All About Hugs

Sleepy Boys

Mom said the humans have gone back to school now.

Sometimes when we’re looking out the windows, we see these big orange things go by.

Mom told us those are school buses taking the humans to school.  We told her we wanted to go to school……..

……….but she told us we couldn’t go out of our yard.

So, we came up with a new idea and you’re going to love it!  We’re going to sit at home and think of things during the day.

I’m going to think about treats and food!

Shakespeare, the topic for today is hugs.  Almost everyone loves to get hugs.  We give Mom hugs in all sorts of ways.

When I eat, I purr.  That’s my way of giving Mom a hug ‘cuz she bought me food and treats.

Mom taught me to sit up for my treats.  I kiss her on the hand and that’s my way of giving her a hug for the treats.

We watch out the window for her to return from work.

Then we greet her at the door.

Of course we run to the door to let her know it’s supper time.  However, we’re also giving her a special hug for coming home.

Thank you for being honest, Shakespeare!

I come (sometimes) when she calls me and she says that’s a special hug ‘cuz I don’t like to be picked up.

I sleep on Mom’s head at night and cuddle up as close as I can get.

I let Mom brush me…….at least part of me!

So, while we’ve been thinking about hugs, we’ve decided they are a good thing!  What about you?

Our Idea of Labor Day

We think humans have it all wrong.

We’ve had “Labor Day” at our house all weekend and we’re tired of it.

There was a man with strange blue feet who brought in some big equipment and sucked up all our hair and smells out of the carpet.  We thought Mom would be mad ‘cuz he made it wet, but she didn’t care.

Before that Mom and her brother were moving furniture all over the place and we couldn’t find anything!  Our favorite sleeping spots were gone.

Then they used that noisy sucky thing on all the carpets.  Way too much work!!!

First of all, this is the perfect day for naps:

This is my inside out, upside down sleeping pose.  Mom says she can’t even tell where my head is.  Believe me, it is still attached!



This is my adorable pose!  I win!P1040397







Another thing that’s perfect for today is playing with our treat toy.  Mom “hides” treats in it and then we set them free.

















Finally, it is a wonderful day for playing with our toys!!



P1040807I love this feather toy on a stick.P1040809










Mom?  Did you notice that this feather thing looks just like Hemingway’s tail???  I think that’s hilarious!







So, we want to wish all of you humans and fur people a…………

Happy Napping Day

Happy Treat Day

Happy Playing Day

But let’s not call this LABOR DAY!!!

Where Are We?

Copy of P1030049

Mom………..people are going to start thinking that this is all we do!

Copy of P1030651

Actually, we do a lot of this.  We play for a bit and then we get distracted by birds!

Copy of P1020967

Don’t forget that we do a lot of this.

Shakespeare, nobody can forget that you do lots of eating!


And we also do lots of waiting for Mom to pick the catnip and bring it in for us!

We just wanted to let you readers know that in spite of Mom not turning on the computer for us, we are doing fine.  Mom says she is too tired when she gets home from that work thing so she doesn’t let us play on the computer.

Maybe we should get Mom away from that work thing!

Then how could she afford treats, food and toys for us?

Never mind.  Keep going to that work thing, Mom!!!



Yes!!!!!!!! New Toy Day!!!!!!!!!!!

Mom went shopping and surprised us with a new toy.

When we first looked at, we couldn’t figure out what was so neat about it.

Then she put treats in it and that sure got our attention.

However, when the thing started rolling around, we thought it was leaving little mouse droppings…….ick!!!

On closer inspection, we discovered it was the treats Mom had put in it!!!

Now what is it we're supposed to do with this thing?
Now what is it we’re supposed to do with this thing?
Shakespeare, you just hit it and the mouse gets scared and drops treats for us!
Shakespeare, you just hit it and the mouse gets scared and drops treats for us!
Where's that treat I saw sitting here?  I already ate it, Shakespeare.
Where’s that treat I saw sitting here? I already ate it, Shakespeare.
See Shakespeare, you just hit it with your paw like this.
See Shakespeare, you just hit it with your paw like this.

Every Human Needs Multiple Alarm Clocks

So, this is what’s been going on around here lately.  Mom has forced us to learn how to be alarm clocks.

She used to go to work every day and we didn’t have to worry about making sure she got up and fed us.

Then she would come home from the office place and feed us.

It was a nice routine and we basically liked it.  Now that she’s not working and is busy looking for a job, everything got messed up!

I’m in charge of getting her up in the morning.  First I try meowing but she doesn’t always pay attention.  Then I have to try my other tricks.  Knocking things down seems to help, but some days it’s a lot of work to get her up.  We’re just thankful that her brother goes to work really early and he feeds us.  However, we need to get outside and explore!

