Personalities and Other Things

Why are all the humans and fur people so different from each other?

Well, Mom told us that God made each fur person and human to be special.  There’s only one Hemingway and only one Shakespeare.

But Mom told us we were named after famous human writers so that means there was another Hemingway and Shakespeare before.

Yes, but they weren’t exactly like us.  For one thing, they were humans.

What’s to stop humans from naming other fur people Hemingway and Shakespeare?

Nothing.  In fact, I am pretty sure there are some others out there but they aren’t exactly like us.  No other fur person has your exact coloring, your exact length of fur, your exact eye color and your exact quirks all rolled up in one.  You are unique and you are special.

So we’re all different?


That explains why you are so stubborn and I’m not.

What do you mean?

Well, Mom lets me sleep in her bedroom ‘cuz I stay on the bed and I don’t jump up on her desk.  You keep  jumping up on her desk and then she makes you get out and she shuts the door.

There’s just something about that desk that intrigues me.  I just have to explore it.  I don’t know why I can’t stay away from it.  Now and then I can be good and then I get to sleep in Mom’s room too.

If you weren’t so stubborn you could stay in there all the time.  After all, it is a very comfortable bed.

Hey…’re not perfect!  You practically send things flying if someone’s in the kitchen.  Mom says you appear from nowhere and you’re faster than a bullet.  You figure if someone is in the kitchen that means they are getting food for you and you love food.

See, that’s something I can’t help.  I try to stay out of the kitchen but it’s just too tempting.  So I guess the kitchen is my “desk”.

So now do you understand how we’re all different?

Yes, I want food and you want to explore.

Field Trip

Mom said we were going on a field trip tonight after work and I got really excited.  It promised to be even more exciting ‘cuz Shakespeare wasn’t included.  When it came time to get into the car, I must admit I got a little scared.  I kept talking and Mom kept petting me and telling me it was going to be fine.  She didn’t tell me where I was going but I sure found out!!!

Before long she pulled into a parking lot and turned the engine off.  Then she picked me up (not an easy task) and started to carry me into this building.  Wait a minute!!!!  I know that building!   That’s where the doctor man lives so this can’t be a good thing.  I tried to remain calm and hoped that if I shut my eyes nobody would see me.

This is my “I’m not happy” look.  Mom said she hasn’t seen this look before.  Well, she’s seen it now and she better pay attention!

I thought if I hid in the corner nobody would find me.

I got the scale figured out.  I discovered if I put one foot off the scale I wouldn’t weigh as much.  Stupid humans figured out what I was doing!

This is a picture of me and the doc.  He’s really a good guy in spite of the fact that he told me I had to start working out on a treadmill.  He did keep telling me that I was handsome and he thought I was really neat.  I guess I’ll have to listen to what he says and try to lose a little weight.  I’m just a little over 19 pounds but he says that is too much.  Mom said she would make me chase the laser light more often.

Here I am at the end of my visit.  I was wondering if those treats were for me but the people at the doctor’s office said those were treats for dogs.  Well, maybe they would let me bring some home for my friend Champ who lives next door.  He’s a dog.  They also said that I should be the clinic mascot  ‘cuz I was so calm.  I didn’t care if other fur people came in to see the docs.  I was all done and I knew I would be going home.  The only problem was that Mom and the other people were talking about me getting a job to pay for seeing the doctor man.  Well, if Mom didn’t take me to see him then she wouldn’t have to worry about paying him.  I guess it’s all her fault.

I’m going to take a nap now.  Maybe I should have Mom get the laser light out first so I can get some exercise.  No……I think I’ll take a nap first.



OK all our human and fur people readers.  I just want to let you know that Mom is not nice.

That was a mean thing she did.

You all know how excited we get when Mom gets home from work.

The first thing we want to do is run outside.

She’s finally caught on to that so she holds the door as we scramble between her legs and dash out into the fresh air.

It’s our favorite time of day and we hate it when she’s late.

Tonight she was a little late and she didn’t call us and tell us she was going to be late so we were already a little upset.

As soon as she opened the door Shakespeare went running outside and I was close behind him.

Once we got outside we noticed something was wrong.

We turned around and Mom was at the door smiling.

Actually, I think she was laughing.  We ran outside so fast that we didn’t notice the deck was wet.  Suddenly there were these wet drops falling on us and we didn’t like it.

Luckily Mom let us in right away but she should have known we wouldn’t like the rain.

Oh, I think she knew and she tried to warn us but we didn’t listen.

You’re right.  Maybe instead of being mad at Mom we should be mad at the weather humans. 

That’s right.  They’re the ones who let this rain come.  If they hadn’t talked about it maybe the rain wouldn’t have followed the sounds of their voices and it would have gone somewhere else.

Weather humans please note….don’t talk about rain until it’s dark.  Quit spoiling our fun time outside!

Silly Humans

There are so many silly things about humans that I don’t understand.

What brought that on now?

Well, last night Mom was looking for me and I wasn’t even hiding or anything.  She stood there calling my name and kept asking you where I was.  Finally I had to make a little meow sound and she looked down and there I was.  I had been lying by her feet the entire time but she kept looking off into space and didn’t even see me.

Hahahahaha….I thought it was kind of funny when she was doing that.  I don’t know why she didn’t just look down.  You were there the whole time and you didn’t move.  Mom gave us a good laugh.

