Fried Day


Mom……… it really Fried Day???


What are you babbling about?


I’m not babbling.  I just want my fried chicken if it’s Fried Day!!!  I also want to make sure my friend Waffles gets some fried chicken, too!

dsc_0706-copy Goofball!  It’s not Fried Day.  It’s Friday!

But Mom said she was really fried when she came home from work.  She said she was super happy that it was time for the weekend and I’m pretty sure she said it was Fried Day.  I still want some fried chicken….or fried catnip…..or fried tuna…..or……..

Hemingway Bright Eyes

We get it.  You want food!!!

Fried Food, please ‘cuz it’s Fried Day!

You don’t ever get Fried Food.  You don’t even know what it is.


Wednesday Wonderings

Cue the spooky music.


Mom’s going to talk about all your strangeness again.

I’m not strangeness.

You’re strangeness catified.

Am not!

Well, Mom was looking through her elebenty billion photos and was amazed at how much alike you and Shakespeare are.  She’s mentioned it before, but I must admit it is a little spooky.  I’m just glad I’ve always got my tuxedo on so I can’t be confused with you two ginger guys.

Computer Cat Steinbeck on top of the computer desk.


Anyone in the kitchenShakespeare on top of the computer desk.

P1040697Shakespeare in the big carrier the vet gave him.

Steinbeck's first day at home8-15-16Steinbeck in the same carrier on his first night at home.

FoodShakespeare asking for food.

WhineSteinbeck asking for food.

P1050337Shakespeare getting weighed, making sure his tail is completely in the box.

P1050404Steinbeck getting weighed, making sure his tail is completely out of the box.

Life with gingers is so much fun, even if Hemingway gets a little tired of it.

Mom……..You Didn’t!!!


MOM!!!  Don’t tell me you forgot!  What were you thinking?  You went out after work and didn’t get home until late.  You didn’t even schedule play time with me.  Don’t you realize that I became almost a year old yesterday?  I’m eleven months and one day old now.

Steinbeck, dear precious kitty.  I did not forget.  However, I went to visit a couple of your blogging buddies and their humans.  I hadn’t seen them for a long time and I knew you would understand.


So who was it?  Are you sure I know them?

Yes you do.  It was Katie and Waffles from Glogirly, Tails of Two Funny Cats & Their Girl.

Did Waffles remember me and did he wish me a happy almost one year old birthday?

Happy Birthday, Steinbeck. I’m trying to convince these humans that they need to stop talking and pay attention to me.

Waffles, my human very seldom listens to me.  If you get several of them together in one room, it’s a hopeless mess.

Steinbeck, be good.  Here’s a picture of Waffles, his human Debby, and me.  We’re not sure what Waffles was trying to tell us, but he didn’t really want his picture taken.

Debby Me and Waffles

Where’s Katie?  And what are all the lights behind you?

Oh, I got to see Katie but I didn’t get a picture of her.  She was busy being queen of the place so she didn’t want to socialize with us peasants.  But she did come out to show us all how pretty she is.

Does she want a younger boyfriend?  I’m almost one now.  I should be able to start dating.  Don’t you agree, Waffles?

I think she’s pretty busy, but Waffles could ask her.  Remember she doesn’t live close to you now.  Oh, the lights are so pretty from where Waffles and Katie live.  Here’s a shot Gloman helped me take of all the city lights.


Thanks mom

Mom, I’m kind of tired now so you can turn off the puter.  Thanks for not forgetting my eleventh month day.  I’m glad you got to see your human friends and our furry friends.


Little Brothers…..What More Can I Say?

Mom says I’m a furry, four-footed wrecking ball.  What does she mean by that, Hemingway?

Here, I found a picture on the internet thingy.


Who Me
Hey….I don’t look like that!  I do love to play with balls, though.  So do you.Wait a minute!!!  Did you do something to this picture of me?  I look like I weigh a million pounds!!!

Never mind your fluffy tummy.  We all know you love food.  Anyway, Mom calls you a wrecking ball ‘cuz you seem to get into EVERYTHING.

So do you!

I’ve grown up a little so I don’t knock everything off the shelves, tables, desks and bookcases.  Even last night you managed to knock down  a round candle and you were chasing it all over the house.

It was fun!

You also do lots of exploring, as evidenced in the following photo:

Kitty Wash I was just checking things out.  By the way, is this a Kitty Wash machine?  There’s plenty of room for even you!

Steinbeck, get out of there!

Nobody can see me.  I’m a lamp with a colorful lampshade!

Steinbeck, want to know another way you are a wrecking ball?  You wreck all my peaceful time.Tussle

But you love me!  Besides, this is good exercise for both of us.  Mom said you were supposed to slim down so I’m just helping!