Oh My

Readers, we have a problem!  I like to sleep with Mom and she likes it when I purr in her ears.  Now that winter is coming, I like to sleep on top of her head so she doesn’t get cold.  She doesn’t mind as long as I don’t snore.  Some of you already know this about me but I’ll explain to the new people.  Sometimes at night I have “nightkitties”.  You don’t know what they are?  I know some of you do ‘cuz I’ve talked about them before.  Mom talks about “nightmares” but I told her that since I’m not a horse, I can’t have “nightmares” so I have “nightkitties”.  Oh, and Mom has “nighthumans”, in spite of what she says.

Anyway, when I have a “nightkitty” and get scared, I tend to launch myself off Mom’s head.  Of course for extra traction my claws are out a little.  That’s the bigger problem!  Poor Mom has marks on her face that I made.  Currently she has a big scratch on her chin from one of my launches the other night.

Mom says I should launch straight up like the normal rockets and not touch her.

I should launch like this.


But I launch like this.

So, I’m wondering if there are any Launching 101 casses anywhere in the Blogosphere.  I don’t want to leave marks on Mom’s face.  By the way, Steinbeck never does this.  Launching sideways is my very own special problem.

Thanks for listening!


Did you hear Mom talking about some clipsie thing today?

She was talking about the eclipse.

So, what is that?  Is it a new cat food?  Is it a new catnip plant?

No.  It’s something that happened in the sky.


Well, imagine you are looking out the window at a pretty butterfly.  Then all of a sudden, I walk in front of you and sit down for a bit.

You always do that!

Yes, well, that’s sort of what the moon did.  Today the moon got in front of the sun and blocked its sight so it couldn’t send out those rays of light and make it bright outside.

I thought we saw the moon at night.  What’s it doing awake during the day?  Is it still clipsing?

No.  It happened around the time Mom has her lunch.  Maybe since I mentioned lunch you might understand a little ‘cuz teaching you something about the world is next to impossible if it doesn’t involve food or treats.  At least we both did what Mom said to do today.  She told us not to look at the sun.

We didn’t!

I know…………we were both napping.


sleeping two

Mom…………..this is how I looked during the eclipse thing.

sleeping one

Mom………..this was me dreaming about clipsie catnip.  Obviously clipsie things are for sleeping.  I wonder if Mom fell asleep at work?????????

Oh What Mom Did!

We’re sorry, but we’re just laughing like crazy over Mom!  We didn’t laugh at the time, but we’re sure laughing now and Mom says it’s okay and she even said we could share it with our readers.


I was sleeping very soundly right in the middle of Mom’s bed.


And I was sleeping soundly on top of Mom’s head.

Suddenly I felt Mom moving.  I was afraid she was having one of those “catmares” that we kitties have at night.  I woke up and just as I opened my eyes, Mom went tumbling off the bed!!!

I had a good grasp on her head, but I couldn’t hold on.  Next thing we knew, Mom was on the floor!!

We looked down at her to make sure she was okay.  She didn’t move for a while so we were worried.

Then she looked up at us on the bed, staring down at her and she started laughing!!!  Can you believe it?  She was lying on the floor laughing.

Sometimes we just don’t understand Mom!

Note from Mom:  Yes, the above story is true!  I’m thinking that the boys kicked me out of bed.  Luckily I wasn’t hurt and was just a little sore the next day.  Oh, and to answer your next question………I don’t drink.


I’m giggling behind my paw, and Mom says it’s fine if the rest of you have a little giggle fit, too.  After all, she was on the floor laughing herself!


Hemingway, Shakespeare and Steinbeck all have lots in common.  As Steinbeck is growing, I’m seeing more and more of Shakespeare in him.  That just gives me confidence that Shakespeare chose this little guy for us.


Shakespeare loved to sleep on top of the computer desk.  H always had his feet hanging over the edge and I used to laugh at his “fluffy” toes!


Hemingway takes more of the professor pose on top of the computer desk.  H figures he can get my attention if he’s up there.


Now Steinbeck has discovered that this a great place.  Notice how is fur is starting to fluff out more?  My little one is growing!

Tuesday Tuxie Thoughts


So, last night Mom and I were sound asleep.  Suddenly I had a “nightcat”.  You don’t know what that is?  Well, humans call them “nightmares” and that doesn’t make sense to me.  Humans aren’t horses and neither am I.  Since the humans are too lazy to make it the right word, I decided I would.