At least she laughed at herself, too.

She told me about a funny thing that happened with her old cat Mischief.  We never got to meet him but he was with her for almost 19 years.  After he went over the Rainbow Bridge, she adopted us.

He must have been quite a kitty since she had to get two of us to make up for him.

I guess so.  Anyway, one time she was looking for him all over the house and couldn’t find him.  She was afraid he might have gotten outside and she went out and looked all over and called his name but she couldn’t find him.  Finally she got the flashlight and started looking under furniture in his favorite places.  She was on the floor looking under the couch and she felt something by her and quickly turned around.  There was Mischief looking under the couch with her.  He thought maybe she was looking for something special and he wanted to know what it was.  She had a really good laugh over that and was so relieved to know he was safe.

Oh, that story just makes me want to roll around the floor meowing.  It’s so funny.  Mom is obviously quite a character.  It’s great to have fun times like that.

We’ve got to figure out something special to pull on Mom so she’ll always have that memory about us.

Oh, I don’t think she’ll have any trouble remembering us!

Spring Storms

Mom……….I think I smell rain!  Is there a storm coming?

Shakespeare!  What are you doing outside?  There’s a storm coming!  You should get in the house right away.

But we always get to go outside when Mom gets home from work.

We don’t get to go outside when there are storms.

I don’t like storms.  I don’t like all that wind.

I don’t either.  Sometimes it’s even hard to stay on the ground ‘cuz it’s so windy.  I wonder if humans feel that way too.

I also don’t like when it makes all that booming noise.  Why do the weather people let that happen?

They just try to predict the weather.  They don’t create the weather.

Oh.  I guess I was confused.  Well, if we can’t go outside because of the storm, maybe Mom will give us treats.  Let’s go ask her.


I’ve been thinking about dirt lately.

What are you talking about? 

The dirt that’s outside.

You mean the dirt that you track in the house?

I don’t always do that….besides, you track in dirt, too.

I do not.  I don’t like to get my feet dirty so I’m very careful.  But why are you thinking about dirt?

Well, you know how Mom has been playing around in the dirt outside lately?  She keeps pulling things out of the dirt and then she gets some kind of tool and messes up the dirt.

Oh, I was trying to help her the other night.  She was digging a hole and then she went over and started digging out this thing she called a plant.  I was real fascinated to I tried to help her but she just laughed at me.  Then she took that green thing that she dug up and she put it in the other hole.

Why do humans dig holes in the dirt and put things in them?  I know why dogs do that.  I’ve watched Champ and Axel and if they have a bone or something that they want to hide, they dig a hole in the dirt and put it in and cover it up. I was thinking maybe Mom was trying to hide those things she calls plants.

Sometimes I dig in the dirt, but for an entirely different reason and I ALWAYS cover it up.

Don’t get gross.  I’m trying to have a serious conversation here.  I got on the computer today while you were sleeping and started reading about dirt and humans and why they like to play in it.

Did you learn anything?

Well, you know how the internet is, I got way too much information and not on the subject I was really thinking about.  However, I finally discovered something.


Humans like to dig in the dirt and plant seeds and things.  You know all those pretty colors that are showing up in the yards now?

Yes.  Where did they come from?

Humans planted seeds and bulbs and now that it’s getting warm again, the plants are growing and there are flowers blooming.

Cool.  If I plant a light bulb will a lamp grow?

I don’t think so but then I don’t understand all the human things yet.  I’m still a young kitty.

I’m so glad we have these discussions so I can learn things.  I never thought a discussion about dirt would be this much fun.

The Mom Answers

To all of Hemingway and Shakespeare’s readers:

This is “The Mom” and I want to let you all know that Hemingway and Shakespeare got to play outside today even though the sun didn’t shine like it was supposed to. I still might take a nap, but the boys got to play so they’re happy.

By reading what they’ve been blogging about lately, you might get the idea they are neglected, underfed, bored and ignored.  Believe me, they are none of those things!  They are very typical two-year-old kitties who think the world was created for them.  Please don’t believe all their complaints.  They are both the lights of my life and anyone who is fortunate enough to have fur people in their lives, knows exactly what I mean.

Thanks to all the human and fur people readers who are following the antics of my boys.  It’s so wonderful to find other fur-people lovers all over the world.

What Happened?

I don’t think I like those weather humans on TV.


Well, we were having a perfectly wonderful spring with lots of sunshine and warm weather.  Then those weather humans started talking about rain and cold and even freezing!

Do you think they’re responsible for the changes?

They must be.  It was fine until they opened their mouths.  Maybe they shouldn’t say anything when they are on TV.

Better yet, maybe we should become weather furpeople.  Then we could talk about sunshine, warm temperatures and gentle rains only during the dark night hours.

Don’t forget to leave out that nasty wind.

That’s for sure.  Sometimes it’s hard to stay on the ground when the wind is blowing so hard.  Hey – I think I’ve discovered why you want to eat all the time.  You want to gain weight so you don’t fly away.

It works for you, doesn’t it?

Little brothers can be such pests!

At least it’s kind of nice out tonight.  I’m glad Mom let us go out and play for a little bit.

When she first got home she said we couldn’t go out because she had to leave but I guess she decided it was more important for us to get some fresh air first.

Moms sure are good things!