This and That

Why are you insideSteinbeck, won’t you come outside?  I could use your fluffy tail to help Mom paint these windows.  I don’t want to get white on my regal black tail.


Hemingway, nobody is using my tail as a brush!

But look, you already have white in it.  Are you sure you haven’t been in the paint?


I haven’t been in the paint.  I’m too busy checking on all these plants that Mom brought inside.  I guess she thought they were getting lonely so she brought them in so we could keep them company.  Mom is always thinking of others.

And so ends another typical day in our household.  We each seem to do our own things and then we all gather on Mom’s bed at the end of the day.

The Boys Being Good

Hemingway, don’t breathe on me…’ll mess my furs!

Deja vu x2

The Mom talks:

A long time ago, my mother painted this picture of a kitty.


We didn’t have a kitty like this at the time so I don’t know why she chose this color.  Back in January 2012, I shared this painting along with a picture of Shakespeare.  I was amazed that Mom knew so much about my future.  Mom never got to meet Shakespeare or Steinbeck, but she must have known they would eventually be part of my life.


Above is a picture of Shakespeare when he was a kitten and he reminded me of Mom’s painting.


Steinbeck looks even more like the painting Mom did so many years ago.  I wish she could see this now.

A little spooky, but oh so cool!!!

Saturday Subtleties

Mom told us that yesterday would have been her mother’s 92nd birthday.  She went over the Human Rainbow Bridge 12 years ago so we never got to meet her.

92????????????  I can’t begin to imagine what that would be in cat years!

Anyway, Mom has told us that her mother would have loved us so we’re sorry we never got to know her.

We have discovered a couple of things around the house involving Mom’s mother and they are kind of spooky……….but really neat!

Here’s me in one of my favorite spots:

Copy of P1040012

Now here’s something that Mom’s mother made and painted many years ago.

Copy of P1040014

She must not have realized I would have more black on me, but this cat likes to do the same thing I do…….hang big paws off the edge of shelves!  (Mom says she had to move this kitty ‘cuz I kept knocking it down.  Well, it was in MY spot!!)

Mom’s mother also must have known about me.  Here’s a picture she painted long, long ago.

paintingIt sure does remind me of myself!  I think she probably couldn’t believe what a long fluffy tail I would have so she didn’t dare try to paint that!

Honest Mom....I'm just looking.  I'm not shopping for my dinner.  I wouldn't hurt those little birds.  I like them!

Copy of king shakespeare



So, even though Mom’s mother never met us, she must have somehow known we would come to live with Mom and make her happy!

Strange………..and wonderful things happen all the time!


Mom Got Us a Present!

Mom said that she feels sorry for us ‘cuz we can’t go outside and play so she brought home a present for us tonight.

We have plenty of things to play with inside but don’t tell Mom ‘cuz we think it’s so neat that she got us a present.

Copy of P1020425

Shakespeare, you’ve got your big head in the way so nobody can see!

Copy of P1020428

That’s better.  At least I know to stand away so everyone can see!  Look!  It’s a picture painted by our fur person friend, Quint!  Mom told us all about him and how he likes to paint these beautiful pictures.  Now we have an original!  Now we have to get our own wall so we can hang our painting.

Copy of P1020427

I like this!  There’s even some of my orange color in the picture.  Thanks, Quint!  Mom told us that some of the proceeds from Quint’s art goes to help other kitties who don’t have homes.  That’s really special ‘cuz both of us were homeless when we were kittens.

Copy of P1020430

Mom knows I like to look at things from all vantage points.

Copy of P1020436

I bet I could paint…………MOM…..GET ME SOME PAINTS!!!!

Copy of P1020432

Yep……..lying down is the best way to view fine art.

Thanks Mom!