Travels and Thoughts

Mom told us that today is National Brother’s Day.  Even though we aren’t really brothers, Mom tells us all the time that we are.  She adopted both of us and now we’re all one big happy (most of the time) family.

Brotherly Love

Hemingway………why do you have your fat paw on me in this picture?

It’s to keep you from running away from the flashy box.  That’s what big brothers do.  We protect our little brothers.

Oh…………thanks.  Did you tell our readers what Mom did last weekend?

Not yet, but I will.  Mom left us with her brother.  She just waltzed out the door and went on some road trip.

Didn’t she say she was going to I owe a way………..or something like that?

It’s Iowa, Steinbeck.

Well, it must be far away ‘cuz she was gone for a long time.

She was only gone for the weekend.

In my kitty brain, that’s a very long time!!!

Mom said we could share just a couple of pictures from her road trip.

She took a gazillion pictures!!!


This is the B and B she stayed at in McGregor, Iowa.  She said the owners were great fun and full of information.  The house has lots of history and they shared fun stories about their renovations.


This is downtown McGregor.  Mom said some of the buildings were really old and the architecture was neat.  A tornado went through the town last year but they all worked hard to fix up the buildings and it looks great.


This is the Mississippi River Valley as seen from Pikes Peak National Park just outside of McGregor.  Mom took lots of pictures up there ‘cuz she was so fascinated with the scenery.  She said the water was really high in comparison to other times.

I’m glad she didn’t take us with her.  That looks like lots of water and you know me…….I don’t like water!!!


Anyone who knows Mom knows that she loves taking pictures of dead buildings.  Believe me, she found lots of them on her trip.  However, this time she even found a dead ship!  She thought that was really cool.

We were both super happy when Mom got home again.  We like her to go out and have fun with her friends, but we also like her to stay home and play with us.

Thank you for looking at Mom’s pictures with us.  Remember to hug your brother today!

Mom Made It Home

We waited and waited all day but Mom finally made it home from tripping on the road.

We wanted to make sure that all our human and fur people readers knew that we weren’t abandoned and we got our treats…….even if it was later than usual.

The only thing that really bothered us is the fact that Mom talked about dogs that she met on the trip.  Why didn’t she meet any kitties???

Juno from the shop “Juno and Me” in Stockholm, WI.
Juno out for a stroll in her costume.
Tully goes to “work” in his store in Stockholm, WI everyday. Mom says we should get a job too!

Enough of the dog pictures!  Mom saw some pretty fall things, too.  Let’s show some of them.

Mr. and Mrs. Duck out for a stroll.
At least Mom doesn’t have to rake those leaves!
This is part of the Mississippi River, Mom says people go swimming, fishing and boating along here but we prefer to stay on dry ground.

Mom said this is outside her favorite restaurant in Pepin, WI. She said the food is really good. We noticed she brought a “kitty bag” home with leftovers but she hasn’t given us any. What’s up with that????

Mom didn’t bring us any presents.  She claims that she did look for some but we don’t think she looked very hard.  Still, we’re glad to have her home again so we can get back on our regular routine of treats.

Shakespeare!  Quit thinking about food.  You should be thinking about my birthday ‘cuz it’s only a little over two months away and you need to get busy and get my birthday gifts.

Mom…………..I need some money!

Tripping on the Road

Mom said she’s going on a road trip tomorrow.  What is that?

Well, let’s see if we can figure it out.  You know what a road is.

No I don’t.

Well, you know that flat thing out in front of the house where humans sometimes walk and ride their bikes?  It’s also where they drive those car things when they have to go places.

Is that where fur people sometimes walk, too?

Yes, but they should be with their humans when they do that.

Well, Mom said I can’t go out there on that road.

I can’t either because it’s a dangerous place.  But we can look at it from the front window.

Ok.  So now we know what a road is.  What about a trip?

Well, Mom claims that I keep trying to trip here when she’s walking ‘cuz I keep getting tangled up with her feet and legs.

You mean Mom’s going to go out on that road thing in front of the house and fall down?

That can’t be right.  She wouldn’t be excited about that.

It’s got to be something else.  Think!

Wait…..when Mom took me to the doctor’s house she told me we were going to take a little trip.

She told me that, too!  Does that mean she’s going to the doctor’s house?  If that’s the case, which one of us is she taking?

That’s still not right.  Mom said she’s going on the road trip with her really good friend.  In fact, it’s Aunty Linda and she’s the one who helped Mom pick us out at the Humane Society.

Mom’s getting another kitty??????

No.  She would have told us that.  Maybe she and Aunty Linda are going in that car thing down the road and that’s why they call it a road trip.

Mom…………you aren’t going to be gone long are you?  Remember….we have to have our treats!