It’s a lovely spring day here.  While Mom was at that working place, Hemingway and I just lounged around admiring our toes!


Here’s a picture of the front of my toes.  See that chewed spot by my foot?  I was trying to hide that.  Mom said that’s some of my beaver-wanna-be work.  She says I’m really good at it.


Here’s my cute pink foot pad.  See the little tufts of fur?


Here are my pink toes with my fluffy tail and more toe tufts.


Good grief, Steinbeck.  Do you really think our readers are interested in your body parts?


M…O….M!!!!  Steinbeck is sticking out his tongue again!!!

Toe Tuft Thursday

Mom thinks this is so funny…………

Sleepy tufty orange toes!
Sleepy tufty orange toes!
Tufty orange toes!
Really tufty orange toes!

Mom…… you know how embarrassing this is??  Why didn’t you take pictures of Hemingway’s toes?

 Copy of P1020909

I will not admit to tufty toes!!!

Mom, sometime I’m going to get that flashy box and take pictures of your toes!  They’re much funnier than mine!