Weekends are Rough

We have so much work to do on weekends.  We don’t think humans understand how hard it is on us.

For one thing, there’s the matter of our meals.  They are very important to us……….especially me!

You see, during the week Mom’s brother gets up first and he always feeds us.  As soon as we hear his door open, we go rushing out to the kitchen.  That’s the time we are supposed to have our breakfast.

Mom doesn’t get it on weekends.  She thinks it’s just fine for her to sleep in and not give us breakfast on our time.

Sometimes she fools us and gets up real early and heads out her door.  But then she turns around and runs back in, leaving us shut out of her room.  We have to try our best meowing and scratching at the door and even sometimes putting our paws under the door to see if we can wake her up.

People, please don’t worry ‘cuz we always get our breakfast.

Then there’s all the activity during the day.  Mom seems to think it’s just fine to run that noisy machine and dust and move things around.

Doesn’t she realize that we need our rest.

After all, it was lots of work getting her to wake up in the first place.

We still haven’t trained her about our evening meal.  if she’s home, there’s no reason she can’t give it to us a little early.  We’re working on training her.

We start doing naughty things to get her attention and then she gives up and fixes us our supper.

All that work on the weekends.

No wonder we’re exhausted!



Hello August!

It’s a warm sunny day here and Mom let us go outside to play

She made us go outside ‘cuz you kept knocking things off the table and desk and she got tired of picking up stuff.

It worked, didn’t it?


Here I am standing guard over our yard so no doggies, squirrels or bunnies come in. I think the wind must have blown Mom ‘cuz the picture is kind of blurry.


Here I am on the prowl.  I learned how to do that from my jungle ancestors.


Mom, do we like rhubarb?


Shakespeare doesn’t know that this kitty keeps water for me.  He’s a nice kitty.  Mom says you don’t see many shots of Shakespeare ‘cuz he likes to go under the shed and sleep.  I figure we can sleep inside the house so we should explore while we’re outside.


I wonder if it’s almost time to eat?


Did someone say eat??  Let me in right now!!!!

Weekend’s Over….

Mom goofed again

It’s the weekend and she’s supposed to spend all her time with us.

She didn’t.


We watched her get into her car and head out the driveway……..without us!

We are NOT showing our happy faces!


I decided to catch up on my naps while she was gone.


I watched the door so she couldn’t slip in without me knowing!

So what did she do?  She said she went to a class to learn something new.

Did she learn how to make catnip pie?  NO!!!  She came back with this!


She said she learned how to make sandcast leaves and this is the small one she made.


She put the big one that she made on top of the stump so it can be a bird bath.


She really had to be creative to get a picture of it this way ‘cuz Mom’s not that tall and the stump is!

Why would she want to put another bath for birds in our yard?  Do the birds really like to take baths with all of us watching?

Anyway, she said she had fun at the class and now she has to paint those leaves and put a sealer on them.

We’re not that impressed.  She didn’t even use catnip leaves for her project!!!

Oh well………the weekend is pretty much done now.  Goodnight, all!


Saturday Sunshine and Shenanigans

After forty days and forty nights of rain the sun finally decided to come out of hiding.

It even did it on a day when Mom doesn’t have to go to that office place.

We told her right away what we wanted…



We were both so amazed to be outside again that we didn’t know what to do.

Oh the aromas…………


Mom, don’t look now but someone is not in the yard……..


Freedom……….glorious freedom………..now, where does Mom have that catnip???


But Mom……….I was just looking for catnip and I was even going to get some for Hemingway.

Copy of P1040158Mom, you don’t really believe he was going to share, do you???


Sunday Thinking

Why do the leaves fall?

The tail

How many “falls” have you lived through?

I haven’t fallen lately!  I’m not clumsy.

I mean the season fall.

Just as many as you have.  What’s your point?

Then you should know that in the fall the leaves change colors and because that process wears them out so much, they all let go and fall down on the ground.  Then we can go walking through them, making crunchy noises.

Hemingway in Bag

But Mom also gets a little cranky ‘cuz she has to rake up all those leaves.  She claims that we get leaves from trees all over the world!

You know Mom is telling a bit of a tale there.

Mom doesn’t have a tail!  Anyway, I came up with an idea.  

Oh, I’m sure you did.  What is it?

Well, what if the leaves all took turns changing colors during the year and didn’t all fall down at the same time?


