I Hate Tuesdays!


Be it known by all my readers.  This is NOT my happy face!  The day started out just fine.  Hemingway and I had breakfast and then we had time to romp around while Mom got ready for work.  Then Mom left for work and she didn’t realize that she had shut me in the bathroom!  All day in the bathroom with NO toys, NO food and NO litter box.  I was a wreck.  When I finally heard Mom come home I started yelling like crazy.  She heard me and came and opened the door and she and Hemingway were laughing!  I told her in no uncertain terms that I didn’t enjoy my day at all.

Know what happened next?  She got out my carrier and put me in it.  Oh no!!!  I didn’t realize that I had to go see the doctor lady again.  Nobody told me.  I “sang” all the way to the doctor lady’s place.  I even made up some words ‘cuz I was so mad.  Mom told me I was going to be a horse when I got there.  That’s silly.  I’m never going to be a horse.


The good news is that I checked out just fine.  They all said I was healthy and really adorable.  I now weigh 3.4 pounds so I’m gaining like crazy.  They gave me some shots and cleaned my ears again.  The doctor lady said I was unbelievably good when they cleaned my ears.  Mom was so proud of me.  Well, I’m going to take a nap now.   zzzzzzzzzzzz


I had a MARVELOUS day!!!!

Celebrate Big Time

Celebrate Good Times……Come on!!!

Come on people……sing with me!  Today is my birthday celebration!  I’m now three months old!!!  That may not sound like much to you, but to me it’s LOTS!!!

Come on people………..I need you to sing it from the rafters!!!
Oh for pete’s sake….will you just calm down????  I’m going on seven YEARS!!!  You’re just a young squirt.

Things I’ve Learned……….


Long ago I was adopted by my Mom.  I’m going to be seven on Christmas Eve.  That’s a paw and two claws!  I’m wise……at least I think so.  Well, with the addition of this little “spitfire”, I’ve realized some very important things.

  1. I used to be a morning kitty and an evening kitty.  I still get up really early ‘cuz Mom’s brother gets up early and he feeds us.  However, I’m too tired to party late at night now.  (Kind of like Mom!  MOL!!!)
  2. Toys are fun only at certain times.  Steinbeck thinks toys are to be played with twenty-four hours a day!
  3. I have certain toys I really like.  Steinbeck thinks EVERYTHING is a toy……including Mom’s toes!
  4. I like to sit in the window and watch what’s happening outside.  Steinbeck has learned that trick and now he always wants to join me.
  5. I don’t like medicine in my food but since Steinbeck came, Mom has to give me some medicine to make sure I’m safe.
  6. I like to wait for Mom when she comes home from work.  Now Steinbeck tries to join in and get all the attention.

In conclusion, it’s hard being an older brother, but I’m kind of getting used to this little one.  Sometimes I have to swat him ‘cuz he’s obnoxious, but I try not to swat too hard.  I’m hoping that he’ll eventually settle down.  At least he doesn’t try to curl up with me when we’re both on Mom’s bed.  I want to cuddle with Mom…….not him!

Graduation Day


Mom says I’m a big boy now.  I got to be free in the whole house today with Hemingway.  I hated being shut in a room by myself so the freedom was pretty exhausting!!


Just imagine how tired I am!!!  Mom, I couldn’t get my naps today ‘cuz Steinbeck was hopping all over the place.  Can’t he go back to his private room?  He has way too much energy for his own good.

Saturday Routines

Bath Time:

Mom told me I should take a bath on Saturday. Should I clean Hemingway’s tail, too? It’s right here!
These furs are a little messy so I have to work hard!
It’s hard to get those back feet but I’m pretty limber.
I’m all clean and handsome now so what should I do?
Please take a nap. I’m exhausted……zzzzzzzzzzzzz!

Guess What I Did???

Steinbeck’s first visit to the family vet.


Mom told me we were going for a ride.  The last time I rode with her, she was bringing me to my furever home.  I rode in a cardboard box, and I “sang” the whole way home.  This time I got to ride in a soft carrier.  However, I still “sang”.

Mom fixed up a little slide show of me at the Doctor Lady’s house.  Everyone said I was adorable and that I did real good.  I weigh a whopping 2 pounds 3 ounces!!  What’s a whopping????

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I sure got held by lots of people!  I think they did that to keep me from “singing”.  Mom said I did lots and lots of that!


Mom……….you won’t believe what they did to me back there!  They cleaned out my ears!!!  Please don’t make me go back there again.


This is the nice lady at the front desk.  She knows Hemingway and she knew Shakespeare and even some other cats Mom used to have.  She told me I was adorable.  I guess I am!


Mom….do I get a treat for being good?  Will you help me dry off my fur where it got wet?  I want to go home now and see Hemingway.

Here I Am!!!!

Mom……..do we really have to let this little critter write on the blog????
Mom…….is this food for me as well? It’s not??? Too late………I already ate some.
Hemingway won’t get mad if I play with his toys, will he?
This is fun!!! I could play with this all night.
I’m only letting you play with my toy ‘cuz Mom is watching. Don’t be stealing all my stuff!!!

The two pictures above are like deja vu.  The horizontal one is Steinbeck when he first discovered the refrigerator.  The vertical one is Shakespeare when he discovered the refrigerator.  I think this helps prove to me that Steinbeck was meant to be in our home……..in spite of what Hemingway may think right now.