Working, Working, Working

Mom didn’t have to go to work yesterday so I’m busy helping her try to catch up on everything today.

She keeps saying that I’m in the way, but I don’t believe her. I know she needs lots and lots of help!
I’m busy doing my arm exercises so I can help Mom get our food down and into our dishes.

Here’s something for our readers to figure out. Just how many legs do you think I have?

Boys, I am beginning to think that you are just wasting the day away. I wish I could play silly games all day. Oh, and Hemingway, lying on my computer keyboard is not really helping……no matter what you think. However, I do thank both of you for the pleasant company today.

Crime Scene

Mom…..did you buy this bag of food with the hole already in it?

So, this is self-service?

What makes you think I opened it?

This is a great way to buy our food, Mom!!!

From the Mom:  Sorry these photos are blurry.  Neither boy would ‘fess up to the crime.  I tried to see if they would look guilty when presented with the evidence and they didn’t!