Steinbeck…….What More Can We Say?


Hey Mr. Round Cat… you like sitting here by the window?  Don’t you get tired of having that red bird hanging around?  He doesn’t seem to have very much to say.


What do you mean he’s a friend of yours?  I’m shocked!!!  How can you have a friend with feathers?  Do you like feathers more than my fluffy fur?  Are you my friend?  Do I ask too many questions?


Wait a minute.  I can’t talk now.  There’s something happening outside!


Look Mr. Round Cat!  There’s a bird outside and he’s eating the food Mom put out there.  Can I let him in the house so he can be my friend?


Mom, you have to have a talk with the kid.  He’s getting all sorts of crazy ideas!



Come Look

Shakespeare, come look at this!


What am I supposed to be looking at?

See all those birdies and squirrelies out there eating the seed Mom put out for them?


Well, if Santa Paws comes now, he might scare them and they’ll start flapping wings and twitching furry tails and making all sorts of noise and then Santa Paws will get scared and forget to leave our toys and treats.

I hadn’t thought about that.  I wonder if Mom should bring the seed and nuts inside until after Santa Paws has been here?

Maybe we should go talk this over with her.

I’m so glad I have a big brother who notices things like this.

Brainstorming….Kitty Way

We’ve been “confurring” with our buddies, the Trout Towne Kitties , and we think we’ve come up with a new business idea!

Remember how we were talking about all the leaves that need to be raked in the fall?

I had the great idea to grow trees that would lose their leaves at all different times, but Mom (and other humans) said that wasn’t a good idea ‘cuz raking all the time is just too tiring.

So, we put our heads together with the Trout Towne Tabbies and we came up with a new idea from what they said.

Black Squirrel I'll Guard These Shakespeare and Leaves

See that little critter in the tree?  That’s a squirrel and we really don’t like them coming around our yard.  However, they do get rather rowdy in the trees.  Now the Trout Towne Tabbies suggested we let the “burds” go ahead and do the stupid stuff they do on the branches and by raising a ruckus, they will make the leaves scatter all over the place.  (By the way, they don’t like “burds” at all.)   So, we figured if we added squirrels to the idea, it wouldn’t be as bad and might be faster.


Once the squirrels and “burds” knock all the leaves down on the ground, then we can use our big fluffy tails to get them into a big pile.

Mom always says you flip flop your tail like crazy so you might as well put it to good use.

Well, your tail is out of control ‘cuz it’s so long and fluffy!


 Let’s not argue.  Just use your tail to get that big pile of leaves over here in this bag.  Mom will be coming outside to check on us soon and she will be so surprised to see how much we helped.

I wonder if we can make this idea work all over the world?  Just think how famous we would be!

But we have to find birds and squirrels to hire for our company and I don’t know if any of them would really be willing to do any work.  Maybe we should go back to my idea!

Hey Trout Towne Tabbies, what do you think of our business idea?  Do you think it might fly? hehehehehe………..I couldn’t resist!!!







Confusion Explained

I wonder if our readers are confused….


Well, we’ve been quiet for several days now.

You’re never quiet!

Neither are you……..especially if there is food around!  However, I meant that we haven’t written anything on our blog for several days now.

I wonder if there’s a connection……….

What are you talking about?

Well, Mom hasn’t been feeling good for several days and we’ve been quiet for several days…..

That’s it!!!  There is a connection!  We get concerned about Mom when she doesn’t feel good so we spend all our time with her when she’s home and we don’t even go near the computer.

Is Mom going to feel good when she comes home from work tonight?

I don’t know.  Why?

Well, I sure hope we get to go outside and play.

She let us go outside last night so I’m sure she’ll let us go outside tonight.  She knows we love all that fresh air.

Know what I don’t like?

Besides an empty food dish, what?

That one little noisy bird that keeps yelling at us whenever we’re out in the yard.  We don’t even go near him and he starts screaming.  He’s got to be one spoiled little brat!

He just thinks he owns the yard and we need to gently tell him that he doesn’t.  That’s why it’s important for us to walk around in the yard so everyone knows it belongs to us.

Mom………..hurry up and get home ‘cuz we need to go out and “patrol the perimeters”.

Where on earth did you hear that phrase?

It was on TV one time.

Goofball!  We better take a nap so we’re ready to play when Mom gets home.