Hemingway, what are those letters up there?

That means “Thank Goodness It’s Almost Friday”.

Oh, I like that!!!  Friday means that the weekend is coming and Mom will be home and we can go out and play.

Humans seem to like to make words smaller by just using letters.  Maybe we could come up with some for the kitty world.

Great idea!  Let’s put our kitty brains together and see what we can come up with.

FUTS could mean Feed Us Treats Now

STINS could mean So Tired I Need Sleep

ORD could mean Open Refrigerator Door

COMM could mean Catnip On My Mind

RATH could mean Race Around The House

SABITY could mean Squirrels and Bunnies In The Yard

I think we’ve got a great start on our Kitty Dictionary of Key Phrases.  Maybe our Fur Friends will have even more.

I like the first one.  FUTS!!!!