A Few Thoughts


I’m not sure I know what Memorial Day is.

I was here with Mom last year for Memorial Day so I know a little bit about it.  For one thing it means she gets an extra day off work so she’ll be home with us.  More importantly, it’s a time that humans celebrate and honor the servicemen and servicewomen who have so selflessly fought for our freedom.

What exactly is freedom?

Well, the easiest way to explain it to you is by using a door.  You know how much you hate it when there is a closed door?

Yes, that’s because I’m sure I’m missing out on something.

Well, freedom would mean there are no closed doors.

YIPPEE!  That is cause for celebration.

But remember, some of those humans lost their lives fighting for that freedom and that’s why we should remember them and thank them.

Do any cats fight for freedom?

I don’t know.  I’ve heard of dogs who have been in the service but I don’t think I’ve heard of any cats.  I bet it’s because we cats don’t need to boast and brag the way dogs do.

Well, if I knew how to raise my paw and salute, I would do just that for all the humans who have fought for our country.

Me too!