Monday, Monday…………


“Just walkin’ in the grass……….just sniffin’ all the smells……..just relaxin’ at the end of the day.”  dum de dum………..toodle do………..    I can hum but I can’t whistle!!!  If I could whistle, I would be letting everyone know how happy I am that the white stuff is going away.

Just a couple weeks ago, the front yard looked like this:


Now we can see where there will be grass……..and weeds!  MOL!!!  I hate to mention this to Mom, but she has lots of raking to do.

I could help with the raking.  I would attack all that stuff just like I attack my feathers.


Somehow I don’t think you’ll be doing any raking.  About all you do is venture out onto the deck and then run back into the house.

Well, there are lots of strange sounds and stuff out there.  I’m not as brave as you are ‘cuz I’m still a little kid.

I think I’ll wander around a little more.  Maybe I can come up with some suggestions for flowers that Mom should plant.  I think most of the gardens should have catnip, don’t you agree?


Brainstorming….Kitty Way

We’ve been “confurring” with our buddies, the Trout Towne Kitties , and we think we’ve come up with a new business idea!

Remember how we were talking about all the leaves that need to be raked in the fall?

I had the great idea to grow trees that would lose their leaves at all different times, but Mom (and other humans) said that wasn’t a good idea ‘cuz raking all the time is just too tiring.

So, we put our heads together with the Trout Towne Tabbies and we came up with a new idea from what they said.

Black Squirrel I'll Guard These Shakespeare and Leaves

See that little critter in the tree?  That’s a squirrel and we really don’t like them coming around our yard.  However, they do get rather rowdy in the trees.  Now the Trout Towne Tabbies suggested we let the “burds” go ahead and do the stupid stuff they do on the branches and by raising a ruckus, they will make the leaves scatter all over the place.  (By the way, they don’t like “burds” at all.)   So, we figured if we added squirrels to the idea, it wouldn’t be as bad and might be faster.


Once the squirrels and “burds” knock all the leaves down on the ground, then we can use our big fluffy tails to get them into a big pile.

Mom always says you flip flop your tail like crazy so you might as well put it to good use.

Well, your tail is out of control ‘cuz it’s so long and fluffy!


 Let’s not argue.  Just use your tail to get that big pile of leaves over here in this bag.  Mom will be coming outside to check on us soon and she will be so surprised to see how much we helped.

I wonder if we can make this idea work all over the world?  Just think how famous we would be!

But we have to find birds and squirrels to hire for our company and I don’t know if any of them would really be willing to do any work.  Maybe we should go back to my idea!

Hey Trout Towne Tabbies, what do you think of our business idea?  Do you think it might fly? hehehehehe………..I couldn’t resist!!!







Weekend Weary

This is what happens to two little kitties who spend way too much time outside during the weekend, “helping” the Mom clean up the yard after a big storm.

Long Day


Shakespeare is tired


Now don’t let them try to convince you that they’re little angels ‘cuz they’re typical little boy kitties.  Hemingway decided he had to “help” me make the bed with the fresh sheets that had dried outside.  I finally had to shut him out of the room.  Both boys woke up early and thought they should get me up as well.  However, it’s so cute when they finally do crash ‘cuz they sleep so hard and peacefully.

MOM!!!!  Quit making that flashy thing go off when we’re trying to sleep.

We’re going to remember this at 4am tomorrow morning.


Learning About Yard Work

Why was Mom pushing those leaves around tonight?

She wasn’t pushing them.  That’s called raking.

I don’t care.  Why was she doing it?  She usually waits until later when it starts to get colder outside and the leaves turn pretty colors.  Then the leaves get worn out from showing off and they fall off the trees and get crunchy.  That’s when Mom usually pushes them around.

Remember the storm the other night?

You mean when the angels were playing with their flashlights and the clouds were clapping loudly at the pretty designs they were making?

You have such a strange imagination.

Then the angels all must have turned on their fans and their water faucets ‘cuz it got really windy and wet outside.  There was some really loud noise when all those white ice pieces started hitting the roof and the windows.

Were you scared?

No.  Mom didn’t seem to be afraid so I figured she would take care of us.

Well, the leaves got scared during that storm and they shook so hard that they jumped off the branches and landed everywhere.

Poor leaves.

Mom said the  yard was such a mess that she had to get busy and clean it when she got home from work.

So that’s why we got to stay outside so long tonight?


Mom worked really hard so we better let her sleep in the morning.

But she told me she likes to get up early to take her walk.

I’m sure she doesn’t want to get up as early as you do.

I’m just taking care of you.  I know how hungry you get so I figure I better make sure Mom gets up and feeds us.

I don’t think Mom will believe that.


More Raking

Mom, when we told you we wanted you to let us outside, we thought you were going to come out and play with us!

This is my crabby look ‘cuz Mom’s too busy raking to pay attention to me.  She already raked here and look…..there are more leaves!  She’s never going to finish.

Shakespeare, Mom can’t play all the time.  You should help her like I’m doing.

See….here’s a pile of leaves that Mom raked up and I decided to protect it from squirrels, dogs and orange cats.  I’m helping Mom.  Besides, Mom is getting so tired that she might not see this pile and forget to put all the leaves in a bag.  Black cats are known for being considerate and helpful.

I can help.  I’ll go under this bush and shake off all the loose leaves so Mom can rake them.  That’s helping, right?

This bag is lots bigger than me.  I wonder if I should jump into it.  If I did, I could squish down the leaves and then Mom would have room for more leaves.

With your luck you would knock the bag over and spill the leaves and then Mom would have to pick them up again.

Well, I don’t know about you but I’m ready to go inside and take a nap.  All this work is exhausting.

I agree.  I wonder if Mom will ever finish.  Too bad we can’t get into the refrigerator.  We could get her some ice water.

Hey…’ve got something there.  Remember that spot on the door where Mom gets ice and water?  I bet if you stand on my back and reach up, you could turn that on and we could get some ice water for Mom.

Let’s go try before she comes in.  What a surprise it will be for her!

We Helped Mom

I wonder why Mom has this bag out here?  What is she going to do with it?  I think it would be a good hiding place.

Mom……I think there’s something in here besides just leaves.  Do you want me to investigate? you always have to tattle?  I was helping Mom smash down the leaves that she put in there.

Oh sure….that’s your story now but you were just being nosy.

Well, I didn’t see you helping Mom much.

I helped.  I showed her where the leaves were falling.

You just laid on the ground and took a nap.

Well, I saved Mom a little work by covering up some of the leaves that were on the ground.

Whatever.  It was a GREAT day!!!!

Note from the Mom:

The boys’ definition of “help” differs greatly from my definition.  However, the three of us were able to be outside on an absolutely glorious fall day.  Please don’t tell them what season is coming next.  I think they’ve forgotten about it.

From our back yard.