What’s Happening???

Not too many days ago we were outside enjoying the sunshine and warmer temps.  The birds were singing, the grass was turning green, some flowers were coming up………

Even our catnip was growing and Mom gave us some of it.

Now today it was gray, very windy, cold and then know what?

Those stupid white flakes started swirling around out there again!!!

Did Mom arrange this so we wouldn’t be so upset about staying inside while she goes and does that work thing?

Did the weather humans turn the wrong page on the calendar?

Whatever it is, we don’t like it.    The only thing I didn’t like about playing outside the other day is that the stupid trees decided to start dropping things all over the place.  When we walk outside, those sticky things get stuck in our fur

I have to work and work on my feet to get those stupid sticky things off of them!
I have to work and work on my feet to get those stupid sticky things off of them!

I’ve been having the same problem.  Just look at my handsome foot!  Those rude trees shouldn’t do stuff like that.

It looks so much better without the sticky things!
It looks so much better without the sticky things!

Flakes or sticky things?  We’re not sure which is worse!

Hey, did Mom go get some more catnip yet? We don’t want to go out and walk in the sticky things.

Brainstorming….Kitty Way

We’ve been “confurring” with our buddies, the Trout Towne Kitties , and we think we’ve come up with a new business idea!

Remember how we were talking about all the leaves that need to be raked in the fall?

I had the great idea to grow trees that would lose their leaves at all different times, but Mom (and other humans) said that wasn’t a good idea ‘cuz raking all the time is just too tiring.

So, we put our heads together with the Trout Towne Tabbies and we came up with a new idea from what they said.

Black Squirrel I'll Guard These Shakespeare and Leaves

See that little critter in the tree?  That’s a squirrel and we really don’t like them coming around our yard.  However, they do get rather rowdy in the trees.  Now the Trout Towne Tabbies suggested we let the “burds” go ahead and do the stupid stuff they do on the branches and by raising a ruckus, they will make the leaves scatter all over the place.  (By the way, they don’t like “burds” at all.)   So, we figured if we added squirrels to the idea, it wouldn’t be as bad and might be faster.


Once the squirrels and “burds” knock all the leaves down on the ground, then we can use our big fluffy tails to get them into a big pile.

Mom always says you flip flop your tail like crazy so you might as well put it to good use.

Well, your tail is out of control ‘cuz it’s so long and fluffy!


 Let’s not argue.  Just use your tail to get that big pile of leaves over here in this bag.  Mom will be coming outside to check on us soon and she will be so surprised to see how much we helped.

I wonder if we can make this idea work all over the world?  Just think how famous we would be!

But we have to find birds and squirrels to hire for our company and I don’t know if any of them would really be willing to do any work.  Maybe we should go back to my idea!

Hey Trout Towne Tabbies, what do you think of our business idea?  Do you think it might fly? hehehehehe………..I couldn’t resist!!!







Sunday Thinking

Why do the leaves fall?

The tail

How many “falls” have you lived through?

I haven’t fallen lately!  I’m not clumsy.

I mean the season fall.

Just as many as you have.  What’s your point?

Then you should know that in the fall the leaves change colors and because that process wears them out so much, they all let go and fall down on the ground.  Then we can go walking through them, making crunchy noises.

Hemingway in Bag

But Mom also gets a little cranky ‘cuz she has to rake up all those leaves.  She claims that we get leaves from trees all over the world!

You know Mom is telling a bit of a tale there.

Mom doesn’t have a tail!  Anyway, I came up with an idea.  

Oh, I’m sure you did.  What is it?

Well, what if the leaves all took turns changing colors during the year and didn’t all fall down at the same time?


Just think about it.  They trees could have stripes or polka dots or other designs, depending on when the leaves changed colors and where they were positioned on the tree.  They might look sort of like this.

treeI understand what you’re trying to say…………and that really scares me lots!!!  However, I don’t think your idea would work.  For one thing, here in the frozen tundra, all the leaves fall off the trees for the long winter.  Don’t you remember all those naked branches when there’s that white stuff on the ground for a bazillion months?

