The Destruction of a Beautiful Fall Night

Mom got home a little early tonight so I begged her to let me go outside.  She said since it was such a lovely day and I had been good, I could go out and play for a bit.  There I was just surveying my domain and loving being Steinbeck-free.  Suddenly my world changed!



Hey Mom……..what’s all this stuff on the deck?  Did Hemingway make a mess?


Look at the pretty color!!!  Do you think our friend Quint from Colehaus Cats would be interested in using this color in one of his paintings?


Mom, should I try to glue some of these leaves back on the trees?

Oh, please do!  That will keep you busy forever!


Mom, some of these leaves are the same color as me!  Isn’t that fascinating?

Are you going back inside now?

Monday Night Wrestling

From the Mom:  When I was growing up, I was the only one in the family who could not stand to watch wrestling or boxing.  My dad absolutely loved to watch and was usually laughing.  I still can’t stand boxing or wrestling but must admit it’s kind of funny with these two.   I wonder what Dad would think of these wrestling matches…..dsc_0465Whatever you’re thinking of doing, Steinbeck…………DON’T!!!!

dsc_0462Hemingway, I just want to give you a hug……..sorta!!!

dsc_0464MOM!!!!!!!!!  Steinbeck has some of my beautiful fur on his tooth!!!  He’s not being nice!!!  Please lock him in the bathroom!

dsc_0460Steinbeck………Mom says to go get in the bathroom and leave me alone!!!

Steinbeck…….What More Can We Say?


Hey Mr. Round Cat… you like sitting here by the window?  Don’t you get tired of having that red bird hanging around?  He doesn’t seem to have very much to say.


What do you mean he’s a friend of yours?  I’m shocked!!!  How can you have a friend with feathers?  Do you like feathers more than my fluffy fur?  Are you my friend?  Do I ask too many questions?


Wait a minute.  I can’t talk now.  There’s something happening outside!


Look Mr. Round Cat!  There’s a bird outside and he’s eating the food Mom put out there.  Can I let him in the house so he can be my friend?


Mom, you have to have a talk with the kid.  He’s getting all sorts of crazy ideas!


Friday Night Frolics

Mom got home from work and told us we could go outside!!!  I was so excited.

I was a little scared but I let Mom put on my harness and leash without too much trouble.

Is this the chair that Shakespeare liked? It seems to be perfect for ginger kitties!
I wonder if I could borrow that leash during the day………
Mom, have you noticed that my eyes are changing? Don’t they look pretty?
It’s just us boys, checking out the yard.
Nooooooooo Mommm………it can’t be time to go in yet!!!!!

Another First

Mom says I’m growing up so I can go outside like Hemingway.  However, I have to have a leash and harness on.  I’m not super into that plan ‘cuz Hemingway gets to go outside “naked”.  Still, I’m getting to explore the yard a little.


MOM!!!!  What was that noise????  You’ll stay close to me, won’t you???  Don’t let go of the blue thing……please!!!!


Is Hemingway laughing at me ‘cuz I have this blue thing attached to me?


I’m not even paying attention to you.  This deck was supposed to be my special place and now you’re out here!


From the Mom:  Amazing what a little fresh air can do to a kitten and to a grown cat!  Awwww….peace and quiet!!!

Sunday Selfie Blog Hop

We were both hopping around hoping to be the subject matter for the Selfie Blog Hop today.  However, Mom decided to do a guest selfie instead.  While she was standing outside talking to her nephew, this humming bird came along and wanted his picture taken, so Mom obliged.


If it’s a humming bird, does that mean it doesn’t know any words to songs?  I could teach it the song of my people!


Special Moments with a Friend


Hello Mr. Lamb.  Did you have a good day?  What did you do?  Did you watch me running all over the house, chasing my toys and my big brother?  Did you see me carrying bits of paper and my favorite straw?  Did you hear the thundering noise I made as I ran……


MOM!!!!  We were having a private conversation!!  Why did you have to interrupt us with that flashy box?


Maybe if I just close my eyes she’ll go away………..

I Don’t Understand!


Mom told me tonight that I have ants in my pants and Hemingway agreed!!


I don’t get it. I don’t have any ants and I don’t wear any pants! Besides, even if I did wear pants, none of those colors up there look good to me.

Is this another one of those human things that I’ll never understand???


Steinbeck, you’ll grow very old trying to figure out humans!  Mom has told me before that I had ants in my pants so I agreed with her when she told you the same thing.  I figure it must be a family trait or something!