Caturday Art

Mom decided to take this picture of us eating our dinner……


Before we show you what Mom did to the photo, we should quietly explain that according to this picture, we are not eating out of our own bowls.

Yep.  Somehow we switched places.  MOL!!!

Here’s the “artistic” version.


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Caturday Tails

Mom said we should get busy and do some Caturday Art since we’ve been missing out on it for several weeks.

Here’s what we chose:


Yes….we chose our tails and named it Caturday Tails.  MOL!!!

Here’s the original photo:


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Tales of Tails

This is a tale of tails.  Two tails.  Or maybe two tales.  It’s a whale of a tale  tail….or tails.


There’s a fluffy orange tail that seems to shine in the sunlight and loves to be draped over the top of the computer desk.


Then there’s the fluffy black tail that tries to hide in things, but somehow doesn’t quite make it.

These two tails can make Mom crazy at times.

The black tail is notorious for knocking things off of shelves, tables, desks….anywhere.

The orange tail can pick up all sorts of leaves outside and bring them in the house.

The black tail can try to tip over Mom’s bottle of tea if she isn’t looking.

The orange tail can leave bits of orange fluff all over if it isn’t brushed.

The black tail can get in Mom’s face when she’s trying to sleep.

The orange tail can fly high and mighty on runs through the house.

The black tail can thump wildly when impatient.


Put these two tails together and you don’t get a new color.  You get love.  Without these two tails Mom would be mighty lonely.

The end.

Prima Donna

Copy of P1020909I’ve decided that my nose is really cute so I’m going to be a model.  Then I’ll earn lots of money for new toys and catnip.  This is my pose to show off my cute nose.

You’re too chunky to be a model.  If anyone in this family is going to be a model it’s me.  My tail is beyond beautiful.

The tailHere I am posing so everyone can see my beautiful tail.

And here you are posing so everyone can see your big belly.

ZZZZZZZOh hush.  Mom says I’m handsome.  Besides, I just happen to have a big jungle pouch.

That’s not what Mom’s brother says.

Well, I’m going to work on my resume so I can start modeling.  I just have one question.  Mom says I’m a prima donna.  I don’t know what that means but I told her very quickly that I’m  a boy cat so that means I’m a prima donald.  She just laughed at me.  Should I put that on my resume?

Just Lyin’ Around Thinkin’

Copy of P1020911Mom, why do you have that flashy thing pointed at me?  I’m not doing anything wrong.  I’m just trying to take a nap.  These are my “I’m glaring at you ‘cuz you’re disturbing me” eyes.  Are they working?  Are you scared yet?

Copy of P1020912Mom, I’m trying to take a nap, too.  Shakespeare likes to sleep on the pillow but I prefer your lap!  And I won’t scare you.

Copy of P1020915Oh, little Mr. perfect.  I’m going to pretend you’re not there.  Don’t you love my fur coat?  It’s going to come in so handy when winter comes.

Copy of P1020914Mom?  What did you mean when you said you were going to change my name to Velcro or Sticky Sam?  And I told you not to point that flashy thing at me when I’m sleeping on your lap.  I tried to get my foot up on the lens but I wasn’t fast enough.

Copy of P1020908Mom, can you get me a bigger pillow?  My tail doesn’t fit on this one.  Look…I have snowshoes on my feet!  All that fur is going to keep my feet warm when winter comes.

From the Mom:  Stop thinking and talking about winter.  I’m not ready!