This and That

Why are you insideSteinbeck, won’t you come outside?  I could use your fluffy tail to help Mom paint these windows.  I don’t want to get white on my regal black tail.


Hemingway, nobody is using my tail as a brush!

But look, you already have white in it.  Are you sure you haven’t been in the paint?


I haven’t been in the paint.  I’m too busy checking on all these plants that Mom brought inside.  I guess she thought they were getting lonely so she brought them in so we could keep them company.  Mom is always thinking of others.

And so ends another typical day in our household.  We each seem to do our own things and then we all gather on Mom’s bed at the end of the day.

The Boys Being Good

Hemingway, don’t breathe on me…’ll mess my furs!

Friday Mystery

Mom came home tonight and she had a very confused look on her face.

We were both kind of giggling ‘cuz we knew what she was looking at.

You see, Mom brings in some plants over the winter and they make themselves at home until it’s nice enough to go back outside again.

Hemingway taught me how to stare at dirt.  We both love to do that and Mom has no idea what is so fascinating.

It’s our little game we play with her.


Now here’s Steinbeck showing how the plants are normally arranged.  It’s nothing fancy but at least they get to stay inside during the cold winter.


When Mom came home tonight, this is what the plant arrangement looked like.  Notice how that one pathetic Gerbera Daisy plant is now sitting on the white run, away from the others.  It’s not upside down or anything, and even still has it’s protective sheet underneath.  It could be that the plant moved over to get more sunlight.


In this picture, you can easily notice the empty space where the plant should be.


Mom, we had nothing to do with that plant moving.  It did it all by itself.

Actually, there might have been some leprauchauns visiting us a little early.

What are leopard cans?

You’ll find out tomorrow.  MOL!!!


Monday Musings from a Little Mind

Mom brought in a new plant for me.  Hemingway told me that when it starts getting cold outside she starts bringing in some plants and we get to prune them.

I did not say that!  We are supposed to stay away from them.

Well, I find it rather interesting to explore these new toys.

Steinbeck, Mom sees you!

No problem. I’ve got this all figured out. Mom can’t see me ‘cuz I have my eyes shut!!!! MOL!!!!

Hemingway, I have another question.  What happened to all the trees outside?  Did all the rain make them rust?  Why aren’t they green?

It’s fall, Steinbeck.  The leaves around here change color in the fall.

I think they should be that color all the time.


I watched Mom taking this picture in the back yard when she got home from work.  She said it would make a good jigsaw puzzle.

What’s that?

Well, the biggest puzzle in this house is you!!!  MOL!!!

Mom…..I think Hemingway is being mean.

Digging in the Dirt Leads to Flowers………

Mom doesn’t want us going out of the back yard so we asked her to show us pictures of what she’s done in the front yard.

She told us we could share them with you.

Flowering CrabMom says this is a flowering crab.  We don’t understand how it can be so crabby when it is so beautiful in the spring.

Front Yard PlanterThis is one of the planters she has out front.  I think those yellow flowers would look better if I stood next to them.  My orange fur would make them stand out even more…..but Mom won’t let me go in the front yard.

Front Yard FlowersMom says this is a flower bed by one of the maple trees out front.  If it’s a bed, does that mean the flowers are sleeping?

Bleeding HeartMom calls this a bleeding heart plant.  I just don’t get it but I think it’s pretty.

PansiesThese are pansies and Mom actually has them in the back yard so we can enjoy them.  Thanks, Mom!

New HibiscusMom said this is her new hibiscus plant.  Look at that color……’s almost as gorgeous as me!!!  What’s even better is that she has it on the deck so I can sit and look at it.  I just love it!

Ethel and JackThis is Ethel and Jack.  They aren’t in our yard.  They are across the street playing in a mud puddle.  Mom told us we could not go play with them.

We hope you enjoyed our tour of flowers.  We’ll have to share more when the others start blooming.

Time Out

Hemingway was naughty!

Shakespeare, you are such a tattletale  or is that tattletail?

Well, you were naughty and here’s proof!  Not only is he getting into the plant, but if you look at his fur you’ll see all sorts of dirt and bits of leaves on it.  He was rolling in the dirt and now his shiny black fur is all dirty!

Shakespeare, get away from the computer.  Mom told me I have this assignment and it doesn’t involve you.

That’s because I wasn’t naughty!


Dear human and fur people readers, Mom told me I’m in “Time Out” and I have an assignment to write something about what it means to be naughty.  I didn’t think I was that bad, but Mom got kind of frustrated with me this morning.  If I ever want treats again, I have to write this “catsay”…..that’s the kitty version of a human essay.  So, here goes….


