Too Hot

Have you noticed that Mom doesn’t seem to be doing much lately?

She said it’s too hot to do anything.

I know when we go outside I don’t like to spend all my time in the sunshine ‘cuz my fur gets too hot.

Imagine having black fur!  It just soaks up all that heat.  That’s why I found a neat hiding place.  Don’t tell Mom but this is the perfect spot for watching birds.

I found my own spot as well.  I sure am glad that Mom planted all these flowers and things so we have some cool spots in the yard.

Maybe if Mom came out and found a spot in one of the gardens she would be happy.  Maybe she would be cooler.

Mom says that they have to get a new air something or other for the house. 

What is it and why do they need one?

She said that it blows around cool air and makes the house comfortable.  But the one they have now is broken so they have to replace it and it’s going to cost a lot of money.

Should we see if we can get jobs and help get some money so they can get the new air thing?

Might be a good idea.  Mom might not be as crabby if she could get cool.

Maybe we could find her a swimming pool online.

That’s a good idea.  Just so she doesn’t put us in it to keep her company.

Oh, she wouldn’t dare do that.  We would tell all of our human and fur people readers about it and she would be in REALLY BIG trouble!!!

Good thing we have all those friends out there.  Thanks everyone!

2 thoughts on “Too Hot

  1. You two look darling sitting among the plants. You’re very clever – and cute!

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