Yes!!!!!!!! New Toy Day!!!!!!!!!!!

Mom went shopping and surprised us with a new toy.

When we first looked at, we couldn’t figure out what was so neat about it.

Then she put treats in it and that sure got our attention.

However, when the thing started rolling around, we thought it was leaving little mouse droppings…….ick!!!

On closer inspection, we discovered it was the treats Mom had put in it!!!

Now what is it we're supposed to do with this thing?
Now what is it we’re supposed to do with this thing?
Shakespeare, you just hit it and the mouse gets scared and drops treats for us!
Shakespeare, you just hit it and the mouse gets scared and drops treats for us!
Where's that treat I saw sitting here?  I already ate it, Shakespeare.
Where’s that treat I saw sitting here? I already ate it, Shakespeare.
See Shakespeare, you just hit it with your paw like this.
See Shakespeare, you just hit it with your paw like this.

It’s a Wonderful Life

We hope all of you had a very Merry Christmas. 

We sure did!

Yes, Santa Paws was very good to both of us and the Birthday Kitty was really good to me.  I got new toys and lots of treats.

Mom told us we have to share the treats, Hemingway!

I know, but then when your birthday comes, we have to share your birthday treats too.

I will.  Let’s show the readers how we celebrated.

Copy of P1020323
I found the bags of treats so I’ll work on opening them!
Look at this pile of presents!
Look at this pile of presents!
Copy of P1020304
I love my catnip banana!!! Thanks Mom!
Copy of P1020306
Did you know this fish with feathers has catnip????
Copy of P1020312
I’m so happy I don’t know what to do!
Copy of P1020317
This is kitty heaven.
Copy of P1020321
I think Mom is going to have to help us open this one.

Thanks for all the birthday greetings, everyone!  They mean so much to me.  I’m glad you have become my friends.


Hemingway, you blew it.

What do you mean?

Remember the other day when you were playing with that stuffed mouse?

Yes.  I love that thing.  I can carry it by the long tail and I can even toss it in the air.  I love to take it over by the basement steps……

….and that’s the problem!  You took it over there and then threw it downstairs.  Mom saw you do it and she told you that you better go down there and get it.

So?  I did what she told me to do.

Precisely!  You marched right down there, picked it up and brought it upstairs again.

I still don’t get what your problem is.

Now Mom knows that you understand what she’s saying to you.

I’m beginning to understand………

So, she knows when she tells you to stay off her desk, you understand her but you choose to jump up there anyway.

Oh nooooooooooooo…………I’m going to have to start playing really dumb now!

That’s why I don’t do what Mom says until she’s not looking.  She just figures that I don’t understand her.

Man, we have to be so sneaky around humans.  Thanks for letting me know.  I’ll be more careful from now on!

No, we aren’t doing anything bad, Mom.  We’re just playing with one of our toys!  Honest!  Quick, turn off the computer so she doesn’t read this!

We Love Surprises

We love surprises…….

…..and Mom surprised us yesterday.

This is one of our new toys.  She said she went to a festival….whatever that is…and got us this toy in the craft tent.

Silly Mom!  Doesn’t she know there are two of us?  She should have gotten two toys.  However, we showed her that we could both play with this toy together.

Yes, Shakespeare took hold of the stick and I took hold of the little cloth fish with the yummy catnip inside.

Then Hemingway would take hold of the stick and I would get the fish.

We played and played with it until we were exhausted and then we had to take a nap.

Mom thought we were so good that she went back over to that craft tent thing and got us another catnip fish on a pole.

Now we each have one!

However, now it’s another day and we are outside inside of staying inside to play with toys.

Still, we are so thankful that Mom thought enough of us to get us some new toys.

Thanks, Mom!!!

Professor Hemingway Speaks…

This is one of my favorite thinking spots.  I’m up high enough so I can see in several rooms at once.  I can tell if Shakespeare is eating all our food.  I can tell if Mom is working on the computer.  I can tell if anyone is walking by our house.  I can see birds outside.  Yes, this is my thinking spot.

So what are you thinking about?

I’m thinking that Mom played a really dirty trick on me tonight.


Well, I was outside having all sorts of fun and this little flying thing came right by me and I caught it.  Of course I had to take it in the house to show Mom.

That was dumb.

You’re telling me!  She wasn’t paying attention to me until I started kind of throwing it around in the room where she was sitting.  She came over to see what I had and told me that I shouldn’t be catching butterflies.  At least now I know what they’re called.

I don’t think it’s all your fault.  You just do that naturally.  Remember when you caught that little bird?

Mom was really upset with me then!  I just have these hunting genes in me and they come out at the strangest times.

So what did Mom do with the butterfly?

I don’t know!  All of a sudden it was gone.  I looked all over the house and tried calling for it but I couldn’t find it.  Mom is so sneaky!

Maybe you should just play with the toys Mom got us.  I even like to play with the toys in my new house.

Here I am trying to get my toy mouse to come into my “safe house” with me.

Well, I’ve got to go look and see if I can find that butterfly.  You and your mouse have fun.

Living With Humans 101

We thought we would let our readers know what we’ve learned about living with humans.

This is going to be fun!


I love food and Mom knows it.  I figure the best thing to do is to race out into the kitchen whenever anyone is there because the humans are sure to think I’m cute and they’ll give me food.

I have another tactic.  I pretend to try to cover my food dish.  Mom thinks I don’t like my food so sometimes she’ll give me something else.  What she doesn’t know is that I’m just trying to hide it so Shakespeare doesn’t get it.


