Did you hear Mom talking about some clipsie thing today?

She was talking about the eclipse.

So, what is that?  Is it a new cat food?  Is it a new catnip plant?

No.  It’s something that happened in the sky.


Well, imagine you are looking out the window at a pretty butterfly.  Then all of a sudden, I walk in front of you and sit down for a bit.

You always do that!

Yes, well, that’s sort of what the moon did.  Today the moon got in front of the sun and blocked its sight so it couldn’t send out those rays of light and make it bright outside.

I thought we saw the moon at night.  What’s it doing awake during the day?  Is it still clipsing?

No.  It happened around the time Mom has her lunch.  Maybe since I mentioned lunch you might understand a little ‘cuz teaching you something about the world is next to impossible if it doesn’t involve food or treats.  At least we both did what Mom said to do today.  She told us not to look at the sun.

We didn’t!

I know…………we were both napping.


sleeping two

Mom…………..this is how I looked during the eclipse thing.

sleeping one

Mom………..this was me dreaming about clipsie catnip.  Obviously clipsie things are for sleeping.  I wonder if Mom fell asleep at work?????????


From the Mom:  I am noticing more and more that Steinbeck is Shakespeare reincarnated.  He does so many things that Shakespeare used to do.  It’s kind of spooky at times!  Here’s just one example.


This was Shakespeare showing off how he had managed to get the bag of food open on his own!


Caught in the act!  I wasn’t sure what Steinbeck was doing.  I kept hearing paper rustling and I finally went to check.  There he was, in the grocery bag working like crazy.


This is the result of all his work!  Yes, Shakespeare would be so proud!!!  It even looks like the hole Shakespeare put in his bag of food!!!


Here I Am!!!!

Mom……..do we really have to let this little critter write on the blog????
Mom…….is this food for me as well? It’s not??? Too late………I already ate some.
Hemingway won’t get mad if I play with his toys, will he?
This is fun!!! I could play with this all night.
I’m only letting you play with my toy ‘cuz Mom is watching. Don’t be stealing all my stuff!!!

The two pictures above are like deja vu.  The horizontal one is Steinbeck when he first discovered the refrigerator.  The vertical one is Shakespeare when he discovered the refrigerator.  I think this helps prove to me that Steinbeck was meant to be in our home……..in spite of what Hemingway may think right now.  

Crime Scene

Mom…..did you buy this bag of food with the hole already in it?
So, this is self-service?
What makes you think I opened it?
This is a great way to buy our food, Mom!!!

From the Mom:  Sorry these photos are blurry.  Neither boy would ‘fess up to the crime.  I tried to see if they would look guilty when presented with the evidence and they didn’t!

The World Is Ending………..

Quick!!!  Someone’s got to do something!!!  Normally Mom’s brother gets home from work and feeds us.  Well, he did something very strange.  He packed a bag and left town yesterday.  He told us he was going on a vacation but we didn’t understand what that really meant!!!


Mom forgot to tell me that this is the day she doesn’t get home until really late!!!  I had to wait almost four hours for my food!!!  Oh the torture.  Oh the pain.  Oh the fear!!!


Luckily Mom finally got home and we had some supper.  I’m sure if she had been any later, I would have looked like this!

thin cat

Mom better not ever let her brother go on a vacation again ‘cuz I could waste away without my supper.

Hemingway resting

I don’t believe it!!!!  Shakespeare’s so busy complaining about getting his supper a little bit late that he doesn’t even say anything about the fact that we’ve been quiet for so long!  Sorry readers!  My little brother has a one track mind………or maybe he just has one track.  Come to think of it, I’m not sure about him having a mind.  At any rate, Mom has been kind of busy and keeps forgetting to leave the computer on for us so we can stay in touch with all of you.  We’ll try to get her to be better!

Don’t forget we have to tell her not to be late with our food!


All About Work

Copy of P1030123

Mom goes to work almost every day and she says she works with a computer and  phones.

We stay home and wait for her to get back from work.

Then it’s time to eat.  I just can’t wait for Mom to put her things down so she can put food in our dishes.

After eating, we’re ready to play but Mom says she has to get busy and fix supper for her brother and herself.

If she would just put some cat food in dishes for the two of them, then she wouldn’t have to do any cooking.  Wait……I just thought about that.  If they start eating our cat food then it will disappear faster.  This is declared a BAD IDEA.

Shakespeare, you’re hung up on food again.  We’re supposed to be thinking about work.

How can we do that when we don’t go to work?

Well, if we did, I wonder if we would have to dress up.

Would there be other fur people working?

Can we apply for jobs ourselves or do we have to have Mom do it?

What do humans do at work?  Would fur people do the same thing?

You know…………Mom said we can’t go out of our yard so how could we go to work?

Well, I’ve heard about working from home….

That sounds ridiculous.  Home is for napping, playing and eating.  No working at home!!!  EVER!!!

Hemingway's tail does not fit

All About Hugs

Sleepy Boys

Mom said the humans have gone back to school now.

Sometimes when we’re looking out the windows, we see these big orange things go by.

Mom told us those are school buses taking the humans to school.  We told her we wanted to go to school……..

……….but she told us we couldn’t go out of our yard.

So, we came up with a new idea and you’re going to love it!  We’re going to sit at home and think of things during the day.

I’m going to think about treats and food!

Shakespeare, the topic for today is hugs.  Almost everyone loves to get hugs.  We give Mom hugs in all sorts of ways.

When I eat, I purr.  That’s my way of giving Mom a hug ‘cuz she bought me food and treats.

Mom taught me to sit up for my treats.  I kiss her on the hand and that’s my way of giving her a hug for the treats.

We watch out the window for her to return from work.

Then we greet her at the door.

Of course we run to the door to let her know it’s supper time.  However, we’re also giving her a special hug for coming home.

Thank you for being honest, Shakespeare!

I come (sometimes) when she calls me and she says that’s a special hug ‘cuz I don’t like to be picked up.

I sleep on Mom’s head at night and cuddle up as close as I can get.

I let Mom brush me…….at least part of me!

So, while we’ve been thinking about hugs, we’ve decided they are a good thing!  What about you?