This is just one example of how I knock things down.  I knocked this thing down so many times Mom had to replace it!
This is just one example of how I knock things down. I knocked this thing down so many times Mom had to replace it!

I’m in charge of reminding Mom when it’s time to feed us our supper and then also our treats before we go to bed.  The other afternoon Mom and Hemingway were watching a movie and they both fell asleep.  It was almost time for supper so I had to go in there and meow really loud to wake up both of them.  When it’s time for our treats, I have to keep circling the rooms to make sure Mom hasn’t forgotten.  It’s a lot of work for a little orange boy!

Mom!  It's time for food.  Don't try to ignore me.
Mom! It’s time for food. Don’t try to ignore me.

We sure have our work cut out for us.  Can’t someone find Mom a job so we can go back to napping?

It's O'Cat Hundred and time to let us outside.  Wake up Mom or I'll push those glassy things on the floor.  They make a loud sound!
It’s O’Cat Hundred and time to let us outside. Wake up Mom or I’ll push those glassy things on the floor. They make a loud sound!

Tuxie Tuesday

Every day should be Tuxie Day!

Look into my are getting very sleepy...
Look into my eyes….you are getting very sleepy…

Now that I have you hypnotized by my gorgeous eyes and soothing voice, I’m going to “suggest” that you make every day Tuxie Day.  Just nod your heads that you agree.

Copy of P1020832

Are you kidding me???

Shakespeare, this is Tuxie Day and you are not a Tuxie!

So when’s my day?

The jury’s still out on that.

What’s a jury?  Do they have treats?  Are they out shopping for treats?

Inside the Green Bag

Hemingway, what are you doing?

Copy of P1040092Well, I really liked the new treats Mom gave us last night so I was just checking this bag out to see if there were any more in here.

But you’re wearing the bag!!!  How did you do that?  I can see it draped around your middle.

Copy of P1040093

I don’t know, I was looking inside, and the next thing I knew, the bag had its arm around me.

Copy of P1040095

I don’t feel any treats in here so either you ate them or Mom hid them.

I didn’t eat them.  The bag hugged me and that’s all!

Copy of P1040096

Dear Treat Bag……..I’m in love with you.  Do you think you could fill yourself again soon???


Mom Didn’t Let Us Vote

Here we sit.  Just waiting for the time we are old enough to vote.

Copy of Waiting

I don’t know about you, but I’m sitting here just waiting for a treat.

Copy of Shakespeare Napping

Shakespeare, do you ever think of anything besides food?

That’s pretty much a NO!  Just ask Mom.

Well, I’m wondering why Mom keeps telling us we’re too young to vote.  Are we too young in kitty years or in human years?  There is a difference!  Besides, we’re rather smart and we know what’s going on.

What are you talking about?

I’ve seen signs in yards and I’ve heard lots and lots and lots and lots of ads on TV about these candidates.  Must admit I won’t miss those ads.  Maybe they’ll put more cat food ads on now.  Anyway, I’ve sort of formed some opinions so I think I should vote.

If we vote do we get a treat?

Well, if kitties were running the elections, we would for sure get treats but I doubt the humans even think of that.

Here comes Mom.  She just went to vote so let’s ask her why we can’t vote and if there are treats.

Boys……you’re too young to vote.  Besides, the voting booths are tall and you would never be able to reach.  

That’s discrimination!  They should have kitty-sized booths.

Would that be like a litter box?

Shakespeare, it is impossible to have a sane conversation with you!  I don’t think you should be allowed to vote.  Maybe I should run for office.  I could promise a mouse in every pot and catnip on every table!


We Love Surprises!!!

The other day Aunty Pat stopped by and brought us some presents.

She said she was celebrating both of our birthdays by bringing presents in between when our birthdays fall.  Mom showed us the stuff briefly but tonight she finally let us really look at our presents and sample them.

I don’t think it’s fair!  Hemingway’s birthday was in December and that was LAST year!  My birthday  is next month…hey March starts tomorrow….and I should get more of the treats.

Mom said we have to share so quit complaining.

Copy of P1020460

Look at all the treats!!!!

Copy of P1020459

We LOVE treats!  Thank you,  Aunty Pat!

Copy of P1020462

Then to make today even more special, Mom gave us TUNA JUICE!!!!

Copy of P1020461

Mom…..stop taking our picture.  We’re trying to eat!!!  We don’t take pictures of you eating.

Copy of P1020467

Bath time after tuna juice.

Copy of P1020464

I don’t know if I’ll get all the tuna juice off before I fall asleep.  What a wonderful day.