We Went Outside!!!

After being forced to stay inside all weekend while Mom’s brother worked on the deck, we finally escaped…….well, not really ‘cuz Mom actually opened the door for us.  It was wonderful to get outside again so we could check out stuff!

Will this new deck hold me?
Does this new wood make me look fat???
I know we used to have a deck here before. Where did it go?
I heard something!
You put your left paw in…you put your left paw out…you put your left paw in and you shake your tail about…..
This is what I think of how long it’s taking Mom’s brother to finish. I guess I should be thankful I’m not old like her. At least I can jump up and down off the deck. I don’t need steps like she does! MOL!!!

Mom Got a New Toy!!!

New Toy

We had to chuckle ‘cuz the first time she tried it out, she hit the ground!  The only reason that happened (she says) is ‘cuz it wasn’t adjusted high enough.

Oh sure, Mom!!!  Remember just last week when we “accidentally” told our readers that you were klutzy?

Well, tonight she got on it with no problems.  She was relaxing from her day at the work place and waiting for supper to finish cooking.

We were both outside playing and checking for bugs, birds and other interesting things.

I looked over and Mom looked soooooo comfortable.  She even had a smile on her face.  I decided I should join her.  So I jumped right up there…

You did not!  Mom had to say, “Jumpie up!” before you got up there.

The point is……I got up there and you didn’t!  I must admit that I can see why Mom was smiling.  It’s a mighty comfortable thing.  Luckily we both got off just before it started raining.

That ended our night of fun!

Mom’s Laughing at Us!

Mom said we had to apologize for going missing for so long.

Why do we have to apologize?  She’s the one who was missing!!  She didn’t even bother to turn the puter on for us.

Hemingway, Mom had a rough few weeks.

Oh, that’s right.  She had all sorts of singing to do for Easter and for a concert last weekend.  Then she managed to slice her finger when she was cooking something.  We both know she tends to be a little klutzy.

MOL!!!  Mom’s going to get you!!!

Anyway, it just seems like Mom’s been running on empty lately.

I NEVER run on empty!!!  I remind EVERYONE if my food is low!

We know!!!

So, today was purrfect so Mom was working outside and we were “helping”.

I looked for bugs and things.
I looked for birds and butterflies.

We both ran around the yard chasing leaves and twigs and talking to our dog friends in the neighborhood.  We smelled the fresh air and of course we did lots of exploring.  Now Mom’s laughing at us ‘cuz this is what we look like after our adventures.

I had too many adventures and now I’m “cat tired!
MOM!!!  Get away with that flashy box.  I’m trying to take a nap!

From the Mom:  Both boys had way too much excitement today and the two pictures above show what they have been doing since coming in and having their supper.  I knew they were really really tired when neither one tried to “help” me make the bed with the fresh off the line sheets!  Sorry I haven’t been writing, but it’s just been kind of hard lately.  We’ll try and stay on top of things!  We’ve missed all of you!!!

Would You Believe………..

This is what I think of what happened outside today!!!

Mom!!!!  Have you looked outside?  The flour fairies came back and they really made a big mess out there!  Hemingway and I would have chased them away but you were at work and we are not supposed to go outside when you’re not here.  We did try showing them our grumpy faces, though!

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Mom would really like to have Flower Fairies in the yard instead of those naughty Flour Fairies!

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Hello August!

It’s a warm sunny day here and Mom let us go outside to play

She made us go outside ‘cuz you kept knocking things off the table and desk and she got tired of picking up stuff.

It worked, didn’t it?


Here I am standing guard over our yard so no doggies, squirrels or bunnies come in. I think the wind must have blown Mom ‘cuz the picture is kind of blurry.


Here I am on the prowl.  I learned how to do that from my jungle ancestors.


Mom, do we like rhubarb?


Shakespeare doesn’t know that this kitty keeps water for me.  He’s a nice kitty.  Mom says you don’t see many shots of Shakespeare ‘cuz he likes to go under the shed and sleep.  I figure we can sleep inside the house so we should explore while we’re outside.


I wonder if it’s almost time to eat?


Did someone say eat??  Let me in right now!!!!

Mom’s Out of Control…………AGAIN!!!



Feels like 70°

Broken Clouds

Wind 9mph WNW
Humidity 78%
Pressure 30.08″
Visibility 10m

Mom was looking at the weather and when she saw this she started laughing.

We had no idea what got into her.  I sat in my chair outside and tried to figure her out.  Did you realize that you can’t ever ever ever figure out humans????

Shakespeare resting

Hemingway Praying

I looked up in the sky to see if there was something dangerous or odd but I didn’t see a thing.  Why on earth was Mom laughing about the weather stuff?

Did she ever tell you, Hemingway?


Don’t tell me……it was some stupid human trick or something.

She said that when she read about the broken clouds, she wondered if either of us had been responsible for that.

For real????  Doesn’t she know that was Mr. NotMe Kitty’s fault?

Readers, our mom really needs a vacation!!!

Our Thoughts About Golf


The Boys

Mom told us that her choir director is retiring.  What is that?  We know what tired means ‘cuz we’re always tired during the day while Mom is at that work place.  Does being retired mean super duper tired?


Mom also told us that he really, really, really likes golf.  That sounds like how much we really like catnip!  So we don’t really understand why humans play golf.  We understand going out on a nice day and playing in the grass and chasing birds and butterflies.  Hey, is that why you hit that little white ball?  Is it so you can go chase it?  Can’t you find some other human to throw it for you?  Wouldn’t that be just as much fun?

We’ve seen some golf courses on the internet.  (Mom has shown us how to search for things on the ‘puter.)  So we see the green grass and then we see puddles of water.  Why do you have water out there on the golf course?  Is it because you get thirsty from chasing that little ball around?  Or do your hands get dirty and you have to stop and wash them?  Or maybe the little ball gets dirty.  We just don’t understand.

Then we see these “sandboxes” out on the golf course.  Why do you have litter boxes scattered around on golf courses?  Do kitties play golf so they need them handy?  Will someone teach us golf so we can play in the puddles and “sandboxes”?  There’s just so much to understand about what you humans are doing and you really should try explaining it to us.  Like why do you have birdies and eagles in golf?  Don’t they get in the way??  Can we come out and chase them?

Well, we know Mom is going to miss her choir director, but we’ve noticed that in spite of the years and years of practice, he still can’t get her to sing all the right notes!  Maybe he should stick to golf.  MOL!!!

What’s Happening???

Not too many days ago we were outside enjoying the sunshine and warmer temps.  The birds were singing, the grass was turning green, some flowers were coming up………

Even our catnip was growing and Mom gave us some of it.

Now today it was gray, very windy, cold and then know what?

Those stupid white flakes started swirling around out there again!!!

Did Mom arrange this so we wouldn’t be so upset about staying inside while she goes and does that work thing?

Did the weather humans turn the wrong page on the calendar?

Whatever it is, we don’t like it.    The only thing I didn’t like about playing outside the other day is that the stupid trees decided to start dropping things all over the place.  When we walk outside, those sticky things get stuck in our fur

I have to work and work on my feet to get those stupid sticky things off of them!
I have to work and work on my feet to get those stupid sticky things off of them!

I’ve been having the same problem.  Just look at my handsome foot!  Those rude trees shouldn’t do stuff like that.

It looks so much better without the sticky things!
It looks so much better without the sticky things!

Flakes or sticky things?  We’re not sure which is worse!

Hey, did Mom go get some more catnip yet? We don’t want to go out and walk in the sticky things.