The Ghost of Christmas Past

Copy of Copy of P1040012It’s not really a ghost…….it’s me!!!  I’m five years old today.  That’s one paw!  I am so excited to be celebrating my birthday with everyone.  Mom hasn’t brought out the presents yet, but I know she will.  She told me I still have to try to be good today.  Why do I have to be good on my birthday?  Oh well, I guess I’ll try.

Have a great Christmas Eve everyone!!!

Humming softy……..happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me, happy birthday handsome Hemingway, happy birthday to me.

Good grief!!!

Naughty Orange Tabby Monday

It wasn’t me!

Mom has proof this time.

Copy of P1040128

See….there’s the hole in the new bag of food and I didn’t put it there.

Copy of P1040125

I don’t see the hole, Mom.

Copy of P1040126

I’m sure you bought it that way at the store.  You better go get your money back from the store person.

Then there’s the problem with Christmas presents and again, we have proof!

Copy of P1040120

If you look very carefully by his paw, you’ll notice scratch marks.  Mom thought he was just posing but he was trying to open the package!

You’re no angel either, Hemingway!!!

Wednesday Whys

The Mom speaks:


Look at those two little angels.  They are just sitting outside watching the world go by.  Who would know that such mischievous deeds lie in their future?

I am currently between jobs so I have more time to spend at home with the boys.  They really enjoy having Mom around ‘cuz it usually means they can spend more time outside.  On the nice days I have enjoyed the freedom of going out with a book while the boys explore.

Remember when Shakespeare was naughty and tried to bribe me with that field mouse?  First of all, let me explain that since his night of escape he has been very good and hasn’t even tried to get out of the yard again.  He’s happy being here with his toys and treats.

It seems Hemingway thought I was really upset with Shakespeare so this week he decided he should do something nice for Mom.  You guessed it!  He came waltzing in with a field mouse in his mouth.  I tried to get it away from him and the stupid mouse went behind some furniture.  Hemingway stayed on guard while I went to get some “mouse mazes” to capture the guy.  I should have known that Hemingway would eventually get him again and he did.  I chased Hemingway round the house trying to convince him to go outside.  He didn’t understand what I was doing and thought all the running was fun and good exercise for me.  Of course Shakespeare wanted in on it as well.  I finally got Hemingway outside with his prize.  Shakespeare stayed inside with me running from window to window so he could check up on Hemingway.  It took a while, but eventually Hemingway came up to the back door.  I was going to let him in, but then I noticed the field mouse in his mouth.  I don’t know if it was the same one or not but this time it wasn’t moving.  I looked at Hemingway and said, “There’s no way you are bringing that into the house.”  He just looked at me and dropped it on the deck.  My gift for the day!!

I need to get another job soon.  I don’t like “MOUSE BREATH”!!!!

Happy Birthday!!!

Copy of P1030187I can’t believe it.  Today is my big day.  I’ve waited a whole year to be three and now I am!  I’m as old as Hemingway is now.  I’m a big boy!

Three years ago today I was born.  I don’t remember my fur mom and I don’t remember where I was born.  I do remember being at this special place with other little kitties and puppies.  I was scared.  I was also curious and wanted to know what was going to happen next.  On a stormy night, my human Mom came with a friend to meet me.  I was a little orange ball of fur and I was all over the place and wouldn’t let her hold me.  (That should have given Mom a clue about me and my independence.)  I was so lucky that night ‘cuz she adopted me and brought me home.  At first I was scared of that big black and white fur person in the house, but I eventually got used to him and I tolerate him as long as he doesn’t try to eat my food.

Shakespeare on the BenchThis is a picture of me when I was little.  My tail was long even then!

Shakespeare October 2010Here’s another picture of me kitten posing.  Mom said she really liked my pretty eyes.

Copy of P1030191Mom took this picture today with her flashy box.  I’m taking a nap ‘cuz I need to be ready to party tonight!  I hope Hemingway doesn’t try to eat all my special treats!

I hope all of you have a super special sunny day on my birthday!  Feel free to send me treats and toys…..or at least some greetings.  hehehehehehe

Mommmmm…………….look what Shakespeare did to the blog today.  Do I really have to wish him a happy birthday?

Copy of P1020909

What a Party!!!!

Mom had a wonderful party for me.  Yesterday was my birthday so now I’m three years and one day old.  I shared my special day with Shakespeare ‘cuz we were also celebrating Christmas.

Santa Paws left us so many wonderful things.  We got toys and treats and mice and treats and catnip and treats and……

We get the idea, Shakespeare.  Anyway, Mom said we didn’t have to write much today ‘cuz the pictures would say everything.  We hope you enjoy them.

Look at all these gifts!
Look at all these gifts!
There are some awesome presents here.
There are some awesome presents here.
I'll work on this one.
I’ll work on this one.
I think I like this toy.
I think I like this toy.
Opening gifts is hard work.
Opening gifts is hard work.
I need to pause and give a prayer of thanks.
I need to pause and give a prayer of thanks.
I'm really thankful, too.
I’m really thankful, too.
This catnip cat is mine...all mine!
This catnip cat is mine…all mine!
This crinkly thing makes noise.  I think I like it.
This crinkly thing makes noise. I think I like it.
Mom....I didn't make this mess.  The humans did it.
Mom….I didn’t make this mess. The humans did it.
Somehow I got all wrapped up.  I'm sure this was Shakespeare's doing.
Somehow I got all wrapped up. I’m sure this was Shakespeare’s doing.
Mom...look what our buddy Champ, the dog, gave us.  Do I really have to share????
Mom…look what our buddy Champ, the dog, gave us. Do I really have to share????

Mom…… we get to have  a New Year’s Eve party?

