Maybe Mom Knows Best After All….

When Mom got home from work last night, we begged her to let us go outside.

She told us it was muggy and we wouldn’t like it.

We don’t know what muggy is.  We just knew we wanted to go outside so we told Mom to open the door.

She let us go out and play while she did some stuff in the house.

Next thing we knew, she was calling our names, but we were hiding.

Then she got my favorite thing……..the treat bag!!!

Mom knows that gets us EVERY time.

We just got inside and look what happened out in our yard:

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Mom…..we better get that kitty inside. He’s getting all wet!
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We had our own personal waterfall coming off the roof!

Look Who’s in Charge!

I want it made perfectly clear.  We’ve been having lots and lots and lots of rain lately.

I think the angels left the showers running.

Shakespeare, I’m talking.

As usual……….

Anyway, when it’s all wet and drippy outside, Mom won’t let us go out ‘cuz she says we’ll get all wet and muddy.

She knows you like to roll in the dirt.

I’m not listening to you.

Mom says you don’t listen to anyone.

What I started to say when I was so rudely interrupted many times by an orange fluff ball is that since we have to stay inside, I have ownership of the remote control.

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Not Funny……

Weather Person Beware!  I'm going to eat grass and then come to your house and throw-up.
Weather Person Beware! I’m going to eat grass and then come to your house and throw-up.

Shakespeare, what is your problem now?

When Mom got home from church yesterday, she let us outside to play.

I know.  I was there.

Copy of P1020899

Well, you went back in the house but the sun was shining so when Mom asked me if I wanted to go inside before she went to the store I told her, “No Way!”

And you found out that was stupid.

Who knew it was going to rain while she was at the grocery store?  The sun was shining!!!

When I saw the drops falling outside, I stood by the door and giggled.  I was nice and dry.

Mr. White Cat on the Deck....wasn't it funny when Shakespeare got wet?
Mr. White Cat on the Deck….wasn’t it funny when Shakespeare got wet?

I still think it’s the fault of the weather person.  Someone must have paid off the weather person in catnip, treats and toys.  I’m going to find out who the guilty person or fur person is!!  My beautiful tail is not meant to get wet.

Thanks, Sammy!

What is that strange stuff on our deck????
What is that strange stuff on our deck????

We have to thank our friend Sammy (  He did a special rain dance and got rain at his house so we asked him if he could make his powers work long distance and he did!!!!

Shakespeare at the windowIt’s been forever since we’ve had those wet drops falling from the sky.  I’m really glad Sammy timed it to happen after we had our time outside today!

Hemingway Looking for the STormI wonder if our catnip is happy?  I bet it was getting really thirsty.  Mom…… soon as the rain stops can you go get us some?

Thanks again, Sammy!!!  You did a great job!


I’m so sad.

Why?  Did Mom run out of food for us?

No.  She would never allow that to happen.  I’m sad because I don’t think we’re going to get to go outside today.

Probably not.  I’m thinking Mom will say it’s too wet for us to be out there.

Well, I don’t like getting my feet wet anyway.

Neither do I!

Why is it raining so much?

I wonder if all the humans have turned on those sprinkler things that make their flowers and vegetables wet so they’ll grow.

Maybe all the birds are sad and they all started crying at once and the tears are falling down from the trees.

Or maybe the trees are sweating ‘cuz summer’s coming.

Do you think maybe all the dogs are outside splashing in their wading pools, sending all this rain up into the air so it’s falling on us?

I sure hope the rain stops soon so we can go outside.  Mom told me that she gets an extra day off from work this weekend so she’ll be home for three whole days!  I know she’s going to want to be outside and that means we can be outside, too.

Oh, it’s going to be a fun weekend!  Go away rain!

Or at least just rain at night so the plants don’t get thirsty.  I don’t like being thirsty so I know the plants don’t like it either.

Yes, I guess the plants do need water but I don’t need water falling on me.  I just want to lick it up out of my bowl.

Since the flowers and trees and other plants grow when they get rain and sunshine, does that mean we’ll grow if we go out in the rain and then out in the sunshine?

Maybe that’s why Mom is making us stay inside.  We’re already big enough!


OK all our human and fur people readers.  I just want to let you know that Mom is not nice.

That was a mean thing she did.

You all know how excited we get when Mom gets home from work.

The first thing we want to do is run outside.

She’s finally caught on to that so she holds the door as we scramble between her legs and dash out into the fresh air.

It’s our favorite time of day and we hate it when she’s late.

Tonight she was a little late and she didn’t call us and tell us she was going to be late so we were already a little upset.

As soon as she opened the door Shakespeare went running outside and I was close behind him.

Once we got outside we noticed something was wrong.

We turned around and Mom was at the door smiling.

Actually, I think she was laughing.  We ran outside so fast that we didn’t notice the deck was wet.  Suddenly there were these wet drops falling on us and we didn’t like it.

Luckily Mom let us in right away but she should have known we wouldn’t like the rain.

Oh, I think she knew and she tried to warn us but we didn’t listen.

You’re right.  Maybe instead of being mad at Mom we should be mad at the weather humans. 

That’s right.  They’re the ones who let this rain come.  If they hadn’t talked about it maybe the rain wouldn’t have followed the sounds of their voices and it would have gone somewhere else.

Weather humans please note….don’t talk about rain until it’s dark.  Quit spoiling our fun time outside!