All was lovely and peaceful………UNTIL!!!


sleepy steinbeck

Mom was outside and Hemingway and I were taking a nap.  It was the end of the weekend and we knew Mom was not excited about going back to work.  We weren’t sure what she was doing outside.

Hemingway, what


I saw Mom out by the bay window ‘cuz that’s where I was napping.  It looked like she was pulling things out of the ground.  She calls them weeds.  I figure if they’re green maybe they belong there.

Suddenly Mom came running into the house and ran into the bathroom and started the water running.

We tried to go ask her what was happening and all she mumbled was, “Oh boy…Oh boy!”  We figured she was talking to us ‘cuz we’re both boys.  MOL!

Turns out Mom must have disturbed a ground nest of bees.  She always tells us to leave them alone but I guess she doesn’t have to do what we have to do.


Mom told us they attacked her and that wasn’t good since she gets a bad reaction.  Luckily it doesn’t affect her breathing but she does swell up really big and starts running a temperature.

She went to see her vet doctor the next morning ‘cuz her arms were really hurting.  She said she was stung three times on her right arm and twice on her left arm.  The doctor checked her all over and then gave her medicine to take.

Mom said that her right arm from the shoulder to the elbow was all swollen, red, hot, itchy and very sore.   Besides, it was as big as her leg!   She said her left arm was that way from the elbow to the wrist and she was miserable.

She tends to tell tall tales.  If my arm got as big as my leg, it wouldn’t change at all.  MOL!!!

Her medicine made her sleepy last night and we slept with her to make sure she was OK.

Mom said she’s never pulling weeds again!!!  I guess that means we’ll be having a weed sale before long.

The medicine is helping fast and she’s doing much better today.  It was kind of a scary time for her but she had really great care.

Yes!!!  We took care of her!!  Oh, and the vet doctor helped, too.


Any Bees

Is this where Mom found the bees?   Should we be this close?

No, Mom was in the front yard and we’re not allowed to go out there.



I Hate Tuesdays!


Be it known by all my readers.  This is NOT my happy face!  The day started out just fine.  Hemingway and I had breakfast and then we had time to romp around while Mom got ready for work.  Then Mom left for work and she didn’t realize that she had shut me in the bathroom!  All day in the bathroom with NO toys, NO food and NO litter box.  I was a wreck.  When I finally heard Mom come home I started yelling like crazy.  She heard me and came and opened the door and she and Hemingway were laughing!  I told her in no uncertain terms that I didn’t enjoy my day at all.

Know what happened next?  She got out my carrier and put me in it.  Oh no!!!  I didn’t realize that I had to go see the doctor lady again.  Nobody told me.  I “sang” all the way to the doctor lady’s place.  I even made up some words ‘cuz I was so mad.  Mom told me I was going to be a horse when I got there.  That’s silly.  I’m never going to be a horse.


The good news is that I checked out just fine.  They all said I was healthy and really adorable.  I now weigh 3.4 pounds so I’m gaining like crazy.  They gave me some shots and cleaned my ears again.  The doctor lady said I was unbelievably good when they cleaned my ears.  Mom was so proud of me.  Well, I’m going to take a nap now.   zzzzzzzzzzzz


I had a MARVELOUS day!!!!

Mom………not again!!!!

I was calmly playing with my toys when Mom got home from work.  She walked in all nice and friendly and stopped to talk to both Hemingway and me.  Next thing I knew, I was at the doctor lady’s house again!


I was thinking that if I jumped in that little box thing, I could weigh as much as Hemingway!  Mom was happy though ‘cuz now I weigh 2 1/2 pounds so I’ve gained some.


I don’t like what you wrote on that paper so I’m leaving!


Do you really have to gang up on me???


Can someone come rescue me?

So, the doctor lady and Mom talked.  I had been sneezing and the doctor lady said I have an upper restory infection.  Is there such a thing as a lower restory?  Anyway, I got some meds and so far I’m taking them real good for Mom.  The doctor lady said she was real glad my lungs were clear and that I didn’t have nomeenomah…..or something like that. Hemingway and I both have to take some meds for parasites and for this bacteria thing. Hemingway is fine but the doctor lady said he could catch things from me.  Believe me, I’m not throwing anything at Hemingway!

So, they took a picture of me after they cleaned my ears.  They said they wanted it for my file at the clinic.  They even sent the picture to Mom and when she saw it, she laughed.  She said I look like ET!!!  Who’s ET????


Mom says she’s never seen me look so grumpy and she thinks the helicopter ears are silly.

SO DO I!!!!  They better plan on taking a better picture of me so all the other fur people don’t laugh at me!!!!


Guess What I Did???

Steinbeck’s first visit to the family vet.


Mom told me we were going for a ride.  The last time I rode with her, she was bringing me to my furever home.  I rode in a cardboard box, and I “sang” the whole way home.  This time I got to ride in a soft carrier.  However, I still “sang”.

