Back and Forth

Back and forth.  Back and forth.  What’s gotten into you, Steinbeck?  Do you have ants in your pants?


In the first place, I don’t wear pants.  In the second place, I sure wouldn’t allow ants in them.  What made you ask such a stupid question?

You keep running around the house like a crazy cat.

I’m using my excess energy to warm up the air.


It’s cold outside and I’m trying to get it as warm as possible in the house.

We have a furnace and a wood-burning stove to keep all of us very warm.  You don’t have to run around using up all your energy to make it warm.  Besides, I like to take naps in the sun


But if you look outside, the sky is gray and there’s no sunshine.  There are no sun puddles around.  Besides, there are a few little white specks floating around in the air.  I guess the angels must be dusting today.  I have to keep running around so nobody gets cold.  When I get tired, then I’ll take a nap.

I’m going to dream about taking a nap in a sun puddle.

hemingway the male model

nipped out

I’m tired now.


Sunday Selfie

It’s Sunday and at least the sun is shining.  However, if you look at my selfie, you probably won’t see happy eyes.  That’s because it’s COLD!!!  We were even in the hole when it came to temperatures this morning.  I don’t know who we were supposed to pay, but I sure hope someone pays soon so we can get some temperatures back!


Mom is staying inside the rest of the day and she’ll probably be reading so that means I can curl up by her and nap.  Steinbeck will probably do the same thing once he gets out of the sun puddle.

We both hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.  If you have any extra temperatures, don’t forget to send them to us.  MOL!!!

Too Cold!!!!

Please….everyone shut your freezer doors now.

We’re not saying it’s the humans’ fault, but it is way too cold here now.  Mom said it’s going to be a bazillion degrees below zero tomorrow morning so she doesn’t have to go to work.

Mom even got this funny picture in her email today.  We didn’t really understand it ‘cuz we use a litter box, but she explained it to us and then we had to chuckle.  Humans come up with the strangest ideas!!!Too cold.

As for us, we’re just spending the day being lazy.

How is that any different for us, you may ask.  Actually, it’s pretty much the same thing every day for us.  We have to get Mom up and make sure she feeds us and puts out fresh water.  Then we have to help her get ready for work.  Then after we push her out the door, we settle down in the sun puddles.

It’s just the life of a cat!

Copy of P1030128If you look carefully, you’ll notice that our “throne” is still in the house.  We convinced Mom not to put it away yet. 

Besides, it lives in the garage and it’s really cold out there now and we didn’t want our throne freezing.

Hey Hemingway…..humans sometimes call those things in the bathroom their “thrones”.  Should we be putting socks on our throne, too????