What’s Happening?

I’m so confused.

Nothing new about that, but what’s the problem now?

Have you noticed how dark it is when Mom gets home from work now?

Yes.  It used to be that the big light in the sky would be shining and it would look so pretty outside and we could go out and play.

Now it’s dark and I think the humans are leaving their refrigerator doors open again ‘cuz it’s cold outside and Mom isn’t too anxious to let us go out there.

I wonder why that big light doesn’t shine as much?  Is Mom really getting home that much later?  Have you looked at that thing on the wall with all the numbers and the fun little things that go around in circles?  That’s what humans call a clock and that’s how you can tell when Mom should be home.

I don’t have time to look at something like that.  I just want answers NOW.  Did the humans forget to pay the “big light bill”?  I’ve heard that if humans forget to pay their bills then things don’t work.

I don’t know for sure.  Mom keeps telling us we can’t go outside when that big light isn’t shining and it’s dark so maybe we’ll never get to go out again!

Why doesn’t Mom come home earlier when the big light is shining?

We should talk to her about that.  She could spend all afternoon playing outside with us!

Purrs, meows, barks, chirps and human comments are greatly appreciated. We love hearing from our readers.

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