I try to get into my cutest position so Mom will forget all the times I woke her up at night.

By the way, this doesn’t always work so I have to figure out another method.

I have a sure-fire method.  I quietly go into Mom’s room when she’s sleeping and I gently get up onto the pillow by her head.  Then when she wakes up and feels my furry body there, I kiss (lick) her hand and she tells me how precious I am.

She does not!

Yes she does!  One thing you need to learn is that it’s not good to jump on Mom when she’s sleeping.  You’re a big kitty and sometimes you hurt her, but you always surprise her.

But she tells me I’m cute when I’m sleeping.  However, I may try your method ‘cuz it sounds pretty good.


I try to race outside as fast as I can when Mom opens the door.  Of course she’s caught onto that and now she looks to see where I am.

I have a better method.  When I want to go outside I start knocking things down.  I’ll look right at Mom and knock pens off the desk, papers off the shelves, anything that I can move is in danger.  Mom gets frustrated so she always lets me outside.

Mom’s going to be reading this and now she’s going to know what you’re doing.

Shoot.  I forgot that!  Well, we are very good when we’re outside.  Both of us keep coming back in the house to say hi to Mom and let her know we’re ok.  By doing that we are guaranteed of more outside time.


Whenever Mom gets us a new toy we play with it like crazy so she’ll think we really like it.

That way we’re sure to get more toys ‘cuz Mom figures she made us so happy.

Well, these are just a few of the things we’ve learned in our short lives so far.  We’ll probably learn even more as we get older.  Maybe some of you readers out there can teach us other things to help us live better with humans.

Maybe we can go on tour and give lectures and make money and buy treats.

How do you always do that?


Bring food into every single blog!!!!

Hey, this time it’s not my fault ‘cuz it was already one of the lessons.  I just brought it up now ‘cuz I was dreaming about those wonderful treats.

I Can Run Fast!

Shakespeare, what are you doing?

I’m packing my toys.


I want to take them with me.


Mom says I should go to London and race in the Olympics.

Oh for pete’s sake!  Do you ever know when a human is kidding?

You mean she wasn’t serious?


Well, she told me I was super fast and I should enter the Olympics and win a prize.  By the way, what are the Olympics?

Those are games that humans compete in to win prizes.  They have some that are in the summer and they have some in the winter, but not every year.  This year they are in the summer and they are in London.

So they have races?


I could win!  I could win a prize!  I could win many prizes!!  Do they have treats as prizes?

I bet you could win.  All they have to do is put food at the finish line and you’ll be there before the other runners have even started.

Very funny…………but true!  I just have a couple more questions.


Could you help me open the drawer where Mom stores our treats so I can get some to pack with my toys?

You are so goofy.  What’s the other question?

Where’s London?  Remember, Mom only lets us go out in the back yard so I may have trouble finding London.

What’s Wrong with Being Two???

Mom says she’s living in a house of two-year-olds.

What does she mean?  You’re two and I’m two, but Mom’s way over two!

I know.  I’m beginning to think she’s jealous that we’re two and she’s not.

So why did she say that?

Well, she was picking up all the toys that you pulled out of our toy basket and I heard her muttering about having to clean up after two-year-olds.

Just because I pulled some toys out of there?  Didn’t she know that I was searching for just the right toy?

I guess she thought you were supposed to pick up your toys and put them back in the basket.

Well maybe I wanted to play with more toys and by taking them out of the basket it became easier to find the right toy.

Sure makes sense to me.  I think that’s being quite efficient and Mom should be proud of you for that.

I heard her say something about you one day.


She was saying that you shouldn’t put your toys in the bathtub.

Well, she taught me how to do that.  Isn’t it fun when we have our jingle bell balls rolling around in the tub?  It makes noise and they spin around in the tub really fast.

Yes, and we’re getting exercise so Mom should think that’s good.

It’s settled then.  We have to tell Mom that she’s lucky to be living with us two-year-olds ‘cuz we’re efficient and we get exercise.  She can learn from us!

Maybe we can start a class and invite other humans.

That sounds like fun.  We better contact our fur people friends and see if their humans need the class.

Can we have something to eat first?  Work always makes me hungry.

Birthday Greetings from The Mom


I’m so glad I adopted you.  My life has been full of fun and adventure since you and Hemingway came into my life.  I am glad you had such a wonderful birthday.  You probably don’t realize it but you heard from people all over the world.  Isn’t it wonderful that you and Hemingway learned to use the computer?  You’re growing up and it was nice of you to share your new toys and treats with Hemingway.  I know he’ll do the same when his birthday comes along.

Hemingway, I know it was sometimes hard for you to watch Shakespeare getting all the attention today but I know you’ll get all sorts of attention on your birthday.  Before you ask, you may not start bugging the humans and other fur people about your birthday yet ‘cuz it isn’t until December and that’s lots of months away from now.  Yes, I know Shakespeare was a bit of a  pest about making sure everyone knew about his birthday, but you are the bigger brother and you should try to be a good example.

Shakespeare, I’m glad you liked your new toys.  I’m going to share a picture of you with one of your new toys.  I’m sure your new human and fur people friends will enjoy seeing it.

Hemingway, I haven’t forgotten you.  Here’s a picture for your human and fur people to enjoy.  I see that you’ve got all sorts of toys handy but you seem to be too tired to play.

You boys had a big day so you should sleep soundly tonight.   How about if you cancel the races through the house just for tonight so we can all sleep.  Sound like a good idea?

Love you both……….Mom