Caturday Art Time

This is the picture Mom started out with.


Steinbeck was afraid I wasn’t getting the top of my head clean.

You weren’t!  I had to help you.

This is what Mom did with the picture.The boys

She used the Illusion effect from Lunapic and the ripped paper border from Pixlr Express.  We told her we like it.

I think it makes my furs look really regal! And you can even see my little pink tongue.

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Friday Night Bath


It’s Friday night and told the little kid he needs to make sure he takes a bath on Friday nights for sure.  I’m watching him now.


Ears are clean.  I think I got that spot on my nose, too.  Now I must make sure all my whiskers are clean.  This bathing on Friday nights gets to be quite a chore.

Hey Steinbeck…… missed a spot!


I did not miss any spots!!!!  I’m clean as a whistle.  Why are you watching me anyway?  Hey Mom…….why do you have that flashy box pointed at me????  Can’t a guy have any privacy???