Happy Birthday and Merry Christmas

Hi, Readers!  Today is my ninth birthday.  That’s almost two paws!!!  Mom says the time has gone really fast and she can’t imagine what it was like before she adopted me.


I think I look quite distinguished for being almost two paws old.  I keep my tuxedo nice and clean for all the ladies.


I told Mom that I was sure there were some things in this bag that were for me.  I didn’t think I should have to share with Steinbeck, but Mom reminded me that we always share ‘cuz that’s the nice thing to do.  Well, what Mom doesn’t know is that Steinbeck and I got into this package last night while everyone was sleeping and we helped ourselves to some treats.


Mom, if you just move this particular thing over just a little, you can see where the treats were.  Steinbeck and I had a nice time enjoying the treats.  It was our own little private party to celebrate me getting older.


I’m sooooooooooo glad Hemingway had a birthday so we could get extra treats.  Don’t I look cute when I’m smiling innocently???



We Made It!!!

Mom says we should let you know that we survived the holidays and we’re ready for 2018.

Hemingway and wrapping

Well, I for one had to work very hard!  I turned 8 years old on December 24th so of course I had to check on all the presents.  Steinbeck was really slow about getting involved in all the mayhem but once he discovered that we had a Bolt, he got very excited chasing the red dot all around.

Big Sleep 2018

This is my safe place.  I’m way up on top of the computer desk so I can supervise Mom as she works on our blog.  Mom always smiles when she sees me up here ‘cuz she said Shakespeare used to sit up there all the time, too.

Tired Boy

Well, it was hard work turning eight so I had to get my rest in when I could.

My Big Box

Mom…is this box for me?  How do I get in it?  Is there a special door?

From the Mom:  Special greetings to all our friends!  We hope 2018 will be a special one for all of you and that it will be a year filled with kindness, love and peace instead of hatred, crimes and cruelty.  The boys had a fun time exploring new toys and new treats.  They’ve been doing lots of napping lately.  So have I!!  It’s been really cold and we do have snow on the ground but not much.  I hate to think of heading back to work tomorrow ‘cuz I know the boys will be at home sleeping in sun puddles.  Oh well….I guess someone had to pay for their food!  I hope to do a better job of sending you updates and funny stories in 2018.  Sometimes it gets really hard working full time and trying to get all the fun things done.  Thanks for following us!!


It’s Tuesday………….

……….and we got presents!!!!

Steinbeck and Cat Mat 3

This is my pretty new present.  It’s a Cat Mat by Mildred.  It’s round and has all sorts of pretty colors.


This is my Cat Mat.  It is rectangular and the red shows off my Tuxedo furs.

Steinbeck and Red Cat Mat 1

Look……….it shows off my ginger furs.

Steinbeck get off of there!

Hemingway and Cat Mat 1

This is mine and I love it.  It’s so soft.  It’s like I’m resting on a cloud.

Steinbeck and Cat Mat 2

Mine is really soft, too.  It’s like I’m in the middle of a rainbow.

Hemingway and Cat Mat 3

I even like to hide under mine!

Thanks, Mom!

Did you bring some treats for us, too?

From the Mom:  The Cat Mats by Mildred are made by a friend of mine.  Mildred’s human can do an amazing job of knitting.  He has done so many different things for friends and family.  We were talking one day and I said it would be neat to have a little blankie for cats out of some of the soft yarn he has.  Instantly the idea became Cat Mats by Mildred and he gave me samples for Hemingway and Steinbeck.  Mildred is his cat and she is a Princess.  Her Cat Mat is pink with some jewels.  If anyone is interested in a Cat Mat, contact me and I will put you in touch with Mildred’s human.  He’s just starting this and could do different colors,shapes and sizes.


Sneaky Us!!!

Not MeShhhhh…….we must be very quiet ‘cuz we’re being very, very sneaky!


Shakespeare, quiet!  Mom’s birthday is this Saturday but she’s going to be out of town.

Oh right……..I remember that.  She’s going to a house that has two dogs and no kitties.  She’s going to be very lonely.

Anyway, since she’ll be gone on her birthday, we wanted to make sure something got posted in our blog so she would know we’re thinking of her.  She doesn’t even know that I learned how to turn the puter on so we can do this.  Won’t she be surprised?

Is someone going to feed us while she’s gone?

Of course.  Just relax.

2016 BirthdayWe don’t have any of that money stuff so we thought we would share some of our toys and treats with you.

Are you really going to give Mom some of my treats?  Did I agree to that?

picture-of-a-birthday-cake-with-lots-of-candlesWe heard that it’s going to be two hundred and elebenty billion degrees outside on Saturday and we know why.  Just look at all those candles!!!!

Don’t worry folks.  Once Mom blows out the candles it should cool down a little.  Too bad her birthday isn’t in January!  MOL!!!!Lonesome

Mom, we just want you to know that even though you won’t be with us on your actual birthday, we will celebrate with you when you get home.

Do you like catnip on your cake?

