Sunday Selfies

“Happy Birthday to you…..

Happy Birthday to you………

Happy Birthday dear Allie…….

Happy Birthday to youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!”

I sang it loud like when I do the song of my people.  MOL!  Hemingway said he didn’t want to join in with my off-key singing.  However, he wishes Allie a very happy birthday, too.


We joined the Sunday Selfies Blog Hop where we’re all wishing Allie a Happy Birthday.  Check out our other friends.  We’re having a party!!

We Made It!!!

Mom says we should let you know that we survived the holidays and we’re ready for 2018.

Hemingway and wrapping

Well, I for one had to work very hard!  I turned 8 years old on December 24th so of course I had to check on all the presents.  Steinbeck was really slow about getting involved in all the mayhem but once he discovered that we had a Bolt, he got very excited chasing the red dot all around.

Big Sleep 2018

This is my safe place.  I’m way up on top of the computer desk so I can supervise Mom as she works on our blog.  Mom always smiles when she sees me up here ‘cuz she said Shakespeare used to sit up there all the time, too.

Tired Boy

Well, it was hard work turning eight so I had to get my rest in when I could.

My Big Box

Mom…is this box for me?  How do I get in it?  Is there a special door?

From the Mom:  Special greetings to all our friends!  We hope 2018 will be a special one for all of you and that it will be a year filled with kindness, love and peace instead of hatred, crimes and cruelty.  The boys had a fun time exploring new toys and new treats.  They’ve been doing lots of napping lately.  So have I!!  It’s been really cold and we do have snow on the ground but not much.  I hate to think of heading back to work tomorrow ‘cuz I know the boys will be at home sleeping in sun puddles.  Oh well….I guess someone had to pay for their food!  I hope to do a better job of sending you updates and funny stories in 2018.  Sometimes it gets really hard working full time and trying to get all the fun things done.  Thanks for following us!!


Watch Out World!!!


Mom went to the dogs this weekend!


Besides that, she got older.  I thought I was the only one getting older this month!

Maybe we should explain.  Mom went on a road trip….

…without us!!   

I was getting to that, Steinbeck.  Anyway, as I was saying before I was so rudely interrupted, Mom went to visit her friend who has two dogs.  That’s why we say she went to the dogs this weekend.  MOL!!


This is Benny and he’s special ‘cuz he has one blue eye and one brown eye.  We asked Mom if he was sticking his tongue out at us and she guaranteed us that he was not doing that.  He was just telling her that he didn’t like having his picture taken.


This is Jack and I think I like him ‘cuz he’s like me.  He always wants to have something in his mouth and he’s always ready for a good game.


Mom also got to meet this pony at the Summer Festival where they were giving pony rides.  She said this pony was really nice.  She explained that the pony was like a very big dog.  I get it now!

While Mom was gone, she got older.  Well, she says she’s not officially getting older for another hour yet, but we can tell you that she’s older!  Watch out world, you never know what our Mom might do now that she’s even more grown-up!!  MOL!!!


Birthday Caturday Art


Hey Everyone!!!  It’s my birthday today so Mom made a very colorful picture of me for Caturday Art.  She said she’s so proud of me ‘cuz I’m seven years old now.  She said she’s so glad she adopted me and gave me a furever home.  I’m all excited ‘cuz this will be Steinbeck’s first Christmas and he doesn’t know about all the neat things Santa Paws will bring for both of us.

Mom said I should take the time to thank all of you dear readers for following us this year and we hope to provide you with lots of entertainment next year.  We especially want to thank everyone for the wonderful support when we lost our precious Shakespeare.  Mom gets watery eyes even now when she thinks of all the kind words, prayers and hugs we both received.

May your Christmas be glorious and may you feel God’s love surrounding you.

Merry Christmas to all!!

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Caturday Art

Mom said I get to post my Caturday Art today since she forgot that yesterday was my special day.  Yep!  I am now six months old!!  Mom can’t believe how fast I’m growing.

I can’t believe that you aren’t getting any smarter!

Hemingway, that’s not nice.  I can’t believe you’re getting chunkier!


Sorry, Hemingway….

Sorry, Steinbeck…..

Anyway, here’s my picture for Caturday  Art.


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Caturday Art

Celebrate Big Time

Celebrate Good Times……Come on!!!

Come on people……sing with me!  Today is my birthday celebration!  I’m now three months old!!!  That may not sound like much to you, but to me it’s LOTS!!!

Come on people………..I need you to sing it from the rafters!!!
Oh for pete’s sake….will you just calm down????  I’m going on seven YEARS!!!  You’re just a young squirt.

My Special Day

Shakespeare almost five months
I was about five months old when Mom took this picture.  My tail was super big…even then!

A little over five and a half years ago, on a dark and stormy night, Mom headed out bravely into the rain, thunder and lightning.  She and her best friend were heading to the Humane Society where I was staying.  I didn’t have a home and needed a human to love me.  The humans in charge at the shelter thought I would be perfect for Mom so they introduced us.  It was love at first sight!  It was also “antsy pants” at first sight!  I was all over the place exploring every little nook and cranny.  At one point I got myself wedged between two file cabinets and the humans started to panic.  Oh, I should mention that the storm had turned off all the lights so there was just some dim light available.  I knew I was fine but you should have seen the humans!  They didn’t know what they were going to do.  I guess it was at that time I decided this human was the one I wanted for my Mom.  Obviously she would take care of me and would be concerned when I got into trouble.

Now today I’m turning SIX!!!  That’s a paw and a claw in cat years.  My older brother, Hemingway, turned six in December and he thought he was such hot stuff.  Well, now I’m the same age, but I’m even hotter!  My flame blaze fur proves it!!

From Hemingway:         Happy Birthday, little brother!  Even though I didn’t really appreciate it when Mom brought you home on that stormy night, I’ve sort of gotten used to you.  I know we still have our squabbles, but Mom knows we’re not real serious.  It’s just that “catling rivalry” stuff.  I hope your birthday is special and that you get so many treats you will feel it’s necessary to share.  (If you don’t, I’ll tell Mom!)

From The Mom:             Shakespeare, you add such comic relief to the house.  I always know when it’s mealtime ‘cuz you’re either circling the house or you’re sitting on top of your food container.  You never let me forget your treats at night.  When I put them down you scoop them up just like a vacuum cleaner.  Nobody loves food more than you do.  You’re not a cuddly cat, but you still want to be petted and brushed.  You look for me when you’re lonely.  You talk like crazy whenever I’m in the kitchen.  For some reason you seem to think your food comes from the microwave.  Believe me……it doesn’t.  Thanks for being such a fun part of our family all these years.  Happy Birthday to my orange fellow!  May your special day be extra, extra special!

Birthday Shakespeare

A Paw and a Claw!

Hemingway Birthday

It’s my birthday today and I’m a “Paw and a Claw”!!!  That’s six in human years.  I’ve been with Mom a long time now and I am so happy.

Here’s what I looked like as a baby:

Hemingway 9 Weeks Old

I did finally grow into my ears and my whiskers!

Hemingway's Reaction to Shakespeare

And this is what I looked like when Mom brought Shakespeare home a few months later!  Now I kind of like having a little brother.

I hope all of you have a wonderful day.  I know tomorrow is the really big day, but Mom makes today extra special for me.  So let’s all sing “Happy Birthday to me!”