From the Mom:  I am noticing more and more that Steinbeck is Shakespeare reincarnated.  He does so many things that Shakespeare used to do.  It’s kind of spooky at times!  Here’s just one example.


This was Shakespeare showing off how he had managed to get the bag of food open on his own!


Caught in the act!  I wasn’t sure what Steinbeck was doing.  I kept hearing paper rustling and I finally went to check.  There he was, in the grocery bag working like crazy.


This is the result of all his work!  Yes, Shakespeare would be so proud!!!  It even looks like the hole Shakespeare put in his bag of food!!!



Hemingway, Shakespeare and Steinbeck all have lots in common.  As Steinbeck is growing, I’m seeing more and more of Shakespeare in him.  That just gives me confidence that Shakespeare chose this little guy for us.


Shakespeare loved to sleep on top of the computer desk.  H always had his feet hanging over the edge and I used to laugh at his “fluffy” toes!


Hemingway takes more of the professor pose on top of the computer desk.  H figures he can get my attention if he’s up there.


Now Steinbeck has discovered that this a great place.  Notice how is fur is starting to fluff out more?  My little one is growing!

I Survived……………Barely!!!!

“Here’s my story sad but true……….”

Notice that I don’t blend into Mom’s car like Hemingway. Also, Mom finds it necessary to put me in a carrier. I’m singing the “song of my people” here!
Mom, can’t you tell by my very big eyes that I don’t want to be at the doctor’s house? What kind of Mom are you?
Mom, can’t you tell by my helicopter ears and frown that I’m not happy?
I actually enjoyed this little basket, but if you notice, I’m still singing the “song of my people”.
Lady, don’t even think of trying to take my temperature. I know how that’s done!
I wonder if Hemingway went through all of this.
Here’s the Doctor Lady and she told me I was very handsome. Then she went and told Mom that I was too heavy and need to lose some weight. Well, if they wouldn’t have put my tail in this box on the scale, I would have been fine. I’m athletic and have a runner’s body. Doesn’t the Doctor Lady realize that?  Besides, I’m only 15.9 pounds so I’m 7 pounds lighter than Hemingway.  I deserve a treat for that!

Jungle Jeans


So, I’m sitting out here trying to figure out what Mom’s problem is!  By the way, don’t I look angelic and adorable?  Anyway, Mom told me she’s tired of my jungle jeans.  Mom!  I don’t wear jeans!!  Have you ever seen me in any kind of jeans??  And what are jungle jeans?  I have never seen them.

All of this is because the other night Mom was in the house and Hemingway and I were out in the back yard patrolling, watching and looking for our doggie friend neighbors.  Suddenly I saw something that I knew I had to chase.  I ran and ran and then went into the house to show Mom my trophy.  Mom was not impressed.

What did I have?  I had a bunny in my mouth.  It wasn’t a baby bunny.  Mom figures it was like a preteen bunny, whatever that means.  I was so proud of my catch but Mom took it away from me and I never saw the bunny again.

Readers, I had heard on the news around here that our area is being overrun with bunnies.  I was just trying to help.  I didn’t know Mom would be sad.  I thought she would be proud of me.  She sat me down and had a long talk about not killing bunnies and birds and squirrels and things.  Then she hugged me and mumbled something about jungle jeans.

If I ever find those jungle jeans that Mom says I have, I’m going to throw them out!!!


My Special Day

Shakespeare almost five months
I was about five months old when Mom took this picture.  My tail was super big…even then!

A little over five and a half years ago, on a dark and stormy night, Mom headed out bravely into the rain, thunder and lightning.  She and her best friend were heading to the Humane Society where I was staying.  I didn’t have a home and needed a human to love me.  The humans in charge at the shelter thought I would be perfect for Mom so they introduced us.  It was love at first sight!  It was also “antsy pants” at first sight!  I was all over the place exploring every little nook and cranny.  At one point I got myself wedged between two file cabinets and the humans started to panic.  Oh, I should mention that the storm had turned off all the lights so there was just some dim light available.  I knew I was fine but you should have seen the humans!  They didn’t know what they were going to do.  I guess it was at that time I decided this human was the one I wanted for my Mom.  Obviously she would take care of me and would be concerned when I got into trouble.

Now today I’m turning SIX!!!  That’s a paw and a claw in cat years.  My older brother, Hemingway, turned six in December and he thought he was such hot stuff.  Well, now I’m the same age, but I’m even hotter!  My flame blaze fur proves it!!