In the light of day I don’t remember what my “nightcat” was about but it sure scared me.  I like to sleep up by Mom’s head so she can hear me purring.  We were both sleeping soundly and suddenly the “nightcat” made me fly out of bed.  Luckily Mom had her hand up by her face and that’s what I used as my launching pad.  She flew out of bed then, too.

She had that red stuff coming out of her hand and she had to take care of it.  She told me it was very lucky for me that I used her hand as the launching pad and not her face.  Needless to say I didn’t get to sleep in her room the rest of the night.

I wish I could remember what the “nightcat” was about.  Maybe I was afraid Shakespeare was going to eat all the food in the house…….


I was sound asleep in another room so don’t go blaming me for your “nightcat”!!!

So Peaceful

The Mom writes:

I have to take over the boys’ blog for just a little bit.  Have you ever noticed how totally peaceful and relaxed a sleeping cat is.  You can’t help but pet them and listen to their motors start to rumble.  Shakespeare is not a cuddly cat, but he does like to be petted and his motor is much louder than Hemingway’s is.  Shakespeare will often come to bed with me and then get on the pillow next to me and start purring.  He seems to do that until he figures I’m almost asleep and then he jumps down off the bed and goes to another place to sleep.  Many times he will come back later in the night and sleep at the foot of the bed.  He jumps so softly that I don’t even feel him when he jumps up on the bed.

...and then suddenly before my eyes there was this huge mountain of treats!
Mom………….I’m sleeping.

Then there’s Hemingway.

Nothing is going to disturb my nap.

He’s my big boy and at around 20 pounds, he is anything but graceful.  When he jumps up or down, he jumps hard.  Often he lands right on top of me.  Yes, he knows how to wake me up from a deep sleep.  However, having Hemingway sleep with me is the most comforting thing ever.  I just melt when he curls around my head and puts his paws on my face.  He will gently touch my face as if he’s saying, “Don’t worry, Mom.  I’m here to protect you.”  He has a gentle purr that he seems to crank up just for me.  Have you ever had a cat take his front leg and stretch it across you as if he’s hugging you?  Hemingway is a real cuddler and has to get as close as possible.  To have a soft cat’s cheek resting on your cheek is heaven.   There’s nothing in the world like that.  The love that comes from both of these dear fur people just can’t be measured.  I consider myself extremely lucky to have found them and rescued them.  I just wanted them to know how much I love them.  Thank you Hemingway and Shakespeare for being the comfort I need when scared, a little down, physically worn out, or confused.

Thursday Thoughts

MOM!!!!!!!!!!   Really????????????
MOM!!!!!!!!!! Really????????????

First of all, when I’m taking my bath Mom should not come around with that flashy box thing.  What’s the matter with her?  Doesn’t she realize that I need my privacy?  So what if I’m in the middle of the room where Hemingway and everyone else can see me.  Mom should know that Hemingway and I own the house so we can do what we want.  Oh, and she may not realize it fully yet, but we also own her!!!

Secondly,  Mom seems to think that it’s so funny that I’m scared of germs.  Ya’ see………at night I like to sleep on the other pillow up by Mom’s head.  She thinks it’s so cute when she calls it “my piddow” but I tolerate that.  I get all settled and start purring and drift off into dreams of catnip, sunshine, bread, toys, birdies and squirrels.  I’m so content and comfy and then Mom coughs!  I jump up and run out of the room.  Mom even tries to stifle her coughs but I can still hear those germs waiting to fly out into the world…….My World!!!  Mom tries to reassure me that she’s not sick and that it’s just a reaction to one of her medications.  I’m not buying it.  She’s got human germs and I don’t want them.  So, I do what any normal cat would do and I get out of there.  I can still hear her laughing….and coughing….as I run out into the living room.

Cats of the world…….do you run when your human coughs???

40 Winks Times Two

Dead to the world
It was a long day. zzzzzzzzzzz
Long Sleep for Shakespeare
I love my naps. zzzzzzzzzzzz

Our friends at My Three Moggies are hosting 40 winks posts today.  We are supposed to post some of our funny sleeping positions.  Mom searched but she found out that we don’t often let her use that flashy box on us when we’re sleeping really silly.  We like to think we sleep adorable!