I Found My Thrill………….


…………on Blueberry Hill.

Hemingway, what’s a blueberry?

It’s something humans eat but you and I don’t.

So why am I singing about it?

Who knows……(sigh)

Wait…….is this a blueberry?

Blueberry Trip 8

Hemingway b and w

Yes it is.  Tell me again why you are disturbing my nap.

I know why I’m singing.


Remember last week when Mom left and took a road trip?  When she got back, she told us she had gone over to that other state and went way up on the river bluffs and picked blueberries at this really neat farm called Rush River Produce.

Blueberry Trip 4
Mom’s bucket when she just started picking.
Blueberry Trip 6
The barn looks so nice with all the flowers.
Blueberry Trip 7
Mom loves the views from this farm.
Blueberry Trip 9
Oh lovely blueberries.
Blueberry Trip 2
Some more of the flowers at the farm.

I remember how happy Mom was when she came back from her road trip.  Did you see all those blueberries she had?

I guess we should be helping her find a job but if she had been working, she wouldn’t have been able to take that trip ‘cuz she says weekends go too fast when you have a job.


Steinbeck, a little less noise please.  zzzzzzzzzzzz

Summer Means Vacation

Hemingway, do we get a vacation?


Steinbeck, why are you asking such a question?  Mom would quickly tell you that every day is a vacation for you.  Mom has to go to work and I have to stay home and take care of you.  That means all you do is sleep, eat and play.

Is that a vacation?

Well, it can be.

Is that what Mom did when she went on that vacation last weekend?

Not really.  Mom was busy running around with her girlfriend, checking out neat restaurants, looking for fun things to buy and playing with her girlfriend’s dogs.


Trust me.  Playing with dogs is NOT a vacation!!!  What did the dogs look like?  Were they as cute as I am?

Give me a break.  Here’s a picture.  Each dog has a favorite toy as you can see.


MOL!!!  I see what’s wrong with them.  They both look like you!


Mom………on your next vacation……….I’m going with you!  I know I hate to ride in the car but taking care of Steinbeck is getting harder and harder as he gets older.  I need a vacation!


Monday Mystery

When Mom was on her road trip, she saw something very strange!

She said she drove by it once, couldn’t believe it, and had to drive by it again.

The second time she drove by it, she slowed down, got out of her car and was about to take a picture…….

…..when a highway patrolman asked her if she was having car problems.

She told him she was just taking a picture.

Didn’t he see the strange thing she saw?

Was Mom the only one who thought this was super strange?????

I bet you all want to see what it was, so here is the picture:

P1050320So what was your first clue????

Not Me
MOL!!! Silly sign-making-humans!

Mom’s Dog Friends

Last weekend Mom left us and went on a road trip.

It’s something she loves to do but we hate it so we stay home with her brother.

That puts a lot of pressure on me ‘cuz I have to make sure he doesn’t forget to feed us or give us treats.

So how’s that going?

Just fine so far!

Anyway, she said we wouldn’t like to go with her ‘cuz she was going to see her girlfriend and there are two dogs there.

So?  We think we’re dogs anyway.

Yes…….but those dogs don’t think they’re cats! However, I think I probably would have fit right in!

Ben and his toy
Ben and his toy
Me looking handsome
Me looking handsome
Jack and lots of his toys!
Jack and lots of his toys!

You’re right!  You look just like them.  You should have gone with Mom and then I could have stayed home and had lots of food and treats.

Mom’s Exciting Adventure

Two in bedA couple of weeks ago Mom ran away from home and left us with Uncle Bob.  We spent most of the time sleeping or begging for food.  When Mom got home we asked her to tell us all about her adventure.  Well, we couldn’t believe the pictures she showed us!

Luis and RockyThis is what she called a horse.  We had never heard of a horse before and certainly hadn’t seen one.  This horse’s name is Rocky and he’s calmly standing by his proud Dad.  Mom said Rocky lives on a farm with other horses, kitties, dogs and humans.

Copy of P1030295

Mom said this little critter is Daisy and she’s a miniature horse.  I think she sort of looks like me ‘cuz she has long hair.  Mom didn’t get a picture of her tail so I’m sure mine is prettier.

Copy of P1030297Here’s another miniature horse and he sort of looks like me!  See his white stripe down his nose?

Copy of P1030312Mom said this was a really big horse who loved to prance.  I wonder if we can learn to prance.  Mom said when I run I already make the same thundering noise the horse made when he ran so I’m sure I can learn to prance.

Copy of P1030304Here’s another picture of Rocky.  Mom said he was really beautiful.  I don’t see it.  I’m the one who is beautiful!

Copy of P1030300Here’s Rocky going back to his own patch of grass.  See the big white horse?

Mom, you aren’t thinking about getting a horse are you?  We’re not sure there’s room for a horse here.

Besides, we don’t want a horse eating our food!!!!

Mom Made It Home

We waited and waited all day but Mom finally made it home from tripping on the road.

We wanted to make sure that all our human and fur people readers knew that we weren’t abandoned and we got our treats…….even if it was later than usual.

The only thing that really bothered us is the fact that Mom talked about dogs that she met on the trip.  Why didn’t she meet any kitties???

Juno from the shop “Juno and Me” in Stockholm, WI.
Juno out for a stroll in her costume.
Tully goes to “work” in his store in Stockholm, WI everyday. Mom says we should get a job too!

Enough of the dog pictures!  Mom saw some pretty fall things, too.  Let’s show some of them.

Mr. and Mrs. Duck out for a stroll.
At least Mom doesn’t have to rake those leaves!
This is part of the Mississippi River, Mom says people go swimming, fishing and boating along here but we prefer to stay on dry ground.

Mom said this is outside her favorite restaurant in Pepin, WI. She said the food is really good. We noticed she brought a “kitty bag” home with leftovers but she hasn’t given us any. What’s up with that????

Mom didn’t bring us any presents.  She claims that she did look for some but we don’t think she looked very hard.  Still, we’re glad to have her home again so we can get back on our regular routine of treats.

Shakespeare!  Quit thinking about food.  You should be thinking about my birthday ‘cuz it’s only a little over two months away and you need to get busy and get my birthday gifts.

Mom…………..I need some money!

Tripping on the Road

Mom said she’s going on a road trip tomorrow.  What is that?

Well, let’s see if we can figure it out.  You know what a road is.

No I don’t.

Well, you know that flat thing out in front of the house where humans sometimes walk and ride their bikes?  It’s also where they drive those car things when they have to go places.

Is that where fur people sometimes walk, too?

Yes, but they should be with their humans when they do that.

Well, Mom said I can’t go out there on that road.

I can’t either because it’s a dangerous place.  But we can look at it from the front window.

Ok.  So now we know what a road is.  What about a trip?

Well, Mom claims that I keep trying to trip here when she’s walking ‘cuz I keep getting tangled up with her feet and legs.

You mean Mom’s going to go out on that road thing in front of the house and fall down?

That can’t be right.  She wouldn’t be excited about that.

It’s got to be something else.  Think!

Wait…..when Mom took me to the doctor’s house she told me we were going to take a little trip.

She told me that, too!  Does that mean she’s going to the doctor’s house?  If that’s the case, which one of us is she taking?

That’s still not right.  Mom said she’s going on the road trip with her really good friend.  In fact, it’s Aunty Linda and she’s the one who helped Mom pick us out at the Humane Society.

Mom’s getting another kitty??????

No.  She would have told us that.  Maybe she and Aunty Linda are going in that car thing down the road and that’s why they call it a road trip.

Mom…………you aren’t going to be gone long are you?  Remember….we have to have our treats!