I don’t know what gets into me at times.  I think the problem is that I’m a kitty who loves attention and I’m also a stubborn kitty.  If Mom had really been paying attention, she would have seen that when she first picked me up at the Animal Humane Society.  I didn’t want to go into the carrying box.  I wanted to ride free in the car so I could see where I was going.  But I guess I’m going back too far.  Mom always tells me not to jump up on her desk.  I don’t understand why she doesn’t want me up there.  I can see for miles and miles when I’m up there and it’s just kind of a neat place with all sorts of interesting papers, pencils and books.  I’m working on learning to stay off the desk but sometimes I still forget.  Then there’s the plants.  I just have to explore them.  They are so pretty and I love to smell the flowers.  I also love catnip.  Here’s another instance where I was naughty.  Mom was bringing in groceries from her car last night and she left the gate open a little.  I figured she wanted me to go out and get my own catnip since she was busy.  She told me I should learn to wait and she would get me some catnip when she had time.  Wait????  I don’t understand that!  Now we have arrived at this morning when I was evidently so bad that I needed what Mom called a “Time Out”.  At first I thought she meant I was going to spend some time outside.  That’s all I wanted anyway.  When she didn’t let me out, I had to start knocking things off the entertainment center to get her attention.  I also had to jump up in front of the monitor when she was using “our” computer.  After I knocked a few more things down on the floor, Mom said it was enough and that’s why I’m sitting here writing about being naughty.  Mom said I should learn something but I don’t know how much I’ve learned.  I think the problem lies with the humans.  They just don’t understand that kitties don’t like waiting for things and when they get something in their heads, there’s nothing humans can do.  However, if I want to go outside I suppose I should say that I learned that I shouldn’t be knocking things down, chasing my little brother, jumping on the desk, or sitting in front of the monitor.

Hemingway, are you about done?

Mom, is that good enough?  Can I go outside now?


Weekends are wearing us out!

They sure are.  Now that we’ve had some weekends with nice weather, we’ve been outside “helping” Mom and she doesn’t know when to come in!

She’s been busy digging in the dirt and planting things and pulling other things out.  We check the new plants because if she plants catnip in the back yard, we want to know about it.

So far she’s only let it grow in the front yard, but I found some mint so we may have to resort to chewing on that.

I was helping Mom pull weeds.

That’s not the way she tells it.

Well, I was in a playful mood so if she was moving the plants around while pulling the weeds, then I had to grab her hand or the plants.  She kept going from garden to garden but I would follow her.

I was busy checking on the bird baths.  I wanted to make sure they had water in them.

Mom told you to leave the bird baths alone.

But look……..this picture proves I wasn’t being naughty. I was just guarding the bird bath to make sure nobody tipped it over.

Human and fur people readers, do not be fooled by this picture.  Just moments before, Shakespeare was standing on his tippy toes, peering into the bird bath.  And here’s another picture where he was contemplating tipping over the watering can.

You don’t have to tell them everything!  Remember, Mom reads this too.

Next weekend we’re going to get a chance to rest ‘cuz Mom is taking a road trip and she’s not bringing us along.  We’ll try to convince Uncle Bob to let us out, but he’s not as good about that as Mom is.

I think it’s more a case of him not listening to our whining!

Anyway, we’re both tired so we’re going to go take a nap now.  All that fresh air this weekend made us sleepy kitties.  We hope all of our readers had a wonderful weekend.

Happy Memorial Day

Boy are we ever tired!

We sure are.  Who would have thought that Mom having three days off would wear us out so much.

I think we mostly got tired just watching her work in the yard.

She did this but it’s out in the front yard and we can’t go out there.  We told Mom to take a picture so we could share with our friends.

I was busy surveying some of the stuff she did in the back yard.  I think I look so pretty among these plants!

I was kind of wondering who this other kitty is.  I think I’m much more handsome than he is.  He just sits there and doesn’t say anything.  I sure hope he doesn’t eat any of our treats!

I have my favorite corner in the yard and here I am “hiding” in it.  Of course Mom and Shakespeare both know I love this spot so they always know where to find me.  Maybe I should look for a new secret spot.

I was just taking a nap and suddenly this plant caught my attention.  I had to ask Mom if it smelled.  She told me it was a wild rose and I should be careful.  But she also said I might be smelling some of the orange and chocolate mint that’s planted nearby.

So that was our long weekend with Mom.  We got to spend lots and lots of time outside and we’re pretty tired now.  I told Mom we would get this blog done as quickly as we could, but I’m having a little trouble…………

Shhhhh……….don’t tell Hemingway but I found a quiet corner and I’m sound asleep.  However, I wanted to make sure that we said a special thanks to all the service men and women who have risked their lives for our freedom. 

Don’t forget the service dogs.

Right…….I wonder if there are any service kitties?  We shouldn’t forget them.

Thanks to all who have given us the right to be ourselves and live free….even if we can only be in the back yard.


I’m so sad.

Why?  Did Mom run out of food for us?

No.  She would never allow that to happen.  I’m sad because I don’t think we’re going to get to go outside today.

Probably not.  I’m thinking Mom will say it’s too wet for us to be out there.

Well, I don’t like getting my feet wet anyway.

Neither do I!

Why is it raining so much?

I wonder if all the humans have turned on those sprinkler things that make their flowers and vegetables wet so they’ll grow.

Maybe all the birds are sad and they all started crying at once and the tears are falling down from the trees.

Or maybe the trees are sweating ‘cuz summer’s coming.

Do you think maybe all the dogs are outside splashing in their wading pools, sending all this rain up into the air so it’s falling on us?

I sure hope the rain stops soon so we can go outside.  Mom told me that she gets an extra day off from work this weekend so she’ll be home for three whole days!  I know she’s going to want to be outside and that means we can be outside, too.

Oh, it’s going to be a fun weekend!  Go away rain!

Or at least just rain at night so the plants don’t get thirsty.  I don’t like being thirsty so I know the plants don’t like it either.

Yes, I guess the plants do need water but I don’t need water falling on me.  I just want to lick it up out of my bowl.

Since the flowers and trees and other plants grow when they get rain and sunshine, does that mean we’ll grow if we go out in the rain and then out in the sunshine?

Maybe that’s why Mom is making us stay inside.  We’re already big enough!