Souper Bowl

I'm so happy Mom left these lights out for me!
I’m so happy Mom left these lights out for me!

I just love to spend time staring at these colored lights.  Mom sort of understands ‘cuz she likes the colored lights, too.  That’s why she left them up so she and I can enjoy them on the cold winter nights.  What is that racket?

It’s just me.  I’m looking for something and I need to find it right now!  Where’s the paper and pen?  I need to write down a few things.

What are you going to write?

I’m going to write a list of things for Mom to get for our Souper Bowl.

Oh for goodness sake.  It’s not Souper Bowl.  It’s Super Bowl and it’s a big football game that the humans get all excited about.

Sounds the same.

Remember how I’ve told you about the words humans have and how confusing they are?

Oh, I keep forgetting.  It’s so much easier to understand us kitties.  The problem is they usually don’t listen carefully.  Anyway………….I think my idea of a Souper Bowl is great.


Think of it.  Mom could fix a big batch of Souper for us.  It could have tuna and tuna water, catnip, some milk, a little cheese and then for crunch she can put in Greenies and treats.  Then the best part would be the Bowl.  I’ve heard that sometimes humans make bowls out of bread!  How delightful!  I would be in heaven if I had a bowl made out of bread.  Maybe if I do my cute pose, Mom will get me a bowl made out of bread for my food.

Mom, is this pose cute enough for you to get me a bread bowl???
Mom, is this pose cute enough for you to get me a bread bowl???

Only Shakespeare can turn a blog about football into one about food!  That’s my little brother!

Super Bowl and Football

What’s football?

I don’t know.  Why?

Mom says there’s a big football game this weekend and it’s called the Super Bowl.

Ok….let’s figure this out together.  First of all, you know that we both like games so it already sounds like a winner in my opinion.  What else have you heard about the Super Bowl?

I know it’s about football…..whatever that is.

Wait, that’s easy!  You know what a foot is.  You also know what a ball is.

Oh yeah!!!  Mom puts that little jingle ball in the bathtub for us and it’s so much fun to kick it around.  We can really make that thing fly!  So, we use our feet and it’s a ball.  Is that football then?

I think so.  What else have you heard?

I’ve heard on TV that people have Super Bowl parties and they have lots of food.

Well I know you understand that perfectly because it involves food.  So, maybe everyone gets really, really big bowls and they put lots of food in those bowls…..

….and then they get in bathtubs and kick little jingle balls around?  I can’t wait until Sunday to see all this.

Humans are strange.