Let’s Discuss Weather


Hemingway, I was wondering about something.

You usually are.

Just ‘cuz you’re so MUCH older, doesn’t mean you know everything.  You might not even know the answer to this.

Bet I do.  Try me.

Well, you know how weather’s been nice lately?  I mean, we haven’t had wet air and Mom’s hair hasn’t gone all frizzy.


Yes……..so what?  Oh, and by the way, Mom’s not going to be happy you drew that picture of her.

I was listening to those weather people with Mom, who happens to love my drawings,  the other night and the weather people said we’ve got wet air coming soon.  I don’t like wet air ‘cuz it might mess up my furs.

What are you going to do about it?  I could shave off your furs if that would help.

No way!!!  I have a very simple solution.  We get the angels to turn on their ovens and dryers and open the doors.  That should help dry the wet air.

Won’t that make it really hot?

Well, the humans always say it isn’t the heat, it’s the wet air, so my idea would make the hot air dry.

Now you’re quoting humans?  What’s happened to you?  You should be quoting Garfield, Grumpy Cat and Waffles.  I bet they have lots to say about wet air.

MLK Day 4

Don’t you readers think I have some great ideas???


Oh good grief.  What more can I say??

White Is the New Purple

Why is purple gone?

Remember that football game Mom was watching on Sunday?

She turned it off.

That’s ‘cuz she got tired of seeing her team lose.

So why is white such a big thing now?

Have you looked outside?

snowstorm1 - Copy

Wow!!!  Did that happen while I was taking a nap?  How will the birds find their food?


Those deep ruts are from Mom’s car when she barreled into the driveway after work.

snowstorm3 - CopyLook!  I can see the snow falling!

snowstorm4 - Copy

I think that bush looks lots prettier with all that white stuff on it.


Wow!  Our back yard is gone!  It’s all covered in white.


Here’s why Mom’s not letting us out on the deck.  Look at all that snow that she stumbled through.  We don’t want our paws getting into that!!


Good thing Mom got more wood delivered on Saturday.

Too bad nobody can see it now!


Mom says this is her favorite picture.  She said the snow is a nuisance and driving is impossible, but the fluffy white makes everything look so festive.

We hope you enjoyed our snowstorm!

Would You Believe………..

This is what I think of what happened outside today!!!

Mom!!!!  Have you looked outside?  The flour fairies came back and they really made a big mess out there!  Hemingway and I would have chased them away but you were at work and we are not supposed to go outside when you’re not here.  We did try showing them our grumpy faces, though!

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Mom would really like to have Flower Fairies in the yard instead of those naughty Flour Fairies!

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Mystery Solved!

I’m sure all of you readers were sitting out there wondering if we would get snow and how deep it would be.

Mom says we got dumped on!

Here are some pictures she took last night.  They aren’t real good ‘cuz she was so late getting home.

She was late giving us supper!

We got it, Shakespeare, so quit whining.  Anyway, as I was saying, it was still snowing when Mom took the pictures and the battery on her camera was low.  Just take our “meows” for it that we got lots of snow!

Mom said over ten inches so I think that would definitely touch our tummies if we went outside.

We’re staying inside and that’s for sure!

What’s Happening???

Not too many days ago we were outside enjoying the sunshine and warmer temps.  The birds were singing, the grass was turning green, some flowers were coming up………

Even our catnip was growing and Mom gave us some of it.

Now today it was gray, very windy, cold and then know what?

Those stupid white flakes started swirling around out there again!!!

Did Mom arrange this so we wouldn’t be so upset about staying inside while she goes and does that work thing?

Did the weather humans turn the wrong page on the calendar?

Whatever it is, we don’t like it.    The only thing I didn’t like about playing outside the other day is that the stupid trees decided to start dropping things all over the place.  When we walk outside, those sticky things get stuck in our fur

I have to work and work on my feet to get those stupid sticky things off of them!
I have to work and work on my feet to get those stupid sticky things off of them!

I’ve been having the same problem.  Just look at my handsome foot!  Those rude trees shouldn’t do stuff like that.

It looks so much better without the sticky things!
It looks so much better without the sticky things!

Flakes or sticky things?  We’re not sure which is worse!

Hey, did Mom go get some more catnip yet? We don’t want to go out and walk in the sticky things.

Maybe Mom Knows Best After All….

When Mom got home from work last night, we begged her to let us go outside.

She told us it was muggy and we wouldn’t like it.

We don’t know what muggy is.  We just knew we wanted to go outside so we told Mom to open the door.

She let us go out and play while she did some stuff in the house.

Next thing we knew, she was calling our names, but we were hiding.

Then she got my favorite thing……..the treat bag!!!

Mom knows that gets us EVERY time.

We just got inside and look what happened out in our yard:

Copy of P1030430
Mom…..we better get that kitty inside. He’s getting all wet!
Copy of P1030429
We had our own personal waterfall coming off the roof!

Winter Thoughts

Copy of P1030167This sad little flower in the snow pretty much sums up how Shakespeare and I feel about this winter that will never end.

Copy of P1030152Just look at all that white stuff out there!  We don’t like it.  When our feet touch that white stuff it makes our toes cold.

The other day Mom was taking pictures of what happened when yet another snow storm came through our town.

Just look what she found! Copy of P1030170We kept looking at this picture and we decided that it’s spring finally coming our way!

Mom looked at the picture and said it’s probably that polar express train.  Wait…….I know what it really is!!!  It’s the Party Express Train coming my way ‘cuz my birthday is less than a month away now!

When It’s Too Cold………..

Mom couldn’t go to work today ‘cuz it’s too cold outside.

She disturbed our day!

She was running that noisy machine that sucks up stuff.  We both were very careful to stay far away from it.

Then she was running that big machine downstairs that fills up with water.  For some reason she throws her clothes in there…

…..and even our blankets!

Then she puts them in the other noisy machine that makes the clothes go round and round while hot air is blown on them.

So what did we do while she was making all this noise during our normal nap times?

Kitty YogaI practiced some of my new kitty yoga moves.

Sun Puddle NapI took a sun puddle nap and warmed my tummy.

Happy Cat FaceThen I showed Mom my happy face ‘cuz I didn’t have to go outside.

Copy of P1030130 Copy of P1030132Here’s what our cold winter sky looks like.  We are so ready for spring!  We hope all the fur people up here in the frozen tundra have a warm place to hide and lots of food to eat.  Stay safe everyone.