Do we get to stay up late and eat treats at midnight?

Happy Birthday to……….ME!!!!!!!!!!

It’s my birthday.  It’s my birthday.  I’m three years old now.  I’m a big kitty.  I’m a happy kitty.  I’m a gorgeous kitty.  Where are my gifts????   It’s a sad day in the land of Hemingway if I don’t get anything.   Look what I got last year……

Look at this pile of presents!
Look at this pile of presents!

So where’s the loot today???  I don’t see any pile of presents.  I promise I’ve been a good boy most of the year.  I should at least have some Christmas presents.  Where is everything???

The Boys and the BoxThere’s nothing in this box except me.  What makes matters worse is that there’s a big orange thing on top of the box.

Happy Birthday to Mehehehehehehehe……..Hemingway doesn’t know it but Mom hid the presents.  I confess.  I was trying to open them.  I just love to open boxes and bags.  I’m going to let Hemingway stew a little longer.

Mom here…….don’t worry.  Hemingway will be celebrating his birthday tonight and both boys will be celebrating Christmas.  They have gifts but it’s true that I had to hide them from Shakespeare.  I can’t believe my “little boy” is three.  It seems like only yesterday he looked like this:

Hemingway at Play

We’re So Lucky!!!!

We have the BEST mom in the world!!!

We got a present from her.

We each got a present so we don’t have to share!

She said it was an early Christmas present and we could open it right away.

How many other kitties get early Christmas presents that they can actually open???

We’re so lucky!

Hemingway and partsHere Mom…..let me help you put this together.  By the way, just what is it?

Shakespeare bring that backYou work on all those other pieces, Hemingway.  I’ll just take this long piece over here.  Wait a minute!!!  I smell catnip on this.  Oh boy!!!!

Two in bedWow!!!!  You got us new beds!  Look how nice they are.  We fit on them and they’re different so we can each choose our favorite.

Shakespeare loves his bedMom…….I LOVE my bed!!!  It smells like catnip.  It shows off my pretty orange fur.  You did a good job shopping!

Hemingway's tail does not fitMom….thank you so much!  I love all these colorful paw prints on my bed.  They really look good against my black fur.  Know what?  I noticed that my tail must be longer than Shakespeare’s ‘cuz it doesn’t fit on the bed.  Giggle

Who Had a Shower????

Did Mom tell you where she went this afternoon?

Weren’t you listening?  She said she was going to a baby shower.

I must have been sleeping.  What’s a baby shower, anyway?  Do they just all get together to watch a dirty baby get a shower?  Hey….maybe they did it because it rained today.  They could just take the baby outside in the rain shower.  Still, I don’t think that would be much fun.

Shakespeare, you’ve got to learn to pay attention.  Mom went to a party for our former and current doctor.  They’re going to have a baby.

Our doctors
Our doctors

Hey….that’s the doctor man who actually held me and then clipped my nails.  I sure told him what I thought about that!  I don’t remember the doctor lady.  I must have seen her when I was really little.

Yes, you were very young and just as much of a problem!

So....let me get this straight....
So….let me get this straight….

Our two doctors are going to have a baby?  Are they going to have a baby kitten?

Good grief......
Good grief……

Do I have to teach you EVERYTHING????  They’re going to have a baby human.  They even told everyone that it’s going to be a little boy.

So who had a shower?  Did Mom get wet?

Goofball, when they say it’s a baby shower they mean they are having a party and giving gifts to the mommy-to-be.   Don’t you remember how we helped Mom wrap those gifts?

I do vaguely remember helping her with the bag and the crinkly paper.

Here’s a picture of the doctor lady opening one of our gifts and look how happy she is with the little hangers.  I wonder if we left any of our fur on the paper or in the bag.  I hope Mom let her know those gifts were from us, too.

Michelle and Baby Hangers

We did a good job with the gifts, didn’t we?  I still don’t understand why they called it a shower.  It doesn’t look like anyone got wet.

Shakespeare, take that catnip out of your ears and listen.  It was a party with gifts.

You said it was a shower!

I’m going to go take a nap.

We Still Love Surprises

We have to apologize for being quiet for so long.

We took “Wordless Wednesday” to the extreme!

Mom has been busy and she’s been coming home from work very tired.

Besides that, it’s a bazillion degrees outside and we’ve been too hot to think about words.  We’ve also been busy reminding Mom to keep watering our catnip outside.

We get thirsty when we go outside for a little bit so we can’t begin to imagine how thirsty the catnip must be ‘cuz it has to actually live outside.

Anyway, we were super anxious for Mom to get home tonight ‘cuz we heard the mail person leave a box at the door.  We figured it was either for us or for Mom and we wanted to know what it was!

As soon as Mom got in the door we told her to go check the package.

This is what she found inside:

Hemingway's mosaic
Hemingway’s mosaic
Shakespeare's mosaic
Shakespeare’s mosaic

These are gifts from Mom’s dear friend, Deanna, who lives far away in Florida.  We sometimes talk to her dog and her Mom’s kitty so we consider all of them family. 

Mom said that Deanna used to work at the Loveland Center ( and these two mosaics were made by Tina Thompson.  We think she did an excellent job and we’re very proud to have some of her art work.  (We know these actually belong to Mom ‘cuz they are her birthday presents, but she always shares with us.)

I don't think they captured Shakespeare's goofiness....
They did a good job of making Shakespeare’s tail long.  I swear he has the biggest tail in the world!
Do you think they captured my beautiful eyes???
Do you think they captured my beautiful eyes???

Shakespeare was too busy looking for food to really stop and enjoy these new gifts, but I sure love them.  I really love the one of me.  Just look at those cute white feet.  It’s me.  It’s really me!!!