I get embarrassed looking at naked branches.

So, if the leaves took turns changing colors and falling down during the other months, then Mom and the other humans would be raking all the time and I’m sure that would make them crabby.

I guess so……….but striped and polka-dotted trees sure would be pretty!

Watching Leaves



The other day Mom was telling us that there is a phrase that humans say.

We don’t like it.

Shakespeare, let me talk.  Anyway, she said that the phrase is “curiosity killed the cat”.

I really don’t like that!!!

Well, I have proof that it’s something else that curiosity might cause problems for.

Mom looked outside and saw both of us lying on the ground looking at something.  I was kind of far away just lying there looking handsome.

I'm calmly watching while I'm showing off my beautiful tail.
I’m calmly watching while I’m showing off my beautiful tail.
I was up close and personal and so was Mr. Squirrel.
I was up close and personal and so was Mr. Squirrel.
Mr. Squirrel thought I would let him walk on my grass.
Mr. Squirrel thought I would let him walk on my grass.
He wasn't afraid of me and I didn't try to chase him.
He wasn’t afraid of me and I didn’t try to chase him.
Mr. Squirrel finally decided I wasn't moving so he found a comfortable spot to sit and wait.
Mr. Squirrel finally decided I wasn’t moving so he found a comfortable spot to sit and wait.

Maybe I’ll see you tomorrow, Mr. Squirrel.  Have a great evening!

That’s a squirrel????

Happy Long Weekend

Mom said it’s Labor Day Weekend so she gets another day at home and that makes me very happy.  I decided I would show her that I sometimes understand her when she talks to me so I decided to labor with her today.   You see…I know that word means work.  Usually I just run from work but today I decided to be adult about it.   I helped Mom cut up the dead tree into littler pieces and then tied them in bundles for the garbage man.  Mom said I sometimes got in the way but I know she just didn’t like me telling her which piece to move next.

Here I am hiding in the tree branches.  I showed Mom which branches needed cutting.
Here I am hiding in the tree branches. I showed Mom which branches needed cutting.
What tree..........where???
What tree……….where???

I have a completely different idea of Labor Day.  I think it’s when the humans have to labor but we kitties don’t  The humans should labor making us grilled salmon, harvesting catnip, buying us new toys and brushing us.  To me that sounds like a wonderful Labor Day.

Dear readers, as you can see, we are as different as black and orange……..

hehehehehehe...I just crack me up sometimes....
hehehehehehe…I just crack me up sometimes….


ConversationWhat’s wrong Shakespeare?

I don’t feel like playing.


I’m worried about Mom.


Uncle Bob said Mom lost her marbles and I don’t know where to look for them.  By the way, what are marbles?  Do you know where they might be?

Shakespeare, it’s a good thing I look stuff up on the internet while you’re napping.  That’s just another one of those crazy human sayings.  It just means that Mom’s brother thinks that Mom’s gone off the deep end.

She’s going to drown!!!!!!!

Let me rephrase that.  It means Mom is doing something a little crazy.

Does it have to do with that big tree stump outside?

Remember the storm we had earlier this month?  Well, along Mom’s walk there were lots of trees and stumps and branches piled up because they got scared of the wind and hail and they fell down.  Then the humans put them in piles.


Mom kept looking at this one tree stump and she told Uncle Bob that there was something about it that she found really fascinating.  One night this week she talked him into driving over there with her to see if they could pick it up and bring it home.

We’ve already got that big stump from when our tree had a heart attack and died.

I know, but Mom wanted this one.  Uncle Bob must have thought it was kind of interesting too, ‘cuz he did pick it up and helped her bring it home.

So what’s Mom doing with that noisy machine now?

She said she’s sanding the stump down so it will be nice and smooth.  Then she’s going to put something on it to keep it from falling apart outside.   She claims it’s going to be really pretty when she gets it all smooth and shiny.  I stopped listening when she said it wasn’t a new scratching post for us.

