Cold, Ice, Snow………..What’s Next?

We think we know why Mom is not a big fan of winter.

Well, we’re not big fans either.

True, but just think what we’ve been through in the past few days.  Last week the actual temperature was -30 and the windchill was around -50.

Isn’t most wind chilly?  At least in the winter.  That’s stupid to measure how chilly the wind is.  Humans……..

Anyway, then over the weekend it got warm and things started melting and it even rained.

Not a good plan, Mother Nature.

That’s right.  Mom went out to her car on Monday morning and before she knew it, she was kneeling in the driveway and couldn’t get up.  All around her was ice covered with water and there was no traction.

We promise we didn’t laugh.

Hemingway and Cookie Jar

I may have giggled around the cookie jar…….just a little.  But I only did that when I knew Mom was okay.  Even she admits that she looked kind of funny trying to get up.  She told us later that she kind of scooted over the water-covered ice so she could grab hold of her car.  Maybe if she had paws instead of feet with shoes on them, she might have been able to get some traction.  She got up, looked at us, kind of smiled and headed to work.

Now today the angels are busy dusting and they have feathers and dust flying all over the place.  Mom’s view at work got shortened with all that stuff flying around.

They must be working really hard ‘cuz the dust and feathers are flying all over the place.  Everywhere we look outside, it’s white.  Sometimes we can’t even see across the street.

I bet Mom wishes she had stayed home with us.


By the time Mom got home tonight, this is what it looked like.


Mom……….the angels just dusted up a storm today!!!

The Angels Were Baking

Hemingway!!!  Come look!!!  The angels were baking and they spilled flour all over the place!!


That’s not flour.  It’s snow.

Why can’t it be flour?  Wouldn’t the humans….especially Mom….be happier if it was flour?

Well, I think cleaning up flour might be more difficult.  If it rained, then the flour would turn into a sticky, icky mess.  With snow the humans just have to wait about six months and it’s all melted.

Six months?????  That’s forever in cat time.

Mom says it’s forever in human time too, when it comes to snow.

Well, I’m just going to believe that’s flour and that the angels are busy making me catnip cakes and pies.

Two Cat Night


Hemingway, I get concerned when Mom has to go outside in the cold.

Don’t worry, Little One.  Mom has lived in Minnesota for many, many, many, many years and she can handle the cold…..even if she doesn’t like it.

But this morning we had less than no temperature.  There was a – sign in front of the temperature.  So why did the angels steal so many temperatures that they put us in the hole.

I don’t know.

And did you say what they did outside?  They spilled flour all over the place!



Steinbeck, that’s snow.  I think I’ve told you about it before but you keep forgetting.  It’s cold and you don’t want to put your paws in it.  Don’t worry, the sun will eventually melt it but it will be many months now before that happens.

But won’t the angels have to give us back some of those temperatures?


Teaching Steinbeck is so hard.  I need to take a nap and try and recover.


I’ll just stay in this sun puddle and try to get warm.  Are we going to have another two cat night?

Steinbeck, you better explain to your readers what you’re talking about.

Well, last night we were concerned that Mom might get cold during the night so both of us slept on her head.  She told us it was a two cat night.  Maybe we should call some of our friends to come join us since it’s going to be even colder tonight!

Flowing Water

From the Mom:  The boys let me take over their blog today so I could talk about something serious.

When we turn the water faucet on, the water comes streaming out.  We think it will never end as it splashes over our hands.  Then one day we turn on the faucet and one tiny drip comes out and then nothing.  What happened?  Did we do something different?

I just lost a dear friend.  He died alone at home and wasn’t found right away.  How long was he there by himself?  How did he die?  Did he know he would not be seeing his friends again?  Why did the water that was his life suddenly stop flowing?

I have many questions and very few answers.  What were his final thoughts?  Did he know he was dying alone?  Were the angels there to help him?  I have a strong feeling that they were.

He was a nice man and a wonderful friend.  He loved helping others.  His gruff demeanor could scare people off at times, but it was all an act.  He had a heart that reached out to those who were in need.  He had a great laugh that he didn’t always share with everyone, but those of us who heard it loved it.