Oil and Water……..Cats and Paper

P1040928What’s Mom doing now?  Why isn’t she still wrapping things?

P1040930Hemingway, get that foot away from me!

P1040933Hemingway………here come my devil eyes!!!

P1040939I’m going to arrange this paper just the way I want it!

P1040940That was hard work!  I need a nap!!!

P1040934At last!!  The papers are all mine!!!!  I win!!!!!

From the Mom:  I found it was much easier to wrap gifts if the boys were sleeping!  I had to leave those two big sheets of paper and the paper roll out for them to attack!  They love all those things!!!

Happy Birthday to Mom!!



Shakespeare, don’t get too close to that cake it has candles on it.

Who’s going to wrap the present for Mom?  Can I help?

We better wrap it really good so she doesn’t guess what it is.  You don’t think she’ll be upset that we’re giving her our empty treat toy, do you?

Well, I know I’m upset that it’s empty.

Shakespeare, we need to get serious here.  Mom’s having a birthday today.

Yippee!!!  Catnip cake and tuna fish shakes!!!

Remember………Mom said she’s going to visit her human friend so when she leaves for work we won’t see her again until Sunday!

That’s a really long time.  We better give her this empty treat toy soon so she gets the hint.

Mom……..we know you told us that you’re older than all our toes put together, but we don’t think you’re old.  We think you’re really special.

Older than all our toes????  Boy, in cat years, Mom would be a walking miracle!

She is a miracle and she chose us to spend our lives with her.

Thanks Mom!

Thanks Mom!

Happy Birthday from both of us boys!!!!

High Five!!!

Laser Eyes

It’s MY Birthday!!!!  This is the day to celebrate me!!! 

I’m five years old today.  That’s one paw, as I’m showing you in that less than graceful pose Mom took of me one day.  I am now convinced that “High Five” was created so we could celebrate five years.  It’s one paw or one hand!  It works for humans and fur people.  It’s pretty neat.

So, we had a little party today and of course Hemingway had to join in.  Mom says we have to share.  When he has his birthday, I get treats and toys, too…..so I guess it’s only fair.

Here’s what happened when Mom surprised me with the toys and treats.

Let's see what all is here!
Let’s see what all is here!
Hemingway has already decided he gets the carrot and I've decided I want the blue fishy.
Hemingway has already decided he gets the carrot and I’ve decided I want the blue fishy.
Oh how I love you fishy!!!
Oh how I love you fishy!!!
It's you and me forever, fishy!
It’s you and me forever, fishy!

Mom here:  I just want to wish my little orange boy a very happy birthday.  It’s hard to believe he’s five.  I still remember when I first got him and I had no idea he would grow this big.  He’s a good companion for Hemingway, even if they pretend not to like each other all the time.  Thanks for adding so much joy to my life,boys.


We received some really neat artwork from a friend.  Nika is the daughter of a friend of Mom’s and she loves fur people.  This is her latest drawing of us and she’s made us STARS!!!!

Shakespeare, come look at the picture Nika drew.
Shakespeare, come look at the picture Nika drew.
Are we dancing or singing?
Are we dancing or singing?
I'm not sure, but I'd like to know why you're hogging the spotlight!
I’m not sure, but I’d like to know why you’re hogging the spotlight!
I wonder if a little white out would eliminate Shakespeare........
I wonder if a little white out would eliminate Shakespeare……..

Mom Tried to Tell Us

We were begging Mom to let us go outside today.  After all, it was nice and cozy inside with the fire going in the wood-burning stove.  We figured it was just as nice and cozy outside.


We were so wrong!  We went outside and discovered it was cold.  Really cold!!!  Here we are frozen like statues.

Mom didn’t let us stay outside very long.  We were happy to come back inside and play with our toys.

My toy

This is one of my Christmas toys and I really like it.  Don’t even think about trying to take it away.

Loving my toy

Don’t worry.  I’m having fun with my own toy.

Thanks Santa Paws and humans for the wonderful gifts for us to play with.

It’s nice to have new toys since it’s too cold to go outside and play with the dogs, squirrels and birds.


Happy Birthday and Merry Christmas

We had so much fun!!

I'll open this one by myself.
I’ll open this one by myself.
Happy Birthday to me!
Happy Birthday to me!
What do you mean that only the ones marked H are for me and the ones marked S are for Shakespeare?  They all look like H to me!!!
What do you mean that only the ones marked H are for me and the ones marked S are for Shakespeare? They all look like H to me!!!
I really like the paper.
I really like the paper.
Did Santa forget his hat?
Did Santa forget his hat?
This one is mine and that one is yours.
This one is mine and that one is yours.
We both got Tickle Pickles!!!
We both got Tickle Pickles!!!
Boy, the humans really made a mess.
Boy, the humans really made a mess.

Now we’re both going to take naps to recover from all the excitement.  We hope all of our blogging humans and fur people had a wonderful Christmas.  Rejoice in the reason for the season.