Back and Forth

Back and forth.  Back and forth.  What’s gotten into you, Steinbeck?  Do you have ants in your pants?


In the first place, I don’t wear pants.  In the second place, I sure wouldn’t allow ants in them.  What made you ask such a stupid question?

You keep running around the house like a crazy cat.

I’m using my excess energy to warm up the air.


It’s cold outside and I’m trying to get it as warm as possible in the house.

We have a furnace and a wood-burning stove to keep all of us very warm.  You don’t have to run around using up all your energy to make it warm.  Besides, I like to take naps in the sun


But if you look outside, the sky is gray and there’s no sunshine.  There are no sun puddles around.  Besides, there are a few little white specks floating around in the air.  I guess the angels must be dusting today.  I have to keep running around so nobody gets cold.  When I get tired, then I’ll take a nap.

I’m going to dream about taking a nap in a sun puddle.

hemingway the male model

nipped out

I’m tired now.


Afternoon Visitor

Hemingway and Squirrel

Hey Shakespeare!  If you weren’t taking a nap you could watch this visitor with me.  He thinks he’s all alone while he takes a bath in the big sun puddle outside.  I wonder if I should meow…….

Nobody's here so maybe I should take my bath.
Nobody’s here so maybe I should take my bath.
I'll just take care of these furs first.
I’ll just take care of these furs first.
There's a spot that needs extra attention.
There’s a spot that needs extra attention.
There's another spot.
There’s another spot.
Just a little more work on my tummy.
Just a little more work on my tummy.
Did I hear a meow????
Did I hear a meow????

Sun Puddle Day

My little brother, Shakespeare, was off in another room taking a nap so I decided to take advantage of all the sun puddles.  They’ve been hiding for a really long time so it was wonderful to see them again.  I grabbed a couple of books and made myself comfortable.

I've got my books handy.
I’ve got my books handy.
Are you kidding me???
Are you kidding me???

Mom said I looked so nice and toasty warm that she decided to grab her own book and join me.  The two of us sharing a sun puddle.  How cool is that???

When It’s Too Cold………..

Mom couldn’t go to work today ‘cuz it’s too cold outside.

She disturbed our day!

She was running that noisy machine that sucks up stuff.  We both were very careful to stay far away from it.

Then she was running that big machine downstairs that fills up with water.  For some reason she throws her clothes in there…

…..and even our blankets!

Then she puts them in the other noisy machine that makes the clothes go round and round while hot air is blown on them.

So what did we do while she was making all this noise during our normal nap times?

Kitty YogaI practiced some of my new kitty yoga moves.

Sun Puddle NapI took a sun puddle nap and warmed my tummy.

Happy Cat FaceThen I showed Mom my happy face ‘cuz I didn’t have to go outside.

Copy of P1030130 Copy of P1030132Here’s what our cold winter sky looks like.  We are so ready for spring!  We hope all the fur people up here in the frozen tundra have a warm place to hide and lots of food to eat.  Stay safe everyone.