Fluffy and Valentine’s Day

From the Mom:  Hemingway and Shakespeare introduced their friend, Fluffy, in their Christmas letter.  Some of you are meeting Fluffy for the first time.  He and the boys talk about all sorts of things and try to figure out humans.  This is their message for Valentine’s Day:

Fluffy rolled and bounced around the house as the two cats carried him from room to room.  They were all enjoying the sunshine of the day.  The relaxing light streaming in through the windows made delightful sun puddles on the floor.  Sometimes the cats would let Fluffy lay in the sun with them.  They all knew it was still cold outside so they were enjoying being in the warm house with all the food, treats and toys.  Fluffy loved being part of this family.

The cats started talking about Valentine’s Day.  Fluffy didn’t know what that was.  He had enough trouble just figuring out what day of the week it was.

Hemingway, the big black and white cat, tried to explain Valentine’s Day to Fluffy.  After all, Hemingway was six years old now.  That’s a paw and a claw in cat terms.  Fluffy didn’t have paws and he didn’t have claws so he didn’t care.  However, both of the cats seemed to take great pleasure in knowing how old they were.

“Fluffy, Valentine’s Day is kind of an important holiday to humans,” Hemingway explained.  “Mom has told us that humans send cards, flowers, candies and other gifts on that day.  It’s a time when they show others how much they are loved.”

“Why don’t humans show love every day?  Why do they have to have a special day?”, Fluffy asked.

Shakespeare, the fluffy orange kitty with the super long tail, spoke up.  “Hey Fluffy, that’s a really great question!  We never thought about it ‘cuz we show Mom every day how much we love her.”

Hemingway chimed in, “Yes, Fluffy, you’ve hit on something really interesting.”

Hemingway and Fluffy

Mom….Fluffy and I went outside to play and now we want to come in, please.

Fluffy and Feet

Proof that Fluffy was outside with Hemingway and Shakespeare.

Shakespeare and Fluffy

Fluffy, we love you and we love Mom.  Happy Valentine’s Day!!

Dear Readers, we all want to wish you a very special day.

Yes, we hope all of your food is heart-shaped!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

E-mail The Two of Them November 2010Hemingway, why are we wishing everyone a happy Valentine’s day?

Because Mom told us we should do that.

We don’t always do what Mom says so why are we doing it now?

Well, I think it’s ‘cuz it will make Mom happy.  There’s something about this Valentine’s day stuff that makes humans a little crazy.

What do you mean?

I’ve heard that they go out and buy cards, flowers, candy and other stuff for the person(s) they love.  For instance, Mom sent a card to her sister and some friends and remember how we sent some cards, too?

Oh, that’s right.  You woke me up from my nap to have me sign those cards.  I still don’t understand why we’re doing what Mom wants now though. 

It’s all about LOVE!  Mom loved us enough to rescue us and adopt us and give us a good home.  We love her enough to try to be good now and then.  I show Mom I love her by crawling up in her lap and falling asleep.

Mom knows I love her when I walk by her so she can pet my long fluffy tail.  I just don’t like that lap stuff.  I’m too aloof.

You’re something alright.  By the way, where on earth did you hear that word?

I think it was on the box with the moving pictures.  I have another question.  Why do humans have to have a special day to say they love each  other?  Shouldn’t they do it all the time?  I know I would love it if someone gave me catnip and treats all the time and not just on one special day.

  I guess it’s a human thing.  We better finish this before Mom turns off the computer.  We just wanted to say a big Happy Valentine’s Day to all our friends out there in web world.  We love reading about your adventures and we hope you love reading about ours.  We also hope that the humans and fur people in your life show you love every day!

You’re getting way too serious, Hemingway.  Does anyone out there know why Mom won’t let us have chocolate on Valentine’s Day but it’s okay for her to have it?  If it’s bad for us, shouldn’t it be bad for her too?  Is this another one of those human rule things that we don’t understand?

Shakespeare, quit being a pest.

Mom……..Hemingway’s calling me names!

Happy Valentine’s Day!!

While Mom was at work we got her camera and took pictures of each other so we could post them on our blog.

Shakespeare tried to eat the camera.  He thought it was food…………as usual.

Did not!

Anyway, we just wanted to tell Mom how much we love her so we figured this would be a good way.

We also wanted to let her know what she should give us for Valentine’s Day……but mostly we wanted to let her know we love her.

I'm not sure if Shakespeare got my best side.
I’m not sure if Shakespeare got my best side.

We want to wish all our friends and relatives a Very Happy Valentine’s Day.  We hope you spread the love all over the world.

I think Hemingway didn't include my tail in this picture on purpose!
I think Hemingway didn’t include my tail in this picture on purpose!

When you finish celebrating Valentine’s Day then you can go shopping for my birthday present ‘cuz my third birthday is in March.  (Hemingway was finished with the computer so he didn’t see me add this.  Purrrrrrr.)

We Are So Good!

When we got up for breakfast this morning, we found this note from Mom:

Dear Boys,

Thank you so much for the wonderful Valentine’s present.  Letting me sleep through the night was great!  I know you really wanted to run through the house like crazy and play with your toys, but you refrained.  Thank you for giving me one good night’s rest.  Now that I know you really can do it, maybe you could try letting me sleep a few more nights.  Love you boys.

She was so happy with our gift!  Do we get treats now?

Happy Heart Day

What are we going to do?

Who can help us?

We’ll feel so sad (see our blog about emotions) if we can’t do something.

We better explain to the humans what has us so upset.

Ok, you go first.

Well, according to the calendar, Valentine’s Day is on February 14th.  We don’t remember much about this day last year, but we’re older now so we’re getting wise.

Yes, I’ll be two next month.

They know!  Anyway, we’ve been watching TV and seeing things on the internet about how Valentine’s Day is a day when humans tell the other humans how much they love them.

That’s nice!  What about us fur people?  Do they tell us, too?  Do we get to celebrate Valentine’s Day?  Do we get extra treats?

Mom always tells us she loves us.  She’ll probably give us extra treats to celebrate Valentine’s Day.  I’m sure the other humans who are lucky enough to have fur people will do the same.  But we’re still not telling the humans what’s bothering us… and how do you manage to mention food every time?

I’ll be quiet now so tell them.

We want to show Mom how much we love her but she won’t let us outside when it’s cold.

Besides, if we do go outside we can’t go out of the yard.

There are no flowers in the yard for us to pick right now.  We aren’t allowed to eat chocolate so we don’t have any chocolate to share with Mom.

If chocolate is bad for us, why isn’t it bad for humans?  Maybe Mom shouldn’t be eating chocolate.  Maybe we should hide all the chocolate from her.

Back to what I was talking about…We can’t even go to the store to get Mom a card. We want to do something special for Mom on Valentine’s Day but we just don’t know how.

Maybe we could go on the internet and send her an e-card.  Don’t you know how to do that?

I’ve never tried doing that before, but maybe I could learn.

Wait……I have a better idea.  You know how Mom doesn’t like it when we wake her up in the middle of the night?

Yes, she has this thing about wanting to sleep through the night.  Doesn’t she know that’s the best time to play?

Maybe tomorrow night as a special Valentine’s gift to her, we could keep our playing to a minimum and be real quiet so we don’t wake her up.

She would be so happy to sleep all night long!  That’s a great idea!!

Happy Valentine’s Day, Mom……from both of us!

We're practicing sleeping through the night as a surprise for Mom.