The Big Vote

Mom was late getting home from work today because she said she stopped to vote.

I smelled food on her.  Didn’t she know we were home starving?

We decided to let you know what we thought of the voting thing that humans do.


I take this voting thing seriously.  I wore my badge all night and was proud of it.


Not me.  I yanked that sticky thing off of me and stomped on it.  Don’t ask my why.  I just had the feeling that’s what I was supposed to do.

That’s the youngster showing up in Steinbeck.  He doesn’t understand the importance of voting.

As long as the gingers win, it’s fine with me.

How can the gingers win if you don’t even vote?  Besides, the tuxedos are winning.

You’re asking mighty difficult questions on my empty stomach.  I can’t think fast enough.

Well, all I can tell you is that if you were running the election, everyone would be eating instead of voting.

There’s something wrong with that?

I give up!  Mom, you try talking to him.

Discussing Voting

The humans are voting today.

So?  What does that mean to us?  I don’t know what voting is.

Voting is when they choose leaders for the country, the state they live in and even the city they live in.

I wonder if anyone will vote for me.

You aren’t running for anything.

I’ll run for food!

No, I mean you have to get your name on this thing they call a ballot.  Then you have to put up signs and appear on TV and radio and talk about what you would do to make things better for everyone.

Well, if I was on that ballot thing, I would promise all the fur people that they would get new food bowls filled with their favorite things and another bowl filled with fresh water.

That’s a good start.

Then I would promise the kitty fur people that they would have nice big fluffy pillows in front of warm fireplaces so they can nap as much as they want.  They would also have an endless supply of catnip.

What about the fur doggies?

They would get bones to chew on, fenced yards so they could run around lots, shiny new collars and rides in cars and long walks with their humans.

What special things would you do for all the other fur critters?  Remember that we have some good friends who are piggies.

Oh yes, they can let me know what they want and I’ll see that they get it.  I know all of them will want new toys and lots of attention.

Where is all the money coming from to take care of all these things?

From the humans of course!  Silly Hemingway…..I don’t have any money!!

Our Famous Dog Cousin

Our dog cousin is becoming famous.

In case you forgot about Stella, here’s her picture from a couple of weeks ago.  She belongs to Mom’s niece so Mom explained that Stella is sort of her “Great Niece”.

Mom entered her in a contest sponsored by radio station LOVE 105.  It’s called Mutt Madness.

Are we entered in the contest too?

No.  Mom said we can’t be in the contest because we’re not dogs.

Well thank goodness for that!  I like being a kitty.

Anyway, Mom has all her friends and relatives voting for Stella and she found out this afternoon that Stella made it to round two.  She’s now one of 64 dogs hoping to make it to the next round.

Can I vote for her?

Sure, you just have to go to their web page on and find Stella’s picture.  You can start voting again on Monday, March 12th and you can vote once a day on the same computer.

We’re going to have to take tuns voting then.  You vote Monday and I’ll vote Tuesday.

Mom said if there’s a contest for kitties then she will enter us.

Good….then all of Stella’s human and fur people friends can vote for us.

Isn’t voting a wonderful thing????

Go Stella!