Just think about it.  They trees could have stripes or polka dots or other designs, depending on when the leaves changed colors and where they were positioned on the tree.  They might look sort of like this.

treeI understand what you’re trying to say…………and that really scares me lots!!!  However, I don’t think your idea would work.  For one thing, here in the frozen tundra, all the leaves fall off the trees for the long winter.  Don’t you remember all those naked branches when there’s that white stuff on the ground for a bazillion months?

I get embarrassed looking at naked branches.

So, if the leaves took turns changing colors and falling down during the other months, then Mom and the other humans would be raking all the time and I’m sure that would make them crabby.

I guess so……….but striped and polka-dotted trees sure would be pretty!

Watching Leaves


White……Everywhere White!

Copy of P1030150Mom……the birds are not going to like it if they have to stand in the snow.  Can you go out and knock the snow off those tree limbs?

Copy of P1030152Mom………that’s way too much white out there.  Good thing that “dog litter box”  is sticking up out of the snow.

Copy of P1030151It’s just white everywhere.

Copy of P1030153Mom……..I’m just not happy about this turn of events.  I want to go outside and play but I don’t like that white stuff.

Copy of P1030146I’m going to help Mom with the laundry.

Copy of P1030147Mom says I’m so cute when I “help”.

I guess we’ll have to find sun puddles and take naps today since we won’t be going outside.  Hemingway, you can help with laundry but I’m going to look cute and see if Mom will give us extra treats since we can’t go out and play.

Mom’s Idea of Fun

Mom was all excited about her adventure today and we just don’t get it.

For one thing, because she went on an adventure we couldn’t go outside in the morning like we wanted.

We consider it cruel and unusual punishment ‘cuz weekends are made for us.  it’s the time Mom doesn’t have to go to that work place and she’s supposed to devote her time to us.

Today one of her friends from choir picked her up and took her away.  We decided her friend was OK ‘cuz she has a fur person, Nels, and Mom has talked about Nels to us before.  Any human who has a fur person to love is A-OK in our books.

Where do we keep our books?

Shakespeare, sometimes you just don’t understand.  Actually, all of the time you don’t understand.

But I have a cute tail so it doesn’t matter.  Let’s tell the readers where Mom went today.  She went to a candy factory.

I thought “we” were going to tell the readers.

Hehehehehe.  I fooled you.

Here are some pictures she took of the humans making candy.  She said they got a tour of the place and got to sample the candy.  We’re not really interested in candy.  Mom tells us we can’t have it.  We think she shouldn’t have it then either but somehow the rules don’t go both ways between human moms and their adorable fur people.

Making English Toffee candy
Making English Toffee candy
Scraping out peanut brittle onto the marble slab
Scraping out peanut brittle onto the marble slab
Look at all that caramel!
Look at all that caramel!
Cool....a chocolate waterfall
Cool….a chocolate waterfall
Mom was fascinated with all the falling chocolate
Mom was fascinated with all the falling chocolate
Mom said she would love to play in chocolate like this.
Mom said she would love to play in chocolate like this.

That was Mom’s day and she said it was great.  At least when she finally got home we got to meet Nels’ Mom and we got to go outside.

Mom…….we think you should check around and see if they have a catnip factory around here.  Now that’s something we would totally enjoy and we could take you along to drive the car since we can’t reach the pedals.

Boys, go ahead and see if there are any catnip factories around and I’ll see if they’ll let you take a tour.   Thank you for finally agreeing it was OK for me to leave today even though it’s Saturday.  If the readers are interested in the place I toured, it’s Regina’s Candies (reginascandies.com) in St. Paul.  It’s a third generation family run business and once a year they have free tours of their place.  It was definitely my kind of day!  Special thanks to Donna (Nels’ Mom) for inviting me.

Weekend Weary

This is what happens to two little kitties who spend way too much time outside during the weekend, “helping” the Mom clean up the yard after a big storm.

Long Day


Shakespeare is tired


Now don’t let them try to convince you that they’re little angels ‘cuz they’re typical little boy kitties.  Hemingway decided he had to “help” me make the bed with the fresh sheets that had dried outside.  I finally had to shut him out of the room.  Both boys woke up early and thought they should get me up as well.  However, it’s so cute when they finally do crash ‘cuz they sleep so hard and peacefully.

MOM!!!!  Quit making that flashy thing go off when we’re trying to sleep.

We’re going to remember this at 4am tomorrow morning.