From Hemingway:         Happy Birthday, little brother!  Even though I didn’t really appreciate it when Mom brought you home on that stormy night, I’ve sort of gotten used to you.  I know we still have our squabbles, but Mom knows we’re not real serious.  It’s just that “catling rivalry” stuff.  I hope your birthday is special and that you get so many treats you will feel it’s necessary to share.  (If you don’t, I’ll tell Mom!)

From The Mom:             Shakespeare, you add such comic relief to the house.  I always know when it’s mealtime ‘cuz you’re either circling the house or you’re sitting on top of your food container.  You never let me forget your treats at night.  When I put them down you scoop them up just like a vacuum cleaner.  Nobody loves food more than you do.  You’re not a cuddly cat, but you still want to be petted and brushed.  You look for me when you’re lonely.  You talk like crazy whenever I’m in the kitchen.  For some reason you seem to think your food comes from the microwave.  Believe me……it doesn’t.  Thanks for being such a fun part of our family all these years.  Happy Birthday to my orange fellow!  May your special day be extra, extra special!

Birthday Shakespeare

It’s Here!

While Hemingway watched from a distance, I, the brave one, ventured out into 2016.


Mom….the wind is blowing my tail!  And what’s all this white stuff?  I don’t like it touching my feet!!!

Jan 1

All I see is white stuff!!  Where are my favorite playing spots?  Did 2016 take them away?


QUICK!!!!  Let me in!!!  I’m not impressed with 2016.  It’s cold and it has all that white stuff.  Bring back 2015!  Make it happen, Mom!!!

Just for the Record……….

P1040425No, I won’t look at the camera.  It wasn’t my fault.  I blame it on my kitty traits!  All of us were outside today enjoying the nice weather and sunshine.  Mom found some fresh catnip growing so she got some for us.  It was an awesome outdoors picnic.  Then Mom was busy talking to the neighbor so I figured I better do my own hunting for more catnip.  I was down in my “hidey corner” and Mom and the neighbor, and even the dog knew it.  Suddenly I put my wings in motion and flew over the fence.  Just as quickly Mom yelled at me and I flew right back over the fence into out yard.  I could hear Mom and the neighbor laughing as Hemingway chased me into the house.  Good grief humans………ever hear of curiosity????  I just wanted to see if the neighbors were growing catnip, too!

High Five!!!

Laser Eyes

It’s MY Birthday!!!!  This is the day to celebrate me!!! 

I’m five years old today.  That’s one paw, as I’m showing you in that less than graceful pose Mom took of me one day.  I am now convinced that “High Five” was created so we could celebrate five years.  It’s one paw or one hand!  It works for humans and fur people.  It’s pretty neat.

So, we had a little party today and of course Hemingway had to join in.  Mom says we have to share.  When he has his birthday, I get treats and toys, too…..so I guess it’s only fair.

Here’s what happened when Mom surprised me with the toys and treats.

Let's see what all is here!
Let’s see what all is here!
Hemingway has already decided he gets the carrot and I've decided I want the blue fishy.
Hemingway has already decided he gets the carrot and I’ve decided I want the blue fishy.
Oh how I love you fishy!!!
Oh how I love you fishy!!!
It's you and me forever, fishy!
It’s you and me forever, fishy!

Mom here:  I just want to wish my little orange boy a very happy birthday.  It’s hard to believe he’s five.  I still remember when I first got him and I had no idea he would grow this big.  He’s a good companion for Hemingway, even if they pretend not to like each other all the time.  Thanks for adding so much joy to my life,boys.

Thursday Thoughts

MOM!!!!!!!!!!   Really????????????
MOM!!!!!!!!!! Really????????????

First of all, when I’m taking my bath Mom should not come around with that flashy box thing.  What’s the matter with her?  Doesn’t she realize that I need my privacy?  So what if I’m in the middle of the room where Hemingway and everyone else can see me.  Mom should know that Hemingway and I own the house so we can do what we want.  Oh, and she may not realize it fully yet, but we also own her!!!

Secondly,  Mom seems to think that it’s so funny that I’m scared of germs.  Ya’ see………at night I like to sleep on the other pillow up by Mom’s head.  She thinks it’s so cute when she calls it “my piddow” but I tolerate that.  I get all settled and start purring and drift off into dreams of catnip, sunshine, bread, toys, birdies and squirrels.  I’m so content and comfy and then Mom coughs!  I jump up and run out of the room.  Mom even tries to stifle her coughs but I can still hear those germs waiting to fly out into the world…….My World!!!  Mom tries to reassure me that she’s not sick and that it’s just a reaction to one of her medications.  I’m not buying it.  She’s got human germs and I don’t want them.  So, I do what any normal cat would do and I get out of there.  I can still hear her laughing….and coughing….as I run out into the living room.

Cats of the world…….do you run when your human coughs???