Tears to Smiles

Shakespeare....have you seen Axel outside lately?  I wish he'd come out so we could run up and down the fence together.

We wanted to write a special blog today about how when sad things happen, we just need to look hard and next thing you know we’re smiling and our hearts are overflowing.

When we were little kittens, Mom used to read to us from a book she has.

It’s called “Homer’s Odyssey” and it’s all about a little blind kitten that was adopted by a wonderful human named Gwen Cooper.

Mom told us Homer inspired her to let us have our own blog  She figured we fur people had things we should be sharing with other fur people and their humans.  She quickly discovered that we have LOTS of things to say.

Anyway, Mom was real sad today to find out that Homer had gone over the Rainbow Bridge and is now with all the kitty angels, including some of her own cats Dixie, Smokey, Tarji, Shani, Mischief, Chicago and Sherlock. We never met any of Mom’s old cats, but we know she loved them just as much as she loves us.

She said it was ok for us to cry ‘cuz Homer’s human is really going to miss him.  Homer lived with her for around 16 years and they were a team.  He protected her and she protected him.  There’s an emptiness on earth but not in her heart.

Mom also said that we should smile ‘cuz Homer can see now!  Can you imagine how excited he must be???  What a thrill.  He can actually read the book he helped write!

She told us that on the day Homer died, some humans in Iowa adopted a blind kitty and another kitty because Homer had inspired them to take care of special needs kitties.  Homer’s good work continues as fur people are given new homes and humans.

Just look at all the good Homer has done.  Nobody wanted him when he was a little kitten but he just knew there was that one special human out there who wanted to adopt him.  He wrapped Gwen around his little paw and they were inseparable.  When we were waiting for our furever home, we just knew that the right human would come along and we would know that she would be our Mom.  Homer has inspired humans to take care of special needs kitties.  He showed humans that he may not be able to see, but he could do so much more.  He was LOVE walking around on four soft paws.

Mom said if you want to read about Homer and his human, you should check out his blog.  You should also check on Gwen’s books.  She writes without eating catnip!  We need our snacks and treats to inspire us but she doesn’t.


We just wanted to say how sorry we feel for Gwen’s loss, but we know she has tons of memories and even more friends and fur people all over the world now, thanks to Homer.  Keep his thoughts and memories in that special place in your heart.  He will always be there challenging you to do more.