Happy Fourth of July

This is Hemingway's "Red, White and Blue" pose.

We understand that humans like to get together on the Fourth of July and have picnics.  I had to look that up on the internet to find out what it is.  Basically it sounds like humans fix their food outside with all the bugs and flying things.

Why don’t they just eat inside and then go play outside?

I’m not sure.  Maybe it has something to do with the cold weather that hangs around here so much.

Well, Mom could fix us picnics all the time.  How hard is it to put our food in our dish and then take it outside for us?

Yes, she could do that but I don’t think she wants us outside that much.

That’s probably because you keep trying to sneak out the gate and Mom’s told you that it’s scary outside of our back yard.

Why do I get blamed for everything?  Oh, another thing humans like to do is make all sorts of pretty colors go up in the air.  I’ve seen them doing that the past few nights but I guess tonight is when there will be all sorts of pretty colors all over the sky.

Sometimes the noise bothers me, but I know Mom will keep me safe.

Let’s go see if Mom is up yet and if she’ll let us go outside and play before it gets too hot.