What’s Going On?

Mom…………look at this!!!!

Copy of Hemingway Posing on Bike

If you look closely at this picture, you can see little white things falling down.  Is that dandruff?  I don’t have dandruff so why is it there?

Anyone in the kitchen

Look…….it’s happening to me, too.  Hemingway is that your dandruff?

No way!  I think our blog is broken or maybe it’s possessed.

What do you mean possessed?  It’s our blog so we possess it.

Never mind.  Look at this picture.

Sunset Nov 28

Neither of us is in the picture yet those little white things are still falling.  We’re going to have to see if Mom did something to our blog.

It’s actually kind of pretty.  I think I like it.

I sort of do, too.  It reminds me of that white stuff that falls outside when it gets cold.

Are we done staring at it now?  I’m sure Mom will explain it to us when she has time.

You’re right.  Let’s go take a nap by the fire.

White Stuff

Shakespeare, come look outside.

Why?  What am I supposed to be looking at?

What is that white stuff flying around?

Maybe it’s that fluffy stuff that comes off those plants with the pretty yellow flowers.

I don’t think so.

Remember how Mom talks about that big tree in the neighbor’s yard that drops white stuff? 

That tree doesn’t even have its leaves yet so I don’t think it’s from that.

Maybe someone left an opened bag of flour outside.  It’s really windy so it could be flour flying around.

I don’t think it’s any of that.  I’m afraid it might be…..I hate to say it…..but it might be snow!

No way!!!  Remember how hot it was Saturday?  We were all outside and Mom was raking and she was sweating.  When it snows it’s cold.  Besides, isn’t it spring now?

I don’t get it either, but that sure looks like snowflakes out there.

We better close the blinds and get away from the window.  It’s too scary out there.  I don’t understand what happened to the nice weather.  Who scared it away?

I don’t know but we better try to convince Uncle Bob to build a fire so we can stay warm and cozy.

Treats always make me feel warm and cozy.

Well of course they do…………..