Now I wonder if I was good enough at showing him how much value he had.  Did he know he was a special person to many friends?  Did he know he was loved?  He wasn’t one to talk about feelings or show much emotion, but those are usually the ones with hearts as big as all outdoors.

Our time on earth is brief.  We don’t fully understand the impact we may have on others.  That’s why we need to respect those around us.  We need to make our fellow humans feel they are worthy.  We may not be able to like everyone, but I do feel that we can love them through God.

Tell your friends you love them.  Hug your family members.  Don’t forget the fur people in your lives.  That love is what keeps the water flowing.  When it stops and there is no water flowing, we are alone.

This column is dedicated to Dave Webb.  I pray the angels are dancing with  you as you meet up with other family members and friends.  You were special to me and your friendship meant a lot.  You will be missed by those of us left behind.

Did I See Angels???

We’ve been missing in action for a few days again, but it’s really not our fault.  Mom’s computer had a heart attack.  We promise that we didn’t do anything.  We didn’t scare it.  We didn’t jump on it.  We didn’t threaten it.  It just died.  Well, Mom wants to explain a few other things so she’s going to take over our post again today.  It’s fine with us, Mom, as long as you give us lots of treats.

Thanks, boys!!!  It’s been a rather hectic time around here lately.  I’ve been looking for a job which is not only discouraging, but it takes so much time!  I wish I could just walk into an office and say, “Need help?”  Any of you who are no longer in your 20’s know how hard it is for us “Golden Oldies” to even get a chance to talk to anyone.  They all figure we’re senile and don’t know what we’re doing.  We know differently!

Enough of the job problem.  I’ve also been having some health issues.  Years ago I had a triple fusion done on my left ankle because of a ruptured tendon.  It’s been doing fairly good until the last few years.  Seems arthritis has taken over the ankle and that’s why I keep having so much pain when I try to walk.  Next step is a new ankle but we’re trying to hold off.  Then about three weeks ago I did something to my right hip and it is extremely painful.  There are times it calms down, but it can get so cranky. 

Enough of the stupid health problems.  Now here’s what happened to me yesterday.  I had to go to the grocery store and I always go in one certain door.  Yesterday I went in the other door at the other end of the building because the things I needed were on that end.  I noticed an older couple walking in ahead of me.  When I got inside the first door and headed for a shopping cart, the woman stopped me.

“I’m from a local church (I recognized the name) and we just like to stop and pray for people.  Could I pray for you?”

I was so surprised but told her what an awesome thing that was.  She asked me what she could pray for.  Now, normally I wouldn’t have said anything.  I’m rather shy when it comes to discussing any needs or problems I may have.  However, I got brave in choir one night a few weeks ago and mentioned my needs for prayer.  Since then my wonderful choir friends have been praying for me and asking me how things are going.  So, when this woman asked me what she could pray for, I quickly blurted out, “The pain in my ankle, my hip, and my search for a new job.”  I was telling a complete stranger my problems!!  What was wrong with me??

She said a beautiful prayer and instantly I felt more relaxed.  Oh, the pain was still there, but not dominant.  We said a few more things to each other and I let her know about my involvement with my church choir.  We said goodbye and I got my shopping cart.  I turned around and they were gone.  I looked for them throughout the store and on my way out.  I never saw them again.  Were they angels?  I have no idea, but they sure were a blessing to me. 

One more thing, I’m working on a temporary computer for a couple of days and the boys don’t know how to use it.  They’ll be posting again when the new computer is up and running and they’ve been trained. 

It Happened Again!

April 23

We woke up to this!  Can you believe it???  However, we figured out what’s happening.

We’re so smart!

You see….the angels have been really craving SnoCones lately.  They’ve been eating them like crazy.

Of course that means they’ve really been working that poor old SnoCone maker like crazy.

In fact……they’ve used it so much that it finally jammed and all the little flakes of ice have been falling down on us.

We really hope the angels get over their SnoCone craze soon.

………..or at least fix that stupid machine!

Morning April 23

Maybe blue sky April 23

Mom says if you look carefully, you can see the buds on the maple tree.  She says that’s a sign that spring might come!