Well, I hope she finds her marbles when she finishes with the stump.  Let’s show the readers what she’s working on.

This is what the stump looked like when she first got it home:

Tree Stump Before

Before She’s been working with that noisy machine trying to make it smooth so this is the first stage:

Sanding Started

First Stage of SandingWouldn’t it be fun to run along that long arm and jump into a bed of catnip?

Weekend Weary

This is what happens to two little kitties who spend way too much time outside during the weekend, “helping” the Mom clean up the yard after a big storm.

Long Day


Shakespeare is tired


Now don’t let them try to convince you that they’re little angels ‘cuz they’re typical little boy kitties.  Hemingway decided he had to “help” me make the bed with the fresh sheets that had dried outside.  I finally had to shut him out of the room.  Both boys woke up early and thought they should get me up as well.  However, it’s so cute when they finally do crash ‘cuz they sleep so hard and peacefully.

MOM!!!!  Quit making that flashy thing go off when we’re trying to sleep.

We’re going to remember this at 4am tomorrow morning.


Learning About Yard Work

Why was Mom pushing those leaves around tonight?

She wasn’t pushing them.  That’s called raking.

I don’t care.  Why was she doing it?  She usually waits until later when it starts to get colder outside and the leaves turn pretty colors.  Then the leaves get worn out from showing off and they fall off the trees and get crunchy.  That’s when Mom usually pushes them around.

Remember the storm the other night?

You mean when the angels were playing with their flashlights and the clouds were clapping loudly at the pretty designs they were making?

You have such a strange imagination.

Then the angels all must have turned on their fans and their water faucets ‘cuz it got really windy and wet outside.  There was some really loud noise when all those white ice pieces started hitting the roof and the windows.

Were you scared?

No.  Mom didn’t seem to be afraid so I figured she would take care of us.

Well, the leaves got scared during that storm and they shook so hard that they jumped off the branches and landed everywhere.

Poor leaves.

Mom said the  yard was such a mess that she had to get busy and clean it when she got home from work.

So that’s why we got to stay outside so long tonight?


Mom worked really hard so we better let her sleep in the morning.

But she told me she likes to get up early to take her walk.

I’m sure she doesn’t want to get up as early as you do.

I’m just taking care of you.  I know how hungry you get so I figure I better make sure Mom gets up and feeds us.

I don’t think Mom will believe that.


Sometimes Humans Are Just Plain Silly

We had a problem this weekend.

We were rather upset.

Mom told us we couldn’t go outside ‘cuz the fence wasn’t completely up.

We promised her we would stay in the yard, but she didn’t trust us.

She told us that her brother had to take down part of the fence ‘cuz some guys were going to come and take down a big tree in our yard that had died.

We felt bad for the tree ‘cuz it had been around a long time.

Anyway, he took the fence down and then the next day the guys came and took the tree down.

And they made LOTS of noise doing it.

So, we figured Uncle Bob would put the fence up right away but he didn’t.

Saturday was a gorgeous day and we wanted to go out and play but Mom wouldn’t let us.

I threw a temper tantrum.

You sure did!

Well, so did you.  You walked around the house just yelling.  What good did that do?

Well, you jumped up on the computer desk and started knocking things off on the floor.  Did that help?

Nothing we did helped.  Mom just looked at us and told us we were acting like two-year olds.   DUH….what a silly thing to say!!   We ARE two years old.  What does she expect????  Uncle Bob finally felt sorry for us (or maybe he got tired of listening to Shakespeare whine) and he put the fence back up and then opened the door for us.

We spent a lovely afternoon outside.  Thanks Uncle Bob!!!

Mom….I have a question.  While we were outside I spotted this guy in the tree.  I tried to take a picture of him but it was kind of hard.  It’s not a real good picture but you can see that he’s black and has a fluffy tail.  Is he my brother?

Black SquirrelFrom the Mom:  No, Hemingway.  That is a black squirrel and he likes to hang around our house.  Maybe he’s seen you in the window and thinks you are also a squirrel.