Happy Birthday!!!

Copy of P1030187I can’t believe it.  Today is my big day.  I’ve waited a whole year to be three and now I am!  I’m as old as Hemingway is now.  I’m a big boy!

Three years ago today I was born.  I don’t remember my fur mom and I don’t remember where I was born.  I do remember being at this special place with other little kitties and puppies.  I was scared.  I was also curious and wanted to know what was going to happen next.  On a stormy night, my human Mom came with a friend to meet me.  I was a little orange ball of fur and I was all over the place and wouldn’t let her hold me.  (That should have given Mom a clue about me and my independence.)  I was so lucky that night ‘cuz she adopted me and brought me home.  At first I was scared of that big black and white fur person in the house, but I eventually got used to him and I tolerate him as long as he doesn’t try to eat my food.

Shakespeare on the BenchThis is a picture of me when I was little.  My tail was long even then!

Shakespeare October 2010Here’s another picture of me kitten posing.  Mom said she really liked my pretty eyes.

Copy of P1030191Mom took this picture today with her flashy box.  I’m taking a nap ‘cuz I need to be ready to party tonight!  I hope Hemingway doesn’t try to eat all my special treats!

I hope all of you have a super special sunny day on my birthday!  Feel free to send me treats and toys…..or at least some greetings.  hehehehehehe

Mommmmm…………….look what Shakespeare did to the blog today.  Do I really have to wish him a happy birthday?

Copy of P1020909

A Friend in Need of a Home

Mom got a note from a human friend of hers who has a kitty looking for a forever home.  We decided we would do what we could to help ‘cuz we’re both adopted and we know how important it is to have a home.


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My name is Punky – short for Pumpkin.

My human left this world and didn’t take me with her.       I am looking for another human to let me live with him/her.        I am a pretty good companion cat.       I know my name.       I come when you call me  –  most of the time.       I am a cat, you know   –   I do have to maintain my reputation of being somewhat independent!       I don’t necessarily like to be held, especially for a long time.        But I do like to be petted   and   brushed – a lot!      Especially under my chin!       I am a really good purr-er.      I like to play with my toys and toss them up on the couch.       Sometimes I test my human and jump up on the couch to see if you will tell me to get off!         I love to look out the window, but I don’t go outside.       I never have!       I am an indoor cat!       I have been declawed and neutered.       Some people say I am the largest cat they have ever seen.       But others say I am only the second largest cat they know.                      Picture2

 I am 12 – 14 years old with no health issues.       I don’t like human food.      I eat only Friskies Seafood. 

If anyone is interested in Punky, just let Mom know and she will put you in touch with Punky’s foster-mother.  I know she would like a nice home soon.

We hate to see fur people who don’t have homes so we hope someone can help.

We think Punky’s really cute but Mom said the two of us are enough for her to handle right now.

What does she mean by that???????????