.  I was sitting on the sidewalk looking at Hemingway who had somehow managed to get on the other side of the gate.  Mom opened the gate and told him to get right back in the yard and amazingly he did.  Mom fixed the gate so we couldn’t open it again and in the meantime Hemingway had run into the house.

What Mom didn’t know was that he had gone on the other side chasing this little hopping thing and he managed to catch it and brought it inside to play.  Mom found him and told him he had a grasshopper and that it didn’t belong in the house.  He chased it around until Mom managed to catch it and she released it on the other side of the gate.

So, it’s all Hemingway’s fault that we didn’t get to stay outside very long but it’s Mom’s fault that Hemingway was bad ‘cuz she’s not supposed to be gone on Saturdays.

He may be a pesky big brother at times, but we fur people have to stick together at times like this.  That’s my story and I’m not changing it.

Professor Hemingway Speaks…

This is one of my favorite thinking spots.  I’m up high enough so I can see in several rooms at once.  I can tell if Shakespeare is eating all our food.  I can tell if Mom is working on the computer.  I can tell if anyone is walking by our house.  I can see birds outside.  Yes, this is my thinking spot.

So what are you thinking about?

I’m thinking that Mom played a really dirty trick on me tonight.


Well, I was outside having all sorts of fun and this little flying thing came right by me and I caught it.  Of course I had to take it in the house to show Mom.

That was dumb.

You’re telling me!  She wasn’t paying attention to me until I started kind of throwing it around in the room where she was sitting.  She came over to see what I had and told me that I shouldn’t be catching butterflies.  At least now I know what they’re called.

I don’t think it’s all your fault.  You just do that naturally.  Remember when you caught that little bird?

Mom was really upset with me then!  I just have these hunting genes in me and they come out at the strangest times.

So what did Mom do with the butterfly?

I don’t know!  All of a sudden it was gone.  I looked all over the house and tried calling for it but I couldn’t find it.  Mom is so sneaky!

Maybe you should just play with the toys Mom got us.  I even like to play with the toys in my new house.

Here I am trying to get my toy mouse to come into my “safe house” with me.

Well, I’ve got to go look and see if I can find that butterfly.  You and your mouse have fun.

Confusion Explained

I wonder if our readers are confused….


Well, we’ve been quiet for several days now.

You’re never quiet!

Neither are you……..especially if there is food around!  However, I meant that we haven’t written anything on our blog for several days now.

I wonder if there’s a connection……….

What are you talking about?

Well, Mom hasn’t been feeling good for several days and we’ve been quiet for several days…..

That’s it!!!  There is a connection!  We get concerned about Mom when she doesn’t feel good so we spend all our time with her when she’s home and we don’t even go near the computer.

Is Mom going to feel good when she comes home from work tonight?

I don’t know.  Why?

Well, I sure hope we get to go outside and play.

She let us go outside last night so I’m sure she’ll let us go outside tonight.  She knows we love all that fresh air.

Know what I don’t like?

Besides an empty food dish, what?

That one little noisy bird that keeps yelling at us whenever we’re out in the yard.  We don’t even go near him and he starts screaming.  He’s got to be one spoiled little brat!

He just thinks he owns the yard and we need to gently tell him that he doesn’t.  That’s why it’s important for us to walk around in the yard so everyone knows it belongs to us.

Mom………..hurry up and get home ‘cuz we need to go out and “patrol the perimeters”.

Where on earth did you hear that phrase?

It was on TV one time.

Goofball!  We better take a nap so we’re ready to play when Mom gets home.