Happy Rest Day!

Shakespeare and I decided we’re changing today’s holiday name.

When we asked Mom why she wasn’t going to work today, she said it was a holiday and that we should leave her alone so she could sleep.

We were just trying to be helpful so we woke her up early so she could get ready for work.

Since Hemingway’s taller, we went out to check the calendar and he told me it said today was “Labor Day”.

We thought that was a really silly name for it since Mom was doing anything but labor.

We’re becoming more and more convinced that humans are really misguided and need us fur people to set them straight.

It makes much more sense to call today “Rest Day” or “Play Day” of “Catnip Day” (that’s my favorite) or even “Picnic Day”.

Think about it, humans.  While you’re thinking, we’re going to show you what Mom’s doing.

I'm resting.....just like Mom.
I'm really resting.....just like Mom.
Happy “Rest”  Day to all our friends, fans and fur people!!!!

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