Mom’s Wish Came True

For a week or so, the weather people have been telling everyone around here that we were going to be buried in snow by this time.  Mom got tired of hearing them talk about all the white stuff.  After all, just last Sunday our humans had a BBQ out on the deck and it was around 60.  All of us were hoping that maybe winter decided to leave early.

Then the weather people started talking about all this white stuff coming.  Mom said she didn’t want any white stuff.  Eben her friends were hoping the white stuff would stay away and that the weather people were telling tails.

Steinbeck………you mean tales.

Oh, right.  Anyway, we wanted to call the weather people and tell them to cancel the white stuff ‘cuz Mom didn’t want any.

We thought she deserved to have a nice surprise.

Guess what?

Here’s what our new “foot of snow” looks like:


Mom says the weather people have to stop teasing us.  Oh, it’s cold out there this weekend but it sure isn’t white here.

Mom says just south of us there’s lots and lots of the new white stuff, but it missed us.

We’re all happy!!!

Even though winter hasn’t left yet.


Not Funny……

Weather Person Beware!  I'm going to eat grass and then come to your house and throw-up.
Weather Person Beware! I’m going to eat grass and then come to your house and throw-up.

Shakespeare, what is your problem now?

When Mom got home from church yesterday, she let us outside to play.

I know.  I was there.

Copy of P1020899

Well, you went back in the house but the sun was shining so when Mom asked me if I wanted to go inside before she went to the store I told her, “No Way!”

And you found out that was stupid.

Who knew it was going to rain while she was at the grocery store?  The sun was shining!!!

When I saw the drops falling outside, I stood by the door and giggled.  I was nice and dry.

Mr. White Cat on the Deck....wasn't it funny when Shakespeare got wet?
Mr. White Cat on the Deck….wasn’t it funny when Shakespeare got wet?

I still think it’s the fault of the weather person.  Someone must have paid off the weather person in catnip, treats and toys.  I’m going to find out who the guilty person or fur person is!!  My beautiful tail is not meant to get wet.