Remember Us???

Long ago and far away we had a human who listened to us and wrote down what we were saying……….and/or thinking.

What do you mean?  Mom’s still here.

Yes, but she sure has gotten lazy in her old age.

Well, it’s true that she doesn’t spend as much time playing with us as we would like…….and sometimes our supper is late ‘cuz she’s stuck at that work place.

That’s it!  The work place thing.  It’s taking all of her energy!!!

Wonder if we could do anything to help.

Mom doesn’t mumble things about us getting jobs whenever she has to go buy our foodies.

I don’t want to get a job.  It’s cold outside and I don’t want to go there.  Besides, I know she wouldn’t let us drive her car.

Of course not……..we can’t even see over the dashboard and I’m not real sure which pedal is which and how long you have to hold them down.

Could we get one of those jobs where you do things at home on the computer?

She’s not going to leave the computer on for us.  She doesn’t now and I don’t see her changing her tune about that at all.

She’s singing???  I know she keeps practicing to sing.



If I could figure out how to back into this box, I would be a cute model!


And if I could figure out how to sleep in this bed, I would be a good model.


Give it up Hemingway.  I make a better model in the bed.


Are you sure???????????

I Think We’re In Trouble…..

Mom says we have to get a job.

What’s a job?

I don’t know.  I’m wondering if it’s something that flies around.  I know I can get a job if it flies.

Maybe it’s something that’s furry and runs around.  I think both of us could get a job if that’s the case.

Somehow I think we’re on the wrong track.  Mom says she goes to “work” every day.  I wonder if work is another human word for job.  If that’s true, then I don’t think I want a job.

Why not?

Well, you have to get up early every morning.

We already know you can do that.  You always wake Mom up before that thing with the numbers on it starts making noises in the morning.

Fine, so I can handle that part.  However, then you have to go outside somewhere and go in that thing she calls a car and go away from home.

I don’t like going in the car.  It’s scary.  Besides, I don’t think we know how to make it run.

Well, even if we did make it run, where would we take it?

I have no idea.  I guess we would have to take it where the job is and I still don’t know for sure what that is.

Why did Mom put this idea in our heads?????

Maybe she did it so we would have something to write about in our blog.

That’s really sneaky!!!