Merry Christmas

Mom said we should stop all of our busy stuff and wish all of our blogging friends a Very Merry Christmas.  Mom says we have some special gifts and we just can’t wait.  We hope all the fur people get some extra loving and care at this special time of year.  More importantly, we hope everyone….humans and fur people alike….may carry this sense of peace and harmony into 2018.


We’re part of Athena’s Caturday Art Blog Hop.

Caturday Art Blog Hop

Look What Mom Brought Home!

Remember when Mom’s brother made a neat Snoopy Dog House out of a cardboard box?

We loved that dog house but Mom said she had to take it to work ‘cuz it was part of their Christmas decorations.

We thought that was stupid!

Well, Mom brought it home again tonight and it has all sorts of decorations on it.

So far we haven’t pulled any of them off, but we sure have made ourselves comfortable with our new play house!

Snoopy House - Copy

This is what it looked like in the office when it was all decorated.


This is what it looked like when I discovered it tonight!


This is me giving Hemingway the laser eyes ‘cuz he thinks he gets to use it too!  Anyone can see that it’s just perfect for me.

P1040994MOL!!!  I do get to use it and it fits me just fine!

Merry Christmas to All Our Human and Fur People Friends!

Merry Christmas

Did that big guy in the red suit really leave these gifts for us?

I guess so.  I think he forgot his hat when we meowed at him.

Should we tell Mom?

I don’t think so.  She’ll probably worry that his head will get cold.

 Merry Christmas Everyone!  We all hope you have a blessed Christmas and that peace will reign throughout the world.

Happy Birthday and Merry Christmas

We had so much fun!!

I'll open this one by myself.
I’ll open this one by myself.
Happy Birthday to me!
Happy Birthday to me!
What do you mean that only the ones marked H are for me and the ones marked S are for Shakespeare?  They all look like H to me!!!
What do you mean that only the ones marked H are for me and the ones marked S are for Shakespeare? They all look like H to me!!!
I really like the paper.
I really like the paper.
Did Santa forget his hat?
Did Santa forget his hat?
This one is mine and that one is yours.
This one is mine and that one is yours.
We both got Tickle Pickles!!!
We both got Tickle Pickles!!!
Boy, the humans really made a mess.
Boy, the humans really made a mess.

Now we’re both going to take naps to recover from all the excitement.  We hope all of our blogging humans and fur people had a wonderful Christmas.  Rejoice in the reason for the season.

The Ghost of Christmas Past

Copy of Copy of P1040012It’s not really a ghost…….it’s me!!!  I’m five years old today.  That’s one paw!  I am so excited to be celebrating my birthday with everyone.  Mom hasn’t brought out the presents yet, but I know she will.  She told me I still have to try to be good today.  Why do I have to be good on my birthday?  Oh well, I guess I’ll try.

Have a great Christmas Eve everyone!!!

Humming softy……..happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me, happy birthday handsome Hemingway, happy birthday to me.

Good grief!!!

We’re So Lucky!!!!

We have the BEST mom in the world!!!

We got a present from her.

We each got a present so we don’t have to share!

She said it was an early Christmas present and we could open it right away.

How many other kitties get early Christmas presents that they can actually open???

We’re so lucky!

Hemingway and partsHere Mom…..let me help you put this together.  By the way, just what is it?

Shakespeare bring that backYou work on all those other pieces, Hemingway.  I’ll just take this long piece over here.  Wait a minute!!!  I smell catnip on this.  Oh boy!!!!

Two in bedWow!!!!  You got us new beds!  Look how nice they are.  We fit on them and they’re different so we can each choose our favorite.

Shakespeare loves his bedMom…….I LOVE my bed!!!  It smells like catnip.  It shows off my pretty orange fur.  You did a good job shopping!

Hemingway's tail does not fitMom….thank you so much!  I love all these colorful paw prints on my bed.  They really look good against my black fur.  Know what?  I noticed that my tail must be longer than Shakespeare’s ‘cuz it doesn’t fit on the bed.  Giggle

We’re Back……….

Mom told us she was taking a break from the computer at home.   We’ve been real quiet lately ‘cuz we were trying to do what she said.  She didn’t want to turn on the computer and she didn’t want us working on our blog while she was home.  Of course we could have maybe worked on our blog while she was at that work place.

Remember how much fun it was to take those extra sun puddle naps?   The computer isn’t by the window so if we had been working, we would have missed out.

Well, we’re getting kind of anxious to do some meowing.  We need to get in touch with our fur people friends.  My birthday is coming and I need to spread the news.

Hemingway………move over!  Let me type.  Christmas is coming and we need to remind Santa Paws that we’ve been good boys and we want lots of treats and new toys. 

That sounds kind of selfish, Shakespeare.

Now that you mention it, I guess it does.  Well, is it okay if we tell Santa Paws that we would like a few things but we also want to make sure all the other fur people get special gifts, too?

Now that sounds better.  We have to remember those poor fur people who don’t have homes.  They must be really sad now.

I’m very lucky ‘cuz my first Christmas was spent at my home with Mom.  You were born on Christmas Eve so you were too young to know that you didn’t have a forever home yet for your first Christmas.

Oh, but I celebrated with you big time the next year.  We had so much fun!  That’s what we want for all the fur people and the humans.

Yes, we want them to have lots of special blessings and lots of happiness to make their hearts explode with love.

Oh, and we also want some catnip………

LOTS of catnip!