Steinbeck’s Caturday Art

Hi everyone! I got to put my art in here today. It’s a very cold day and it’s white outside so I changed the colors. I hope all of you have a warm weekend. If you think about it, turn on your ovens and fans and point them in the direction of Minnesota. Mom says we have no temperature here!!!

Here’s the original picture, showing how cold it is outside.

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What Happened?


Steinbeck, have you looked outside?

I don’t want to.  I made the mistake of looking out a little while ago and it was white.  I guess the angels were washing their wings and they spilled detergent all over the place.

You can believe that little tale you made up if you want to, but I know I’m not putting my paws in that white stuff.  I’ve learned that the white is cold!  And I also have the feeling it’s going to be around for a long time now and it’s going to bring all its friends and relatives and it’s going to pile up on everything, and then it’s going to take Mom longer to get home from work and then we won’t get our supper until late and then she’s going to be crabby about driving on ice and then she won’t settle down and watch a movie with us and then…………..

Take a breath, Hemingway.  I remember the cold and I don’t like it.  Let’s just turn our backs on it and stare at that flower.


Stop Dusting!!!

The Boys 2018

We’re so tired of the angels dusting!!!

Did they save up all their dusting for a bazillion years or something?

Just look at what they did!





Mom opened the back door for us today and asked us if we wanted to go outside.

Is she crazy???  Why would we want to put our beautiful feet in all that “dust” the angels stirred up?

No sir.  We stayed inside.

The Angels Were Baking

Hemingway!!!  Come look!!!  The angels were baking and they spilled flour all over the place!!


That’s not flour.  It’s snow.

Why can’t it be flour?  Wouldn’t the humans….especially Mom….be happier if it was flour?

Well, I think cleaning up flour might be more difficult.  If it rained, then the flour would turn into a sticky, icky mess.  With snow the humans just have to wait about six months and it’s all melted.

Six months?????  That’s forever in cat time.

Mom says it’s forever in human time too, when it comes to snow.

Well, I’m just going to believe that’s flour and that the angels are busy making me catnip cakes and pies.

Guess What?????


Guess what………guess what……..guess what…………..

I’m so excited.  I want to should the news from the rooftop!!!


Mom took some pictures outside when she got home.  She showed them to me and I was so happy.  Before you ask…….no I have not walked in it yet.  Hemingway told me I wouldn’t like it.  Besides, Mom doesn’t want us going out when she gets home from work ‘cuz it’s getting dark.  I hope you enjoy the Snowvember Pictures!!!

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We saw this coming last night and we were afraid to look out the windows this morning.

It was kind of pretty against the background of the evergreen tree.
It was kind of pretty against the background of the evergreen tree.

Around supper time the snow was really coming down.
Around supper time the snow was really coming down.

Poor old stump is wearing snow again.
Poor old stump is wearing snow again.

The branches are wearing layers of white.
The branches are wearing layers of white.

Too much white!
Too much white!

What a mess!

It’s your fault.


Well, the angels were busy making you that catnip cake with salmon frosting for your birthday.  Angles can sometimes act a little goofy and they were having so much fun getting your cake made that they started having a food fight…..right there in heaven’s kitchen!


So……….all the flour and powdered sugar was flying all over the place and soon spilled out of the kitchen right onto our house.

Is that true?

Sure is.


It’s Happening Again!!!

Hemingway…….look at our blog.

What’s wrong?

We have “stuff” falling on us again.

Don’t worry, that’s just snow.

Don’t worry????  Is the snow going to fill up the inside of the house now too?

No.  It’s just snowing on our blog.  It’s some special effects we get every year for Christmas.

But I don’t like walking on that snow stuff and I surely don’t like it falling on me! Make it stop.

Quit being such a baby.  I keep telling you it's only snowing on our blog and not in the house.
Quit being such a baby. I keep telling you it’s only snowing on our blog and not in the house

Well, I still think if you leave our blog up too long the inside of our house will look like this:

Copy of P1030152In the first place, that’s the outside.  But if you’re that worried, I’ll quit writing on the blog for now.  Happy?

Yes I am.  I’m going to go see if there are some treats in the kitchen.  I’m sure I can eat now that I’m not worried about a big bunch of snow in the house.

Humans:  Do you see how twisted an orange tabby’s brain can be?  If the snow was falling in our house because of our blog, it would melt ‘cuz it’s much warmer inside than it is outside.  I need a nap!


What Happened?????

Copy of P1040080

What happened to our yard???  Why is all that white stuff out there?  Did someone spill flour all over the place?

I don’t think so.  Mom has been grumbling about snow so I think that’s what it is.

Well, I don’t like it!!!

Neither does Mom.  Look at her flowers!

Copy of P1040079





No wonder she’s grumpy!






Copy of P1040077

I don’t think we’ll be seeing flowers again for a long time!







Hey, did you see what I saw?


Mom was with other kitties over the weekend and she took pictures of them!

I thought she was just going to visit her friend.

She did, but then she turned traitor and went to a pet store and saw other kitties!!  She said we should feel sorry for them ‘cuz they are rescue kitties and need homes.

Copy of P1040040

This is Horton and he’s a very big kitty!  Are all black and white kitties big?

Copy of P1040041

This is a trio of fur babies that Mom was fascinated with.  I thought for sure she would have tried to bring them home.  Good thing she was traveling so she couldn’t do it.  Can  you imagine how much training we would have to do???

I haven’t even finished training you yet!

Everyone is Confused

Hemingway and Paper

Hemingway……….why are you posting that picture?

Because Mom said she’s going Christmas shopping.

It’s not time for Christmas yet.

You and I know that but Mom is acting crazy.  She claims that all the humans have been brainwashed…….

Nobody’s going to wash my brain!!!

They’d have to find it first….chuckle

MOM……..Hemingway’s being naughty again.

ANYWAY…………Mom claims that the big thing hanging on the wall with all the numbers is wrong.  According to that we should be having spring, but just take a look outside…..

Stil April 18,2013

Something’s wrong!

I know.  That’s why Mom thinks all the humans are brainwashed and it’s no longer April but it’s actually December.

But I just had my birthday a couple of weeks ago and if it’s really December, that means your birthday is almost here and mine is coming again real soon.


But I’m worried about Mom.  Is there anything we can do?  Just look out the door at all the white!

April 18, 2013

Did you look out the other window where our catnip usually grows?  I found something really exciting there.

Flowers in the snow

Hey, aren’t those flowers?

Brave Flowers

Yes.  I think we better show them to Mom so she doesn’t think winter is here forever.

Where is spring

Mom, if you go out this door and go over by where our catnip grows you will see something special.  Wait…..I just happened to think of something.


If we tell Mom it really is April then she won’t go shopping for Christmas and birthday presents.  Maybe we should keep it quiet and just let her be confused.

Good idea.  Readers……..don’t let Mom know!

We’re Mad and So Is Mom!

Last night when Mom came home from work the sun was shining, the birds were singing, and we all got to go outside and play.

You saw pictures of us outside.  We were having so much fun!

Even Champ the dog next door (who is our good buddy) was outside and he was talking to us and telling us what he had done all winter.

Now tonight when Mom came home from work, that stupid white stuff was falling again!!!

Doesn’t the weather know that it’s supposed to be spring?

Mom doesn’t have to do that work stuff tomorrow so she could have played outside with us for a long time tonight.

Instead she said we are all staying inside ‘cuz it’s cold and wet out there.

We want our summer yard back RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!

Yes, we are tired of this winter yard.  It’s no fun!!

Mom even said if we start to picket against winter, she’ll join in with us.  What does picket mean???