Mom fixed up a little slide show of me at the Doctor Lady’s house.  Everyone said I was adorable and that I did real good.  I weigh a whopping 2 pounds 3 ounces!!  What’s a whopping????

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I sure got held by lots of people!  I think they did that to keep me from “singing”.  Mom said I did lots and lots of that!


Mom……….you won’t believe what they did to me back there!  They cleaned out my ears!!!  Please don’t make me go back there again.


This is the nice lady at the front desk.  She knows Hemingway and she knew Shakespeare and even some other cats Mom used to have.  She told me I was adorable.  I guess I am!


Mom….do I get a treat for being good?  Will you help me dry off my fur where it got wet?  I want to go home now and see Hemingway.

I Survived……………Barely!!!!

“Here’s my story sad but true……….”

Notice that I don’t blend into Mom’s car like Hemingway. Also, Mom finds it necessary to put me in a carrier. I’m singing the “song of my people” here!
Mom, can’t you tell by my very big eyes that I don’t want to be at the doctor’s house? What kind of Mom are you?
Mom, can’t you tell by my helicopter ears and frown that I’m not happy?
I actually enjoyed this little basket, but if you notice, I’m still singing the “song of my people”.
Lady, don’t even think of trying to take my temperature. I know how that’s done!
I wonder if Hemingway went through all of this.
Here’s the Doctor Lady and she told me I was very handsome. Then she went and told Mom that I was too heavy and need to lose some weight. Well, if they wouldn’t have put my tail in this box on the scale, I would have been fine. I’m athletic and have a runner’s body. Doesn’t the Doctor Lady realize that?  Besides, I’m only 15.9 pounds so I’m 7 pounds lighter than Hemingway.  I deserve a treat for that!

A Better Day!


Mom says my eyes are brighter tonight.  I want to thank all the fur people and their humans who sent me good wishes.  I was so surprised to hear from all of you!  Mom said I’m a lucky boy!  It’s scary to be sick.  Of course I wasn’t as scared as Mom.  She was an actual twit!!!!

Anyway, when she got up this morning I showed her I was feeling better by eating some of the new food.  Then I took a bath and I flip-flopped my tail so she knew I was on the mend.  (By the way, I didn’t know I was broken!)

I heard that Mom fretted and stewed all day at work and may have driven a tad fast to get home tonight.  I was at the door waiting for her so she had a big smile on her face.


We went outside to enjoy some fresh air.  I don’t get up in the hammock unless Mom is already in it.  Of course, she’ll probably tell you that I use her as a launching pad and she has a big scratch on her arm.


Here I’m checking out the yard to see if there’s something out there that made me sick.  I didn’t see anything.  I told one of my friends that I think a bird spit in my face!  MOL!!!

I’m still not quite as spunky as usual, but when the doctor man’s house called, they said it would take a couple of days.  They were glad to hear I was moving around and eating.  Oh that………..yes, Mom started us on diets today.


The new food is actually pretty tasty.

Copy of P1030187

We’re on diets?????

OK……….who squealed?????

I Scared Mom!


It wasn’t intentional, but Mom got really scared when she came home from work today.  Normally my little brother, Shakespeare, and I always greet her at the door and ask to go outside to play in the back yard.  Well, Shakespeare was at the door but I wasn’t.  Mom came looking for me and I was lying on her bed.  She looked at my eyes and they were at “half-mast” (her words).  I didn’t move and she knew something was wrong.  She called the doctor’s house right away and they told her to bring me over.  I got to see a new Doctor Man and he was really nice to me.  He talked quietly and he petted me.  He took me in back and Mom doesn’t know what all they did and I’m not telling.  (I’m especially not telling anyone about shaving me by my “pooper popper”!!!  That was more humiliating than having my temperature taken!!)  Anyway, they took blood and ran some tests and everything was normal, but I did have a temperature.  When the Doctor Man came out to talk to Mom he told her about some options.  She and the Doctor Man decided to give me an antibiotic shot to see if that will help me feel better.  Did I get a vote in that decision???  No way!!!

I’m home now and I’m resting.  Mom will be watching me and of course Shakespeare will be trying to figure out what’s going on.  What I didn’t tell Shakespeare is that the Doctor Man and Mom talked about putting both of us on a diet.  Even with all the summer exercise, I’ve put on weight and that’s not good.  Mom said we’re going to be getting different food now so I hope we like it.

Just don’t tell Shakespeare.  Let’s just surprise him!!

Say a few words of prayer for Mom ‘cuz she gets really nervous if we get sick.  I’m going to try my best to get well really soon.

I Didn’t Ask for This!!!!!

Copy of P1030558This can’t be good.  Mom has the moving box thing out.  I know Hemingway never gets to go for rides in this, but I do.  I don’t think I want to go for a ride today.

Copy of P1030564I knew it!!!!  That moving box thing brought me over to the doctor man’s house.  Mr. Jeff……..I don’t want to be weighed.  I don’t care if you have a nice watch on, get your hands off me!

Copy of P1030565

 Now that you’re done humiliating me, I’ll just calmly walk off this stupid contraption and forget it ever happened!

Copy of P1030568

Yes, I see that treat you tried to bribe me with, but I’m not interested.  I am not speaking to that treat!  It’s not working.  You took my temperature in a really embarrassing way and then you gave me two shots.  I don’t want that stupid treat.

Copy of P1030569

 Dr. Kris……….what part of “I don’t want to be held” don’t you understand???  Just put me down so I can go see Mom.

From the Mom:

It’s always an adventure taking Shakespeare to see the Doctor Man.  He really didn’t want Jeff to weigh him ‘cuz he was afraid he would be told he had to stop eating so much.  Well, he weighs a little over 15 pounds which is exactly the same as last year so he’s doing great.  He had an excellent report and was told that he’s very healthy.  He wasn’t excited about getting his nails trimmed and told everyone in the clinic about it.  To make matters worse, when we went to the doctor’s house it was raining and he didn’t like to hear the rain hitting his carrier.  He didn’t seem to care that the rain was drenching me.  When we got home, he gave a big sigh of relief and shortly after this is where I found him:

I'm just going to take a quick nap, Mom.
I’m just going to take a quick nap, Mom.

Kitty Konfusion

Why did Mom fall on a tree last Saturday?

I don't believe how much you mix things up!!!
I don’t believe how much you mix things up!!!

Shakespeare, what on earth are you talking about?

Remember when she told us she was going to be gone most of the day ‘cuz she was going to fall on a tree?

Shakespeare, get the catnip out of your ears!!


Mom said she was going to volunteer.  She helped out at her clinic’s health fair and block party.

A healthy fair with party blocks?  That sounds very strange!

No.  Her clinic had games and things for the kids and they had other doctors and people come in to tell the adults about different health things.

So they wouldn’t have to go to the vet as often?

Remember how I told you that humans don’t go to vets?

Oh, right…..  Did Mom have fun?

She said she had all sorts of fun and met some really nice people.

Do you think our doctor man might have a healthy fair with blocks?

I wonder if they would have catnip and treats at our healthy fair party block....
I wonder if they would have catnip and treats at our healthy fair party block….

You can ask him.  I happen to know that you’re going to have to go see him soon.

Not fair!!!!  You aren’t supposed to tell me things like that.


What on Earth Happened?????

Where have we been?

What do you mean?  I’ve been right here…..either napping or eating.

But we haven’t been in blog world for a long time.  People are going to forget all about us.

They wouldn’t dare.

Maybe we should explain to everyone that Mom has been having some owies lately so we’ve been nice and we’ve been trying to take care of her.

I’ve been asking her politely for my food and treats.

That’s not what I mean about being nice.  I’ve been curling up with her and purring and licking her face.  It’s been hard for her to sleep because of her owies but now the doctor men helped fix that so she can sleep.

And now we can blog!!!!  I’m so happy we’re blogging today ‘cuz Hemingway had to go to the doctor man’s house and I didn’t!

You’ll get your turn!  I wasn’t happy at all but now that it’s all over and I’ve pronounced healthy…..well, maybe a little too healthy, but at least I lost a little weight…..I can enjoy the nice weather.  Here’s my story in pictures:

Here I am calmly sitting in the waiting room of the doctor man's house.
Here I am calmly sitting in the waiting room of the doctor man’s house.
This is the doctor man's assistant and he's trying to find my heart.  I'm helping him.
This is the doctor man’s assistant and he’s trying to find my heart. I’m helping him.
Here's Dr. Kris showing everyone how big I am.  He and his wife have known me since I was a tiny kitten.
Here’s Dr. Kris showing everyone how big I am. He and his wife have known me since I was a tiny kitten.  I’m not tiny now!
It may be comfortable here, but I have a feeling this contraption is going to tell Dr. Kris how much food I've been eating.
It may be comfortable here, but I have a feeling this contraption is going to tell Dr. Kris how much food I’ve been eating.
Hey Dr. Kris.....what does it say now with my feet on the table???
Hey Dr. Kris…..what does it say now with my feet on the table??? head's screwed on tight.
Yep….my head’s screwed on tight.
Are you sure I really need three shots????  At least I'm behaving.
Are you sure I really need three shots???? At least I’m behaving.
Are you sure my file is correct?  I think they put down the wrong thing for my weight.
Are you sure my file is correct? I think they put down the wrong number for my weight.
Home again.....home again!!!  I'm so happy that's over.  Now I can't wait until Shakespeare goes to see Dr. Kris!!!
Home again…..home again!!! I’m so happy that’s over. Now I can’t wait until Shakespeare goes to see Dr. Kris!!!